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  1. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: However, I feel like some things would be better off more bare-bones. The way you have mp3s done is fantastic, but a bit unnecessary, What aspect of the mp3 set-up on that site seemed unnecessary? I thought it looked fantastic; near-perfect, with a little fiddling (e.g., "show date" doesn't need time of day, "date added" seems like it'd be only be useful for brand-new additions, "showname" and "showvenue" could probably be combined, and "user" should be replaced by something to credit the original recorder/provider of the mp3).
  2. Paris

  3. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    Also, thanks a ton @ TheLastLizard! I guess I just didn't look hard enough for some of those. All the people offering to help out with the site in so many different ways is really heartwarming and exciting. I'm sure this is going to turn out great.
  4. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: My comment was definitely more about not changing things than it was about using the first line exclusively. I know, I know. I just wanted to make the point that if we're trying to be consistent, using the first line is counterproductive because we've almost never done that in the past. quote: I'm definitely not as good of a fan as you, because I couldn't have pulled all those song titles out of thin air like you did, and I certainly wasn't thinking about them that way. Nonsense, you're a much better fan than me. You're just a less anal one. I didn't pull 'em from thin air, I just looked back over the list of song titles I made last page, double-checked reginaspektor.net for their lyrics, and posted the ones that were named based on a common recurring phrase, rather than on the first line of the song. It was meant to demonstrate how much better songs look when we don't just rely on the first line, and to demonstrate how much more common that method is already. quote: I suppose we can always change those two, but if that's the case, I'd say we should start right now with making a new thread about the proposed name-change, and talk about it elsewhere online so that people know what we want to do. I don't think we can just do it based on three people. I agree entirely. If nothing else, it will give us an idea of how people would prefer new songs were named in the future, since situations like this will surely turn up again and again. quote: Due to the nature of sites like last.fm, the old names are very much out and about, so it will definitely cause confusion. True. But that confusion will mostly be short-term. With the help of sites like this forum and Reginapolis, we can make the accepted name very clear and consistent, whatever it may be. I just think it's better to talk about and get the fans' opinions on now, rather than waiting another year or two when it'll be that much more difficult. quote: Then it'd just be up to the fansite people and individual fans to change the tags on their mp3s so new fans don't get confused, and so the new names are picked up by last.fm and those sites. Mmhmm. Luckily, "I cut off my hair" and "The clocks were asleep" are some of Regina's more obscure songs. And if Reginapolis ends up becoming a sort of "hub" for file-sharing, it will be much easier for us to popularize the new titles (assuming that's what people end up voting for) since that's what will be available on the site. quote: Honestly, I don't see why we can't, my real problem is just changing things from what they have been for so long. I understand entirely. And if the other fans agree with you, then I'll go along with it forever. I don't want to force new titles down anyone's throats, I just want to find out what people think, for future reference. It shouldn't be a big deal. quote: I think you really should get a poll or petition up and see how the fans as a whole respond. OK. Where do you want me to start? I'm a little busy at the moment, so if I'm going to be doing it myself, I might want to wait until after finals... quote: In addition, I don't want you to feel like I'm arguing against you. I may be arguing, but it's definitely not personal at all. I don't have any problem with people arguing against me. I thrive on discourse like this, and I don't take any of it personally. People can agree to disagree. I, too, apologize if any of my comments caused offense or seemed unduly pushy.
  5. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    2: Ooh, sounds good. You'd probably be of enormous help with the site, and any input you feel like giving would be hugely appreciated; feel free to spend as much or as little time as you wish contributing to the new site. I don't want to barrage you with too many questions or requests right now, but one thing I've been curious about, while browsing through reginaspektor.net recently, is the songs listed in the lyrics section as having live recordings, which most of us don't seem to be able to find. Specifically, I was wondering if you have (or know of) recordings of "Be Like a Cloud", "Oh, Marcello!", "The Floor Heard Everything", or "Woolen Gloves". Less importantly, the site also mentions live recordings of "BYOS", "I Want to Sing", "Just Like the Movies", "Ne Me Quitte Pas", "Paris", "Raindrops", "Reading Time with Pickle", and "The Soup", which I've only heard studio recordings of. Are any of these errors, or have the live versions just not turned up lately? 3: Indeed, I guess the name we assign to those two songs is a relatively trivial matter right now; we should be worrying more about the general layout and construction of the site. Thanks to reginaspektor.net, however, the Reginaphiles done a pretty great job so far of keeping song names mostly straight and consistent. I hope to keep Reginapolis a part of that tradition of nonconfusing song names. (Speaking of which, I'm just curious: what are your personal opinions on "Stop Right Now" vs. "the clocks were asleep", and "Definition of a Crazy Person" vs. "I cut off my hair"? I'm curious about whether there was any particular motivation you had behind choosing the first line rather than the recurring phrase for the former song, for example, in case there's something I'm missing.) 4. I'm pretty sure that "Eye Color" and "One-String" have different grammatical functions in those two phrases. If you saw a song called "Eye Color Blues", would you feel the urge to correct it to "Eye-Color Blues"? The reason "One-String Blues" is correct is because "one-string" functions on an adjective all on its own; "eye color", on the other hand, functions as a noun all on its own. Thus, "Old-Time Blues" might be correct, but "Tall-Tower Blues" isn't. "Cold-Hearted Blues" and "Horse-Killing Blues" are clearly correct, but "Department-Store Blues" or "Eye-Color Blues" just look wrong. For the same reason, "Department-Store Generalizations" looks wrong, and "Silly Department-Store Generalizations" looks equally wrong, and for the same reason as that, "Silly Eye-Color Generalizations" looks wrong. :/ Hyphens are almost never used in such situations: noun-noun and adverb-adjective compound mondifiers don't rely on them like adjective-adjective ("cold-hearted") or number-noun ("Three-Word Blues") ones do. Also, I highly doubt that Regina received nine years of Catholic nun education. So if she probably wouldn't spell it that way, we shouldn't either. 5: I stand corrected.
  6. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: I understand your point, but we are hardly the only fans, That's exactly why I proposed that, rather than relying on the dictates of one or a few people, we should set up a large poll to discern the opinion of fans in general, and make our decision accordingly. After all, they're the ones who will be listening to and seeking out the song in one name or the other, so they should get to decide what name to go with, not just one person or another. quote: Using the first line for unnamed songs also seems a bit more polite, as opposed to guessing at what Regina might have it named as. It's a pretty comfortable naming system that doesn't intrude on her art or intentions. It's equally impolite to guess at the title of a song based on its first line, as opposed to guessing at it based on its most commonly repeated phrase. If we're concerned with the impoliteness of giving unofficial names to unnamed songs (which doesn't seem all that impolite to me.. it's not like we're being presumptuous, we're just giving it a temporary title until we get the official one), then we should just name songs based on a numeric system: "untitled 105", "untitled 106", etc. Otherwise we're being hypocrites. More importantly, you seem to have missed the entire justification of my proposed title-change: the reason I proposed changing the title is because pretty much every other untitled song has been named based on the song's common, unifying phrase, not based on the first line of the song! But your proposed system is an interesting idea. Let's consider its implications. If you believe that we should name songs based on the first line, rather than based on a common phrase in the song which we're "guessing" is its title, then we need to make the following song name-changes: - "Be Like a Cloud" should be "Who Said I Was Original?" - "Dust to Dust" should be "Say Goodbye" - "Human of the Year" should be "Hello? Hello?" - "Love, You're a Whore" should be "It Was a Bright, Sweet, and Hot Summer Day" - "Open" should be "Down the Road and Up the Hill" - "Rockland County" should be "Condescending Down the Stairs" - "The Floor Heard Everything" should be "Father... Yes..." - "The Devil Come to Bethlehem" should be "Joseph and Mary" - "Woolen Gloves" should be "Come Downstairs" Obviously, I disagree with the above course, which you seem to think would be preferable to only renaming one or two songs. I feel it would be much, much simpler and more effective to simply rename those one or two songs to make them consistent with all the others, rather than renaming everything else to make it consistent with those one or two songs ("I Cut Off My Hair" and "The Clocks Were Asleep"). And we both agree that consistency is better than inconsistency, even if we disagree on how valuable it is. My only motivation was to make these two songs consistent with the system we've used for every other song. We have never used the "just name it based on the first line" system in the past or present for other songs, so why use it for "Stop Right Now"? Either you don't care about consistency as much as avoiding the potential confusion of renaming songs (as some of the others implied), or you do care about song-naming consistency and we'll have to rename either the two isolates (as I proposed) or the numerous other songs that have much more well-established and sensible names (as you seem to have proposed).
  7. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    Oy. Again, sometimes the already-accepted name is not the best one. People are fallible, they make mistakes, and the best way to account for that is to reconsider from time to time what the "accepted" name should be, rather than just assuming that the first name is ideal. But fine, if noone other than me considers any factor important in the unofficial naming of songs than "whatever the first guy who named them decided to go with", there's no point in having a poll or discussion on it. I'll revert "Stop Right Now" to "The Clocks Were Asleep", and "Definition of a Crazy Person" to "I Cut Off My Hair". Sorry for the trouble.
  8. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    I mean, try to relisten to this song from a fresh perspective, and tell me whether "The Clocks Were Asleep" or "Stop Right Now" strikes you as a more apt title?: http://www.reginaspektor.lunarpages.net/music/2003-10-03_'the_clocks_were_asleep'_(Tonic).mp3
  9. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: Unless she confirms something I don't think it's reasonable to create new titles for songs already known and about with other titles. What if someone had originally named "Human of the Year" as "The Hallelujah Song", people had gone along with it for a few years, and then someone had proposed naming it "Human of the Year" but couldn't because "The Hallelujah Song" was the already-established title? (Even though Regina uses "hallelujah" in many of her other songs, like "Baby Jesus" and her cover of "Hallelujah".) Obviously, that's a somewhat more extreme example, but it makes it clear that we shouldn't use a title solely because it's what we've used in the past. We should be willing to make changes when there's good reason to, even without official confirmation from Regina. quote: Yes, you have an excellent point, but I feel like the year/years of general acceptance outweigh your points. Consider the long-term issues, however. What if Regina never gives us an official title for those songs? (Which seems quite possible, since she hasn't performed "Definition of a Crazy Person/I Cut Off My Hair" or "Stop Right Now/The Clocks Were Asleep" in years.) Then, 10 years down the line, we'll have wished we'd gone with the more plausible and realistic titles very much, rather than sticking with the originals simply because we'd been using them for a couple of years already. It will become more and more difficult to rename them in the future, as Regina's fanbase becomes larger and more ingrained and as the copies of those songs spread more and more (which I imagine will be greatly facilitated by reginapolis.com). It would therefore be more reasonable for us to go with the most plausible and useful (i.e., gives us an idea of the song as a whole; "I cut off my hair" is a horrrribly undescriptive title, as bad as if we misnamed "Chemo Limo" as "I Had a Dream") title, by considering not only "the years of general acceptance" in the past, but also the potential consequences for the much, much longer span of the future. The point I'm trying to make here isn't "We should change these songs' titles at all costs". My point, rather, is "We shouldn't automatically continue to use a title just because it's been used in the past", if there's strong reason not to. And my point is that we should all discuss which titles are better (more plausible, more suitable, more memorable, etc.) and base the title we choose on community consensus, not on the whims of history. The community could very well end up agreeing with your points and voting to keep the titles as they were (or they could decide to keep one of the titles and change the other, for all we know!), but we should give them a chance to think it over and decide on what to provisionally name the songs, rather than forcing them to accept a certain arbitrary title forever (or until Regina gives it a name).
  10. aquarius?

    Nope. However, you can download it, and many other live songs, from websites like www.reginaspektor.net
  11. Mystery of the Bonus "Begin to Hope" CD!!

    Those two are only available on the iTunes version: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begin to Hope
  12. aquarius?

    Like most of Regina's songs, Aquarius is not available on any album. It's from a live show: the June 29, 2004 performance at Sin-e.
  13. "Love, You're A Whore" on YouTube

    Yes, that seems much, much more likely than "That Daddy loved a little more" or "And I died and loved you no more". Thanks for the link, and the suggestion! I've decided to put up the current lyrics at http://lyricwiki.org/Regina_Spektor:Love%2C_You%27re_a_Whore so anyone who wants to can directly edit the lines and try to improve our interpretation. It's come a long way already, I think there are just a few lines (like "While you danced all down the drain") that need significant touching up.
  14. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: Just a little, mostly unrelated complaint: I don't like the new fabricated songtitles i.e. "Stop Right Now" and "Defintion of a Crazy Person". I've always known these songs as "the clocks were asleep" and "I cut off my hair". Since when were these new titles the accepted ones? Regina never confirmed the titles to these songs (among others) anyway. Thanks a ton for the feedback! While working on the lyrics pages, I never simply took information from reginaspektor.net; rather, I used it as one source among many in re-interpreting the lyrics for Regina's many songs. That process is still an ongoing one, and anyone else is free to contribute. In the process, however, I also added a number of songs that weren't listed, and renamed a few songs that were. Specifically, naming differences between my list and reginaspektor.net's are: 2.99¢ Blues = 2.99 Cent Blues (official title) Hero of the Story = Hero (official title) Silly Eye-Color Generalizations = Silly Eye Color Generalizations (couldn't find any reason for the dash, no official usage of it) Twenty Years of Snow = 20 Years of Snow (official title) "the clocks were asleep" = Stop Right Now (seems like a much more likely and plausible title--Regina usually names her songs after a common phrase in them, and the phrase "stop right now" is repeated many times in the song, whereas "the clocks were asleep" is only ever mentioned once) "i cut off my hair" = Definition of a Crazy Person (seems like a much more likely and plausible title, for the same reason as above--the song has little to do with hair, and that phrase is only used once in the song, whereas "Definition of a Crazy Person" is repeated many times, and is arguably the phrase the song revolves around; I've also seen the song called this before on other lyrics sites) "in another town" = Another Town (official title) Until we get an official confirmation or some other reason to believe that the title is certainly one or the other, we should go with whichever provisional title seems most likely to be the correct one, which is usually whichever phrase is repeated most often in the song, or is most central to the narrative. (Though there are obviously exceptions, it's true as a general rule.) Even reginaspektor.net follows that as a general rule: 1. it lists "Human of the Year" rather than "Hello? Hello?" or "Callng a Karl Projektorinski" 2. it lists "The Devil Come to Bethlehem" rather than "Joseph and Mary" 3. it lists "The Floor Heard Everything" rather than "Father... Yes..." 4. it lists "Open" rather than "Down the Road and Up the Hill" 5. it lists "Woolen Gloves" rather than "Come Downstairs" 6. it lists "Dust to Dust" rather than "Say Goodbye" 7. it lists "Be Like a Cloud" rather than "Who Said I Was Original?" With all that in mind, it seems likely that the only reason "the clocks were asleep" was named that was because a more plausible title wasn't thought of at the time, so srg just went with the first line of the song. Now that a more plausible title ("Stop Right Now") has been come up with, there's no reason to stick to that one, since there's no official confirmation for one or the other. The exact same situation applies to "I cut off my hair", for which there is now a much more likely (and much better!) title, "Definition of a Crazy Person". Of course, the real reason I made these changes now was to stir up a little debate about which title to go with. I've provided the argument above for making such a change in which name we consider the "standard", accepted one for those songs; however, if most people disagree with this reasoning, and prefer the older names, then I'll gladly change the names back in all of my song listings. Ultimately what names we assign to songs without official titles should be based on community consensus and agreement, not on any one person's mandates, since only Regina and people directly affiliated with her have that authority. The reason I've kept the new titles thus far is because they seemed like very reasonable changes to me, and because I've gotten positive feedback on them (one user on iheartregina complimented me on the change from "The Clocks Were Asleep" to "Stop Right Now", and I know "Definition of a Crazy Person" was already in use before now). But if, after considering and weighing the options, most people decide that they prefer the original names (either because they consider the proposed titles no more plausible than the originals, or because they don't consider the long-term benefit of opting for a more likely and memorable song title to outweigh the short-term confusion such a change would cause), then we should stick to the originals.
  15. DOWNLOAD Regina 2006-04-09 Boston, MA

    ... Guys. None of these songs were ever taken offline. Read the thread, they were permanently uploaded to a gmail account which you can immediately access if you log in. Username: reginaboston Password: 123spektor
  16. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    Also, there's a more practical and considerate reason to not base our file-sharing unnecessarily (i.e., any more than we need to) on "on request" uploads. Remember that for every person who takes the time to make such a request on the forums, there must be dozens more who never bothered to, for one reason or another--they might have been too shy, or too busy, or they might not have wanted to jump through the hoops of registering with Groupee and the forum. Many of those people never get the songs they're looking for, or have to wait many months before it turns up, because they weren't going to be posting to the forums anyway. So, yes, there might be a few people who end up not posting to this forum because they find all the stuff they're looking to on the site anyway. And, yes, it will be sad to miss their charming presence for 1-2 posts they usually make. But it is selfish of us to choose to force people to register to the forums and make a post in order to get the song they want; it's perfectly OK (indeed, it's incredibly nice and considerate and helpful!) to do that now, because so many songs simply aren't available by any other method. But while it's awesome to go to the trouble of uploading those songs for people who want them, it's just inconsiderate to the many Spektor-lurkers out there to voluntarily opt to make songs "on-request" only, when you could just as easily make a permanent url for them. If an on-request upload is the best we have, then of course it's awesome to give them that; but if we do get the opportunity to do better than that for any (or all) songs, and put them somewhere permanent, then we should seize that opportunity! It's just nicer to the silent ones. For every fan who takes the time to post to a Regina community, there are hundreds of fans who never do so; hundreds of people who we can share some fantastic music with much more effectively if we opt to upload songs to a stable site, rather than a temporary one, when given a chance (and when it's not too much of an inconvenience).
  17. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: I like the white patches with the red text. It certainly wasn't a mistake. I didn't say it was a mistake, just that it distracts from both the name itself (making it harder to read) and the city aesthetic. I realize you're going for a "rough around the edges" look, to an extent (hence the blocky grey outlines and jagged "collage" feel of the image), but we already agreed that it's important to make the site's name clear and readable so that people don't misread or misremember it. It's not a big deal, of course; the site's just barely gone up and is under major construction. quote: I still don't think it's worth trying to host all the shows. First, it would be a lot of effort, but second of all, it would make uneccessary the "underground fan sharing" that holds this fan community together. I really enjoy how people have to share and make friends with other fans to help find everything. You attitude isn't silly, you're just mistaken in thinking that if we make file-sharing more convenient, it will end that sense of community. There will always be new songs and other multimedia to share, and if anything having more time free from the monotonous, repetitive re-uploading of the same old files will give us more time to have more meaningful and entertaining discussions on these forums, rather than having them be spammed with requests for the same old songs 24/7. On one level, I agree. It's really cool to see people working together to help each other like that. On another level, though, if it's not necessary, is it worth the trouble? Isn't that really just inconveniencing both the music-seekers and the music-havers to constantly force the former to go begging through the forums for songs, and forcing the latter to go to the trouble of uploading and re-uploading those songs, and to be annoyed by the constant repeats of the same old thread of another new person looking for the same old song? For as many people who enjoy being able to directly help the song-seekers, there must be at least as many people who are simply annoyed by always having the same songs asked for by new users, and who thus would greatly appreciate having a centralized location to direct those users to. I can't think of many enriching conversations that arose or deep friendships that were forged through simple file-sharing. Although doing favors for one another is obviously an awesomely nice thing, it'll surely continue without placing artificial limits on how difficult or easy it is to find songs; and in any case most good conversations and friendships surely arise from both parties wanting to have fun hanging out and talking with other fans, not from necessity. People should make friends of fellow Reginaphiles because they want to; we shouldn't "force" them to when all they want is to listen to Regina. That's putting the community before the music in importance. Even if somehow, eventually, we manage to provide stable hosting for every Regina song in existence (or at least all the ones that weren't officially released), which is unlikely even if we try our hardest to do it, that will not somehow end all "underground fan sharing", much less all Regina-fan community. There will always be new things to share and discuss: new songs, new pictures, new albums, new live performances, etc. Having all that stuff centralized at Reginapolis will not end the fan-sharing and sense of community and helping each other out; it will simply minimalize the amount of time and effort involved in that, giving us more time to actually talk about Regina, Regina's music, and each other's interests and goings-on and such, rather than all of us spending a majority of our time endlessly repeating the same "hey do you have X?" "yeah, here y'go" conversations. It's sweet, I agree (people's willingness to help others, that is), but re-uploading the same files every few days for new fans gets old eventually. Why not replace most of those with introduction threads and fun games and the like, and keep the same awesome sense of community without making it entirely dependant upon unnecessarily disorganized, time-consuming, and inconveniencing file-sharing? I don't see a need to worry about this now, though. Obviously even the possibility of having every Regina song available somewhere, much less at one place, is an extremely distant and implausible one. We should be worried about establishing a foundation of the songs we do have first, not building a cage for ourselves before we've even learned to fly.
  18. "Love, You're A Whore" on YouTube

    Someone made an mp3 of the myspace file, it's available at the iheartregina LJ community. Also, I've revised the lyrics some more. Here's what I've currently got: Was a bright, sweet, and hot summer day That Daddy loved a little more Some little kid wound up my fire engine's watch As I walked to the grocery store All the people think I'm going too slow And they smiled at me as they passed They've been there before And they've come back again And they were going right back for more Love, love, love You're a whore, you're a whore You're a whore Love, love, love, love 'Cause we beat you and mistreat you But time after time He kisses back, kisses hard on the mouth Oh, kisses hard on the mouth Yeah, yeah, yeah Kisses hard on the mouth Oh-oh-oh Kisses hard on the mouth Yeah, yeah, yeah Kisses hard, hard on the mouth Was a bright, sweet, and hot summer day That Daddy loved a little more Couldn't see your face Couldn't taste your kiss Couldn't sleep in your embrace While you danced all down the drain Love, love, love You're a whore, you're a whore You're a whore Love, love, love, love 'Cause we bruised you and abused you But time after time He kisses back, kisses hard on the mouth Kisses hard on the mouth Yeah, yeah, yeah Kisses hard on the mouth Oh-oh-oh Kisses hard on the mouth Yeah, yeah, yeah Kisses hard, kisses hard on the mouth Was a bright and sweet and hot summer day That Daddy loved a little more Some little kid wound up my fire engine's watch As I walked to the grocery store All the people think I'm going too slow And they smiled at me as they passed But they've been there before And they've come back again And they were going right back for more Love, love, love You're a whore, you're a whore You're a whore Love, love, love, love 'Cause we cheat you and mistreat you And beat you and bruise you And use you and abuse you And cruise you and lose you But time after time He kisses back until you're better Kisses Hard Hard on the mouth He kisses hard Hard Hard on the mouth He kisses hard, hard, hard, hard, hard on the mouth Kisses hard on the mouth Yeah, yeah, yeah Kissses hard on the mouth Oh-oh-oh Kisses hard on the mouth Yeah, yeah, yeah Kisses hard Hard On the mouth
  19. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: http://www.reginapolis.com is now in existance. <3 <3 <3 I love how you matched up Regina's outfit with the cityscape. Nicely designed. I know this is a placeholder image, but since you said you'd base the finished site's design on it, I should note that the cursive "reginapolis" is a bit iffy, in that it could be more easily readable (while still being stylish!), and it doesn't mesh too great with the rest of the image (partly 'cause of the white patches between the letters). But it's awesome to have a page up! I'm extremely excited, feel free to keep us updated and to let us know if you need any assistance with the proto-site's establishment. quote: Eventually, I think we'd pick someone to be in charge of "music information," perhaps based on who is most helpful anyway? Or who seems to know the most? Sure. Or we could have a looser collection of various contributing editors, without worrying too much about titles. Whichever works best. Of course, even then we will no doubt be heavily benefited by random fan input. quote: But yeah, to start with, if people would like to compile lyrics, that'd be super cool. That's what I've been attempting to do with http://lyricwiki.org/Regina_Spektor . It's a site that anyone can edit to contribute lyrics to, so the entire community can work together on ensuring that we have accurate and comprehensive lyrics. Then, once Reginapolis is up and running, we can simply transfer the songs we've worked on to there, albeit with format changes and the like. quote: In addition, accompanying each song with a list of different titles it's had within "the fandom," like how "Pound Of Flesh" was "Ezra Pound," and "Bobbing For Apples" was "Names and Faces" sometimes, we can make it so clicking the old name in a master list on the site will open up the actual page, and explain that the title has been confirmed as one or the other. An excellent idea. I've listed a large number of song aliases on page 7 of the Spektography, but an alphabetized list with different entries for each significant misspelling could look like this (with officially confirmed titles in bold, and title aliases in italics accompanied by the accepted title): 2.99 Cent Blues 20 Years of Snow 8 Miles High (see Ain't No Cover) 8th Floor A Cannon A Cooler Version of Yourself A Field Below (see Field Below) A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is A Pound of Flesh (see Pound of Flesh) AB Aching to Pupate Ain't No Cover All is Love All the Rowboats Another Town Aprés Moi Aquarius Ave Maria B.Y.O.S. (see BYOS) Baby Jesus Back of a Truck Baobabs Bartender Be Like a Cloud Bear Spektor Begin to Hope Belt Better Billie Holiday (see My Man) Blue Lips Bobbing for Apples Bon Idée Braille Buildings By The Time You Read This Letter BYOS Cannon (see A Cannon) Carbon Monoxide Chelsea Hotel #2 Chemo Limo Consequence of Sounds Dance Anthem of the 80s Daniel Cowman December Definition of a Crazy Person Devil Come to Bethlehem (see The Devil Come to Bethlehem) Dog and Pony Down the Road and Up the Hill (see Open) Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori Düsseldorf Dust to Dust Edit Eight Miles High (see Ain't No Cover) Eighth Floor (see 8th Floor) Eli, Eli (see Halikha LeKesariya) Ezra Pound (see Pound of Flesh) Fidelity Field Below Flowers (see The Flowers) Flyin' Folding Chair Genius Next Door Ghost of Corporate Future Halikha LeKesariya Hallelujah Happy Hooker Hero High Fidelity (see Fidelity) Hooker (see Happy Hooker) Hotel Song Human of the Year I Cut My Hair (see Definition of a Crazy Person) I Never Loved Nobody Fully (see Fidelity) I Want to Sing If You're Never Sorry (see Pound of Flesh) In Another Town (see Another Town) In the Studio Intro (see Ain't No Cover) It Ain't No Cover (see Ain't No Cover) It Breaks My Heart (see Fidelity) It's Hard to Live (see Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori) Joseph and Mary (see The Devil Come to Bethlehem) Just Like the Movies Kids Lacrimosa Lady Let Go of Her Hand (see Patron Saint) Little Boxes Long Brown Hair Lounge Loveology Love, You're a Whore Love Affair Love Profusion Lucky Penny Lulliby Making Records Mary Ann Mermaid Mockingbird Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men Movies (see Just Like the Movies) Music Box Mustard Musketeer (see The Mustard Musketeers) My Man Names and Dates (see You) Names and Faces (see Bobbing for Apples) Never Loved Nobody Fully (see Fidelity) No One Can Take That Away (see Secret Stash) Noise (see The Noise) Ode to Divorce Oedipus Oh, Marcello! Ohmerica (see Uh-Merica) One-String Blues On The Radio Open Opposite Ends Paris Patron Saint Pavlov's Daughter Poor Little Rich Boy Pound of Flesh Prisoners Radio (see On The Radio) Raindrops Reading Time with Pickle Reginasaurus Rejazz Remember That Time (see That Time) Rockland County Sailor Song Samson Scarecrow & Fungus Secret Stash Silly Eye Color Generalizations Small Town Moon Soho Somedays Soup (see The Soup) Stop Right Now Summer in the City Sunset Sunshine That Time The Big Towns The Bronx The Clocks Were Asleep (see Stop Right Now) The Devil Come to Bethlehem The Floor Heard Everything The Flowers The Genius Next Door (see Genius Next Door) The Ghost of Corporate Future (see Ghost of Corporate Future) The List The Mustard Musketeers The Noise The Soup The Virgin Queen The Wallet This is How it Works (see On The Radio) Time is All Around Twenty Years of Snow (see 20 Years of Snow) Uh-Merica Uncle Bobby Us Virgin Queen (see The Virgin Queen) Wallet (see The Wallet) Wasteside Watch (see Dance Anthem of the 80s) Will You Feel Better (see Better) Woolen Gloves You Your Honor Since the use of a list like the above would be to let fans alphabetically parse the songs to find out what the correct name of a song is, I didn't bother listing AKAs that would be in the same alphabetical position at the correct name. For example, if someone searches for "A Cooler Version", they'll end up finding "A Cooler Version of Yourself" anyway; likewise, anyone looking for "Hero of the Story" will immediately stumble over the official title, "Hero". Also, songs where we roughly know the title, but aren't sure of how it's spelled, are treated the same as songs we have no idea of the title of. Thus, since we don't know whether the song is called "8th Floor" or "Eighth Floor", one of them is favored based on past experience (Regina often uses numeral forms, such as for 20 Years of Snow), but neither is treated as officially confirmed. I'm even considering treating "Bobbing for Apples" as an unofficial title on the grounds that we aren't sure that the title isn't "Bobbin' for Apples". (Likewise for the grammar of "Dance Anthem of the 80s".) quote: I have a lot because I posted a lot of them, and I can provide reginapolis.com with the original, high-quality scans, but there are a good number of them that aren't mine, and that I don't have saved. Once you have yours up on the gallery, it'll be easier to tell which ones you don't already have and thus to gather up the rest in an organized way. We can even post to iheartregina once the site's done for various requests; I'm sure that community will be most helpful. quote: It might be cool to have a huge master link list of other musicians Regina has ties/friendships to. People in the whole singer-songwriter/etc scene that she's friendly with. That'd be awesome. Very neat idea! (And, of course, we could note which musicians she's collaborated with in the past, like The Strokes and The Crimea.) Another interesting biographical section would be a page on Regina's numerous musical (and literary!) influences. quote: We could also track down particularly informative articles and copy/paste them onto seperate pages on the site to link to from a main biography page. Indeed, for the most important biographical pages (like Wikipedia's article). But I think it would also be helpful to have a whole page dedicated to (chronologically) listing the various articles and interviews of Regina. A lot of Regina articles are available online, so we can simply provide links to them if need be, but it would also be wise to save copies of those articles in case the pages go down at any point in the future, even if it's only for archival purposes rather than to bother making distinct pages on Reginapolis for every single Regina article or interview. quote: As far as downloads and bootlegged shows, I think we should definitely have a master list of all the recordings out there. I'm glad you agree! I've been working for the last couple of days on a "rough draft" of such a list; though it's obviously vastly incomplete, it's somewhere to start from, and has about 500 songs at the moment. Since it's already rather long and would no doubt eventually come to be dozens of times longer (assuming Regina doesn't suddenly spontaneously combust or ascend to heaven tomorrow ), should I make a new brumstix thread for it? (Though I'm not sure how to make tables work on this message board..) Or should I just e-mail it to you? quote: even if we couldn't host them all (which we can't, in all honesty), If we rely on different websites to host them all, it's certainly not inconceivable. Consider how inefficient our current system is: most Regina fansites include songs that are redundant to other sites, with numerous overlaps. If we provided a central organizing scheme and then relied on those variety of sites and hosting services (the more reliable, the better, of course--and above all, long-term linking is very preferable to temporary uploads, which provide much less long-term benefit to the fans), we could possibly link to live downloads of every single Regina recording on the Internet, without expending much of our own bandwidth. If need be (though this isn't ideal), we could also collect groups of songs into .zip files and the like, since there are many concerts (especially more recent ones) that most people wouldn't really bother to select one or two songs from--they'd want them all, if any. Of course, even if we can't eventually host them all, even providing the list is a tremendous boon to our fans, as it at least lets them know what to be on the look-out for. And if we're pressed for space, an easy alternative is to only provide constant downloads to the most sought-after songs, and to provide on-request, temporary downloads for all the rest. That is, for example, we'd consistently have "Dog and Pony" available for download, because it's such a rare and important recording, but we might not have the 2005-06-07 Radio City recording of "Bobbing for Apples" available all the time because it's so much less noteworthy and sought-after; instead, someone could post a request somewhere (to the site, or this forum..?) and we'd respond by putting it up for temporary download. It'd be a lot like the current system, just more organized and centralized. Also, Mitch Hedberg is awesome.
  20. Questions regarding 11:11

    The songs off Mary Ann and the Gravediggers are indeed the same versions, so you can get "Love Affair", "Mary Ann", and "Pavlov's Daughter" there. You can also find live versions of "Love Affair", "Rejazz", "Buildings", and "Braille" online. If you want the full originals, though, you'll have a tougher time. I recommend just using a p2p file-sharing service like eDonkey to find it, rather than trying to find a specific website they've been uploaded to.
  21. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: A recordings database would be rather complicated. We would need some sort of way to effectively compile all that information. Yeah, eventually some sort of fully editable, expandable database would be great. For now, though, I'm simply keeping a list of the recordings I've found in a Word document. Nothing fancy, and the list doesn't have to be perfect; something's better than nothing, as a useful starting point. quote: I'm going to think of layouts and things and perhaps when the semester ends in a little bit, we can work to actually put something together. Sure, that'd be great. If you want my help with anything at all (e.g., if there's a certain format I could put my information in to make it easier to put on a site or database), feel free to say so, or e-mail or AIM me. quote: Although, I still feel badly because reginaspektor.net is a fantastic resource and two years ago, when I first wanted to make a fansite, I intentionally didn't make a Regina one because of it. It's just the fan standard and I don't want anyone to think that I'm participating in some sort of impeaching or de-throning or anything at all like that. Your humility is admirable, and your attitude is understandable, but misguided. Some points: 1. The ultimate purpose of a fansite is not to gain prestige or glory for oneself, but to help and entertain the fans, and to generate appreciation for the artist. You should be concerned if our site draws fans away from Regina herself (as opposed to the expected outcome: more fans being drawn to Regina by our site), but if a few more people end up using reginapolis.com than reginaspektor.net, yet the net result is that the fans are happier and Regina gets more attention and appreciation, then I'm sure that every fan, srg included, will be extremely pleased with the outcome. Fansites do not compete for their webmasters' glory; they work together to share love for the artist. There is nothing to be guilty about as long as we're working to benefit both Regina and the fans. 2. As you mentioned, srg has been contacted a number of times about this, and hasn't replied. We know, however, that he's been active since then, so we know that if he cared much about it, he could have (and still can) at any time voice his objection. If we don't have any reason to believe that srg himself cares if we make a new Regina fansite, then we also don't have any reason to be guilty or hesitant about making the site. 3. If srg has any interest whatsoever in it, we will, of course, give him administrative privileges on reginapolis, let him contribute whatever he wants to the site, etc. We shouldn't assume that reginaspektor.net and reginapolis.com will necessarily end up being separate islands of information: in the long run, if srg wishes, the two could easily become one site, or srg could become heavily involved in running both sites. It just depends on what srg wants. 4. Our site will have a different (or at least expanded) scope from reginaspektor.net: it will provide a vast number of services to fans which reginaspektor.net does not even touch on (like a gallery, a regularly-updated news section, information on merchandise and CDs, articles and interviews, biographical details, and plenty of lyrics and songs that reginaspektor.net never mentions). Thus it obviously won't just be a second reginaspektor.net. It will also not steal any unique information from that site, and will credit that site and its webmaster for things like recordings that the site provided. 5. It's inevitable that more Regina fansites will pop up in the future; her popularity is only now beginning to become really astronomical. The only question is: will we end up with a small number of well-organized, cohesive, "together" sites working in unison, or will we end up with dozens of disparate, poorly-formed, uncommunicating sites? We have an opportunity to make the next generation of new Regina fansites an exceedingly fruitful, useful, interactive group effort, with cross-pollinization between many different fans' ideas keeping the community thriving and ever-expanding; that's the only thing that our working on this site could change. The idea that reginaspektor.net will always continue to have a monopoly on Regina Spektor fansites is not a serious possibility either way. It's not a question of "will other fans want to make Regina fansites in the future?", but rather of "how useful will those fansites be in the future?" Making a reliable source of information to draw on will ensure that <i>other</i> Regina sites which pop up in the future (as they surely will) won't spread misinformation, have nowhere to go to find out about certain songs, etc. The idea of "impeaching" a fansite's webmaster presumes that a webmaster is like a president; the idea of "dethroning" a fansite's webmaster presumes that a webmaster is like a king. Neither one could be further from the truth. Fandom is democratic, because love and art are democratic. We all work together to share our ideas, our creativity, our knowledge, our feelings, and our passions; whether we work on a site that's at one url or at another is completely irrelevant. The content itself, not the location of that content, is what it's all about. Making reginapolis.com is simply providing us a new vessel to store all those things, because we don't have access (direct or indirect) to reginaspektor.net; it is not establishing a new monarchy or world order or anything as silly as that. It is simply putting a new directory of assorted junk on the Internet for fans to benefit from. Even the most amazing and wonderful website of the sort we're making is, on a basic level, nothing grander than that.
  22. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    Fran will have to answer that one, but I don't think that Fran's already started on anything, since we're still mostly in the brainstorming stage. Since Fran expressed interest in the graphic design, not in the layout per se, I'm sure you won't be stepping on anyone's toes in designing the code and layout and integral images and the like; and if you two end up making completely different layouts, it's no big deal anyway, since we can always switch designs at some point or just use both. Regarding the site: Lyics - Once we've got a working lyrics section, we can start importing (and improving) the information from lyricwiki.org/Regina_Spektor and reginaspektor.net. I'm thinking, for the songs that have been officially released, we can include both the official lyrics (from the site or the included booklets or whatever) and unofficial lyrics that give a more exact idea of the sounds, verse breakdowns, etc. For those without official lyrics, we'll have to rely entirely on unofficial ones, which, unlike official ones, we can constantly improve upon. There are lots of other interesting things we can do with lyrics in the long run, like having sections for interesting lyrical interpretations, for information Regina herself has revealed about the songs, and, of course, for where the songs are available (both official and unofficial recordings). Recordings (mp3s, etc.) - I've been working lately on compiling a list of every available version of every Regina song: all the recordings I can find for the songs, and especially for the rarer/older ones. In the process I've found a lot of surprising tidbits which I think would be very valuable; once the site's up, I think it would be great to have some sort of table of all the recordings we know of, with columns for title, date (e.g., "2006-10-25"), source/location, song length (to help avoid doubles being posted), and notes (like "poor audio quality", "Chris Kuffner on bass", "debut performance", "beginning of song is cut off", "also on video", "Regina says 'Go Internet!' at the start", etc.), and credits (e.g., "recorded by MrCrimson"). If we end up being able to hold all or most of the mp3s someplace reliable, that will also be a tremendous boon, as many of Regina's songs aren't available at a consistent or reliable site. If we upload them all to one place, we could also work on making their filenames and info consistent (once we agree on what the best standard is), to ease the task of tracking down and organizing them for all fans in the long run. Photos - I'm really digging the idea of making a centralized, user-edited Regina gallery with Coppermine or something. We could have sections under "Photos" for live performances (with subsections for specific events), photo shoots, candids, etc., a section for art and illustrations, and a section or category for LiveJournal Icons. Note that recently a number of fans have been pouring out tons of high-quality (and often rare) Regina photos at http://community.livejournal.com/iheartregina which would make a great start to any gallery, once we've got things up and running. Exciting stuff...
  23. what is with the new sound?!

    I agree with you about Samson, court. As for Better, when I first heard it on Begin to Hope it was one of my least favorite songs, but since then it's become one of my favorites, oddly enough. You can find live performances of it aplenty, but it's not on any other CDs, even though it's one of Regina's older songs (dating back to 1997-98).

    It seems to me that she leaves her name uncapitalized as a sylistic choice: conventional capitalization tends to give words and names a subtle air of formality and standardness, something Regina tries to avoid in her music. Leaving her name uncapitalized gives it a more informal, even childlike, air, and will subconsciously seem more cutesy or friendly, less confrontational or strict, to readers. It also makes her seem less conventional and rule-bound; all of it ties, if only subconsciously, into the artistic package she's trying to present.
  25. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    By the way, if anyone wants to contact me, my e-mail's NICKMANRMB@yahoo.com and my AIM is NICKMANRMB.