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  1. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: a decent host server will let you link both reginapolis.com and reginopolis.com to the same place, so confused fans will end up in the same place Unfortunately, www.reginopolis.com is already a website.
  2. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: Well, I don't know how to implement the searchable lyrics database, other than to make use of google's ability to search specific sites. That's fine, Google will work. Just throwing out ideas people have mentioned. Coppermine sounds great, too. quote: Timelines would probably require us to work with older fans. Absolutely. I've made a few loose attempts at a "rough draft" of a song timeline, but it's wildly inaccurate at this point because of a dearth of oldskool fans. I got some helpful changes on Brumstix, but none on IHeartRegina, so I guess directly seeking out older fans will be necessary to get a reasonably accurate chronology. quote: I realized after the fact that it should in fact be Reginapolis.com, but you're right, for fans, at least, who are used to the song, they might get the URL wrong. I think the majority of fans (and she has countless new ones each day!) don't know the song though so the mistake would be one made by older fans, and they'd be around online to get the right spelling sooner or later anyway. Er, why would the older fans be likely to get the name wrong? All the old lyrics sites for Reginasaurus seem to list the city's name as "Reginapolis", including reginaspektor.net and songmeanings.net. I guess if we do go with "Reginapolis.com", we can do things with the layout to make it less likely that people will make that mistake. For example, we could have the site's banner (which could, perhaps, be skyline-styled? or whatever Fran has in mind I'm sure will be nifty) emphasize the "REGINA" in "Reginapolis". If we all agree that it's worth going ahead with Reginapolis, then let's do it. Things will work themselves out. If people weren't stopped from getting to the regina sites by misspellings like "spector" and "spekter", then they surely won't find "Reginapolis" too much of an obstacle.
  3. Regina's BBC3 session torrented

    This is just about the only multimedia player I've ever needed to use for anything, .flac included: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Also, thanks a ton for the upload, dimeawind!
  4. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    Well, I don't know what the others think, adamjk, but that sounds like a dream come true to me. I would love nothing more than to have you "sort of just 'do it'" (whenever's convenient for you, of course), because I'm no good at that technical and webmastery stuff. That would be perfect. quote: i'd love to help with a reginopolis.com Unfortunately, here you highlight the main problem I brought up with that site name earlier: the potential for confusion between "Reginapolis" and "Reginopolis". Reginapolis is how I assume you'd spell the word Regina makes up for her city in Reginasaurus, but I could see an argument being made for "Reginopolis", which would raise the problem that Reginópolis is an actual city. There's less potential for confusion with reginapolis.com (and reginopolis.com is already taken anyway), but even then I suppose it's inevitable that some people will misspell the name, just as you did. And then confusion will arise! If people here agree that the benefit of such a nifty, appropriate name outweighs that potential downside, though, then I say, go for it! I like the idea enough (because "Reginapolis" is a Regina-created name that simply means "Regina place", perfect for a general-use website) that I'm not overly concerned about the opolis/apolis issue. quote: after all, he's not so much about the news as much as sharing old gems. That's fair enough. Though I don't see why the two need be mutually exclusive. I didn't picture Reginapolis as purely a news site: though we could do better, reginaspektor.com already does a decent enough job at giving us updates on things like TV appearances and shows. Rather, I picture a site that could have a wide variety of pages eventually, including (in no particular order): * News & Updates * Lyrics * Live Recordings & Demos * Albums & Merchandise * Timeline * Biography * Photos & Fanart * Links * Interviews & Articles * Regina-isms quote: i can set up a system where a number of people can update news and such using a login panel (so there's no coding knowledge required) and that way a number of active fans can help keep it up to date. Wow, that'd be amazing. Another suggestion I think was interesting was the possibility of a search engine for the site and/or for the lyrics pages, to make it easier to find a specific key phrase or the like. I think the multi-editor thing has a lot of potential, and would keep the site from ever becoming stagnant if users drifted away: there'd be ongoing infusions of new blood to keep the site fresh and active for new generations of fans. Very neat.
  5. Tori Amos Poll

    quote: This doesn't mean that they're the same. It just means that there are many parallels. That's not the correct meaning of "genre". People aren't in the same musical genre just because "there are many parallels"--there may be many parallels between Bob Dylan and Christina Aguilera (such as that they're both from New York), but they're clearly in different genres. I can make plenty of interesting comparisons between "Paradise Lost" and "Frankenstein" without arguing that they're members of the same literary genre; musical comparisons work in the same way. quote: Some people are extremely offended at this. No one is offended at the idea that Regina Spektor has some things in common with Tori Amos. (Though they made dispute whether these things are more significant than Regina's oft-ignored similarities with many other artists. Regina herself has not claimed to have nothing in common with Tori, but rather complained that too much focus is put on that one comparison because of more superficial similarities.) Your mistake is in assuming that "they aren't in the same genre" means "they have absolutely nothing in common"; every artist has things in common with every other artist, yet only a small portion of those similar artists are in the same genre. Genre is not a matter of random, arbitrary facts like what religious background they grew up in, whether they were "child prodigies", or even whether they're classically-trained or play the piano; it is an issue of their musical style, focus, and content. It is perfectly fair for people to object to placing both artists in the same genres if the things they have in common don't amount to (sufficient) generic commonality, for the same reason that someone could fairly object to playing Bob Dylan and Christina Aguilera in the same genre even if some people were attracted to both artists by a certain shared feature of theirs. quote: It puzzles me as to why. Of all people to be lumped in with, I would think it'd be far more offensive to be compared say to Ashleigh Simpson (sarcasm) Have you considered the possibility that people aren't offended because they think Tori Amos is a bad artist, but simply because they think that the comparison is a weak or shallow one? That's the only reason Regina doesn't like the comparison, as far as I know. She doesn't dislike or disrespect Tori, she just thinks it's a largely superficial comparison that has more to do with the singers' backgrounds than with their actual music. If I said that Tupac and Regina Spektor were in the same genre because they have certain things in common, you wouldn't have to hate either one of those artists to disagree strongly with the comparison. In the same way, you can be a huge fan of both Tori and Regina without saying "oh, they're in the same genre". I won't argue that you should be, but to dispute that it's possible is pretty silly. quote: It wasn't really until then, that the industry noted that an obscure, and somewhat incomprehensible artist with bizzare lyrics could actually be marketable. If sometimes having "bizarre lyrics" is a genre, then are you arguing that The Beatles and Marilyn Manson are in the same genre? Likewise, just because one artist paved the way for another doesn't mean that those artists are in the same genre; by that logic, every black musician in the United States is part of the jazz or blues genre. quote: Originally posted by Vooduguru: Hate it as much as she wants. The fact remains, they're in the same genre. I agree with you that Regina's opinion, in itself, doesn't change what genre she's in. Regina could claim all she wanted that she was an R&B singer, but it wouldn't make her one. However, "they're in the same genre" is an opinion, not a fact. quote: My mom doesn't like Regina, but she LOVES Tori. I don't understand that. I would think if you like one, you'd like the other ... Why? Regina and Tori are two very different artists. That's absolutely indisputable even if they're in the same genre. You can like one artist in a genre and not like every artist in a genre. Come on, now, "if you like one, you'd like the other"? That's just a silly statement to make. Many people who love Tori will consider Regina too cutesy, or poppy, or mundane, or whatever; and likewise many who like Regina will consider Tori to be too opaque, or bizarre, or whatever. Even if most people who like one will like the other, there are still a huge number who don't. quote: Something about being 27. 27 has also been a cursed age for many musicians.
  6. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    Eh, "reginarocks" sounds a tad generic. I like "respekt" because it's very short and simple, and I like "reginapolis" because it's meaningful and relevant without being too unsimple; potential confusion is a minor issue in both cases. If we're going to make a new name for a site at all, we should be more concerned with choosing a name that's fitting and pleasant than with one that's perfectly novel.
  7. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    All of that sounds absolutely awesome, and I agree fully with Fran's point--what we want is a "hub" fansite where we can constructively pool our knowledge, talents, and love, rather than a ton of smaller, disparate, competing sites. And your help with the graphic design is very welcome, as that's another area I won't be much help in. Thanks to a_secret_chord for the e-mail; I didn't have that before, or I'd have e-mailed srg to start with. I've sent an e-mail there now, so I'll wait and see if I get a response.
  8. mp3s...

    AB - http://www.reginaspektor.lunarpages.net/music/2002-05-0...nders_Griffen%29.mp3 Chelsea Hotel No.2 - http://www.six-58.com/regina/028%20-%202005-09-13_chelsea-hotel-2.mp3 Mockingbird - http://www.six-58.com/regina/068%20-%20Mockingbird.mp3 Paris - http://www.angelfire.com/folk/anti0/demo_paris.mp3 The Virgin Queen - http://www.six-58.com/regina/111%20-%202004-11-15_the-virgin-queen.mp3 There is no known recording of "Oh, Marcello!", so all of us are out of luck there. I forget where I heard a copy of the exceedingly short song "All is Love", so someone else will need to provide that.
  9. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    I agree, we should wait for a response (though, again, does anyone know of how to get in touch with the webmaster?) before making any big decisions. And yeah, you make a good point about having a different name giving us a more distinct identity, rather than the only difference between the official and unofficial sites being .net/.com. Though even if we don't register the site reginapolis.com I imagine we could use that name in the layout somehow if we wanted. It makes it clear that this is a "Regina place", whereas "respekt" is a bit more ambiguous and has potentially confusing overtones. Plus Regina's music isn't really characterized by "respectfulness", if you know what I mean--that's part of what makes it awesome.
  10. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    Yeah, I considered respekt.com too, which I like mainly because it's so short and easy to remember! The disadvantage of that one is that (1) it's already used prominently in reginaspektor.com's layout, so Regina might not like it if we take it over to make a fansite (potentially confusing some fans into thinking we're official?), and (2) it gets 20,400,000 hits on Google, whereas Reginapolis only gets 152; so if we started a site under "respekt" it'd be sure to get no Google recognition, whereas one started under "Reginapolis" would almost certainly become the #1 hit for that search. (Though, on the other hand, it would also surely get randomly searched for a lot less often!) Both are good possibilities, tho. ... Assuming we find anyone who's interested in running and maintaining such a site to begin with..
  11. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    It seems to me that the ideal situation would be if we just built off of reginaspektor.net, since that's the site people are already most familiar with, and since it's already such a great resource for lyrics and live recordings. However, that would obviously depend entirely upon the webmaster, and since he hasn't been around in the last few weeks, it might be difficult to get a response on that in the near future. So, for now, I guess the safer assumption is to think about making a new site. Which raises the questions: (1) who would host it?; (2) where would it be?; (3) what would it be called? Regarding names, I'm currently leaning on "Reginapolis", because it's a cute, relatively simple place-name created by Regina, because www.reginapolis.com doesn't seem to be a registered domain, and because it is suggestive of the "city life" theme common to so many of Regina's songs (perhaps we could even model the layout after a stylized city in some way). The main disadvantage I can see is the possibility of confusion with "Reginópolis", which is an actual Brazilian municipality, but other than that I like the idea. Any responses to that possibility, or alternative ideas? Other than that, the first question is probably the one that looms largest. I don't want to run the site myself because I have no idea when I'll become too busy again to maintain it, because I'm so new to the fan-community, and because I have little experience with running a general-use website. My interest in making this thread is more in raising the possibility that I contribute heavily to someone else's site, with features like I mentioned above (and others I've been brainstorming about).
  12. Regina's BBC3 session torrented

    Since no one else bothered to, I'll re-request it--if three months later isn't too late?
  13. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    I've been wondering, recently, about the possibility of either creating, or reorganizing and updating, a fansite for Regina Spektor news and info. reginaspektor.com is infrequently updated and is missing a lot of important information (particularly about unreleased songs), while reginaspektor.net, by far the best fan-site I've found for her, is years out-of-date in a lot of respects and could have so much more content--like a listing of articles and interviews, the chronology and songlists we've been working on on this forum, links to other download sites, etc. I'd have offered my services to that site's webmaster already, but there doesn't seem to be any method for contacting "SRG" on the page. Does anyone know such a method, or whether or not SRG might be interested in my assistance in updating and/or expanding that site's contents? If not, then what do y'all think of the possibility of making a new fansite for us all to contribute to? There are a lot of limitations to this forum (and to the other site I've been making use of, http://lyricwiki.org/Regina_Spektor), especially in terms of organizing and keeping track of important info, that having an actively-updated fan-run website would solve. I have no preferences at all regarding whether to make a brand-new site or just work on an existing one, though I'd prefer to handle the content-related dirty work rather than running the website myself. So, any interest?
  14. Thank you so much! Much awesomeness. By the way, since I'm posting here, y'all might be interested in the related project in this forum's "Other" section, under "Song chronology": we're trying to determine when all the songs on this list were first written or performed. Also, does anyone know anything about the song named "The List"? Is this a nickname for another song, or is it a unique one to add to the Spektography?
  15. a vague spektor of new joy

    Also, you'll probably be able to find a lot of the personal details you crave by looking through interviews of her, and articles about her. Here are a few snippets related to some of the questions you asked: quote: Where'd she grow up? (the bronx? how vague!) R: "I was born in Moscow and then we immigrated when I was almost ten. We went to Austria and then Italy and then we were allowed to come to America. We came to New York and then we moved right to the Bronx. That's where I live with my Mama and my Poppa and my brother and our new cat. I've traveled a lot, but I haven't seen enough of America. I've seen much more of Europe at this point." quote: what were her folks like R: "Both my parents are extraordinary and educated people, and I got the chance to love learning. It changes things, I was a very lucky child, always good people around. The more I live, the more I realize that’s not the norm, and it should be. Certain things should just be a human right—reading, writing, going to a museum... They should just be available, and people should be taught to love them and understand them. It can really improve the quality of life." quote: or if vegan, I can't find the interview right now, but supposedly she used to be a vegetarian, but switched to being a meat-eater while touring with The Strokes. ( http://reginaspektor.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2261015901/m/1961097771 ) quote: does she consider herself a tea person I don't know, but one article mentions: 'She tells stories from the minute she sits down - about a mouse she befriended in her old apartment, how she developed a passion for yerba mate tea staying in Barcelona while squashed like a sardine into a flat shared with Brazilian fire-dancers...' quote: disney, Can't find her specifically talking about Disney anywhere, but I know she's made reference to The Little Mermaid and other Disney cartoons before. quote: food? Specifically? I know she's a good cook, and she loves soup (she has a whole forum devoted to soup recipes here). See also the bottom interview at http://www.reginaspektor.com/zine/ReginaSpektor-SurvGuideSovKit.pdf , which should answer a lot of your other questions as well. quote: fiction? R: "I think songwriters are more related to fiction writers. There is so much fun and there's so much privilege in being able to create stories in song. The Odyssey was a story in song. To me that's so beautiful, all those painted characters, all those travels and adventures. Why does a songwriter have to sing in their own voice? It's almost like putting this ball and chain around your foot. Being sentenced to being yourself. Who in the hell wants to be themselves all the time? It's so boring." By the way, I can already tell that I like you from your above post. You seem to have your priorities straight~
  16. a vague spektor of new joy

    We've all had our celebrity crushes, sure, but for some reason I still have a hard time thinking of Regina as a "celebrity". She just seems too human--she's amazing, yes, but it's more a neighborhood magic than a Hollywood magic. My favorite crush-inducing Regina videos, incidentally, are "Ode to Divorce" ( ) and "Folding Chair" ( ). So cute! As for her biography, I don't know too many details myself, beyond what Wikipedia says. (And yes, the Wikipedia article is inadequate, but for more reasons than just being impersonal, which is kind of required for an encyclopedia.) I, too, would love to know more about her opinions on various things, like, yeah, religion. I know she's Jewish by birth, but how religious is she? A lot of her songs deal with religious topics (Christianity a lot more often than Judaism, though), but so obliquely (and often through the voices of characters, not herself) that it's hard to determine her actual opinion on things. I think it's fair to assume that she's pretty liberal and tolerant in her views, whatever they are; she mentions in "Reginasaurus" that if she was a religion, she'd have a schism and "there'd be Registians and Regews and Reguslims and Reguddhists and Regatheists--but they'd still be friends!" She's made more ambiguous references to religion in other unreleased songs like "Dust to Dust", "Genius Next Door" ("Atheists were praying, full of sarcasm"), "Blue Lips", "Begin to Hope", "Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori" ("You can't spend your whole life waiting for god to kiss you back"), "Loveology" ("Oh, an incurable humanist you are"), "The Devil Come to Bethlehem", "Human of the Year", and especially the controversial "Baby Jesus": "All the believers, they were smiling and winking at each other. I can honestly say I was scared for my life! They said, 'All the nonbelievers, they get to eat dirt, and the believers get to spit on their graves...'" Regarding favorite ice cream flavor, Regina doesn't like ice cream. She prefers olives and pickles. ~.~
  17. Thanks a bunch! I just found some copies of "Scarecrow and Fungus" and "Just Like the Movies" on eMule (the former's already finished, awesome!), so I don't need those anymore, though if you have Rockland County, Kids, BYOS, Soup, The Wallet, or any other rare songs I don't have, that would be awesomeness!
  18. Demos

    Question: What song is "The List"? Is this is a variant title for another song, or a completely unique song? I've never seen a song of Regina's called "The List" mentioned anywhere else, ever.
  19. what is with the new sound?!

    quote: The reason pop music sucks today is not because of it's sound, but becuase most pop musicians have absolutely nothing to say. They have no integrity in their writing, no subject matter, no originality in their lyrics, and they whore their music at predictable intervals like chunks of meat. This is not what Regina is doing at all. This album has pop characteristics but listen deeper and you'll find all the Regina-ness still there. This is absolutely true. Pop music is not bad because of its layered, studio-produced sound (which can be quite effective for certain songs); it's bad because of its homogeneity and shallowness. Since neither of these problems can be said to remotely apply to Begin to Hope, I'd say that Regina's experimentation is drawing on all the good and none of the bad of the poppier songs out there. Much like her recent dabbling in country music has avoided too much twanginess or angst. I welcome the change; we've already heard the unproduced versions of these songs, so if all you wanted was the live recordings in CD format without any changes, just listen to the old live versions rather than Begin to Hope. Win-win. I'm not saying you need to like Regina's new sounds (not "new sound", as she's branched off into numerous different areas), but I don't see how Regina can be faulted for not playing it safe and just remaining in her Soviet Kitsch niche market forever. It seems to me to be just a matter of taste; whether you like Begin to Hope or not simply depends on what kinds of music and song you prefer, and is as subjective as whether you like a certain song or not. ReginaFanatic, your opinion is perfectly fair; I see no objective superiority to the more intimate original "Fidelity" over the more layered album "Fidelity". It just depends on what kinds of sounds appeal to you; it's no more "correct" to prefer the live Fidelity than it is to prefer pancakes over waffles. The reason so many older fans aren't as fond of the changes as newer ones isn't because Regina "sold out", it's simply because someone who plays X type of music will naturally attract fans who like X type of music, and who thus aren't necessarily likely to enjoy Y type of music as much if she starts changing her style. Which is why Regina is really going out on a limb by doing all this experimentation with her sound nowadays, especially since she clearly hasn't made herself especially mainstream-accessible: take another listen to the rest of Begin to Hope (like "Lady" and "Edit" and "20 Years of Snow" and "Apres Moi") and try to make the argument that she's a sold-out mainstream pop artist now. Right, she's just like Britney Spears, what with always quoting Russian poetry in her lyrics and having entire verses consisting of making "brr-brr-brr" noises with her lips! The point is, it's still a matter of taste. At least in this thread, we're really discussing what kinds of music we personally like, not a general degradation in the quality of Regina's work. Personally, I guess I'm a bit of an anomaly, as I'm a huge fan of most of Regina's old stuff and most of her new stuff. And that, again, is just a reflection of my own personal tastes, which are unusually eclectic and widely-ranged. My main disappointment with Begin to Hope wasn't the studio production, but the noninclusion of the song Begin to Hope (and of other thematically-linked songs, like Loveology, in lieu of songs that didn't fit as well stylistically, like 20 Years of Snow). The song selection might make some sense auditorily (e.g., "these songs sound good together"), but it doesn't make any sense thematically or lyrically, which, again, reflects my personal preference for a focus on song meaning in addition to sound. But then, that's nothing new either.
  20. Update on "Sunset": it turns out that noone on the Forum (or online in general) is known to have this song. It appears only on a very obscure CD titled "ox", which presumably a few fans have, but we don't even know if any of those fans use the Internet regularly. Anders Griffen is the one who confirmed this song's existence, to help make the Spektography more complete, but even he wasn't sure that he had a copy of it anymore. I think we'd be justified in moving this from the list of songs we have recordings of to the list of songs we don't have recordings of, at least until one resurfaces. It's no good to know for certain that a recording exists somewhere if we don't know if we'll ever be able to get ahold of one. I'm going to add "Sunset" to the struck list, along with "The Floor Heard Everything" and "Woolen Gloves" and so on, until a recording appears, so fans don't get their hopes up and look in vain for a song that's completely unavailable at this point. By the way, I finally found where the recordings for "Human of the Year" and "Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori" are. They're being stored in a public gmail account, along with numerous other great live recordings: username reginaboston, password 123spektor. So, that pretty much finishes off the list of available songs I need, with the exception of Rockland County, Kids, and the demos from iheartregina's site that have become broken links (Scarecrow and Fungus, BYOS, Just Like the Movies, Soup, The Wallet).
  21. Song chronology

    Thanks a ton for the info!! I'll just start editing a list in the first post on this thread of what we've got so far, so people don't have to scroll down to see the current listing if this thread gets lengthy. I guess Wikipedia lied to me, as it said that Soviet Kitsch wasn't released in any form until August 17, 2004. I thought something was strange when I kept seeing mentionings of that album from 2003 posts. Do you know what the actual original release date was? Though I guess it doesn't matter if we identify earlier playings for all the Soviet Kitsch songs.
  22. Song chronology

    Thanks, genkaar! Remember that it's OK even if we don't have an exact date, though, since we're just starting off. I'll provide a very inaccurate starting list for us to work from; anyone who knows of any of these songs being performed or written earlier than these attested dates, speak up and we'll continually revise it until it's reasonably accurate. This list is simply based on the dates for the live shows listed at reginaspektor.net, the release dates for her early albums, and scattered other references; I'm sure there will be much earlier performances for almost all of these, but I just want to emphasize that we'll probably get a complete and fairly accurate listing faster by trying to get progressively earlier and earlier confirmations of songs, rather than by only settling on exact, official dates for writing. To distinguish the "this is just a placeholder until we get an earlier attestation" dates (many of which will be wildly inaccurate at the start, but should get progressively better) for songs from the "we're reasonably sure that this actually is when the song first appeared" dates, the latter songs will be in bold. Jul 09, 2001: 2.99 Cent Blues, Back of a Truck, Braille, Buildings, Flyin', I Want to Sing, Love Affair, Rejazz, Mary Ann, Pavlov's Daughter, Sunshine, Wasteside Dec 25, 2001: Aching to Pupate, Bon Idee, Consequence of Sounds, Daniel Cowman, Lacrimosa, Lounge, Lulliby, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Oedipus, Prisoners, Reading Time with Pickle, Samson Mar 13, 2002: 20 Years of Snow, A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is, Baobabs, Eighth Floor, Soho, The Mustard Musketeers May 01, 2002: Belt May 04, 2002: AB, In the Studio, One-String Blues, Poor Little Rich Boy Nov 30, 2002: Chemo Limo Jan 28, 2003: Carbon Monoxide Feb 13, 2003: The Bronx Feb 15, 2003: Better, Dance Anthem of the '80s May 5, 2003: Ave Maria, Dusseldorf, Happy Hooker, Making Records, Ode to Divorce, Sailor Song, Somedays, Your Honor May 31, 2003: Dust to Dust, Uh-Merica Aug 08, 2003: Folding Chair, Genius Next Door, Patron Saint, Secret Stash, The Devil Come to Bethlehem Oct 03, 2003: The Clocks Were Asleep Dec 29, 2003: A Cannon, A Cooler Version of Yourself, Music Box Time is All Around Feb 14, 2004: Baby Jesus, Bobbing for Apples, Dog and Pony, Mermaid Jun 29, 2004: Aquarius Jul 10, 2004: Ain't No Cover, Apres Moi, Bartender, Definition of a Crazy Person, Hero, Lucky Penny, Reginasaurus, Summer in the City, The Wallet Aug 17, 2004: Ghost of Corporate Future, The Flowers, Us Sep 09, 2004: Uncle Bobby Oct 11, 2004: Blue Lips Oct 15, 2004: Long Brown Hair, You Oct 16, 2004: Edit, Loveology Jan 21, 2005: Fidelity, Open, Pound of Flesh Jan 26, 2005: All the Rowboats Mar 30, 2005: Begin to Hope, Hotel Song, Silly Eye Color Generalizations, That Time Jun 05, 2005: My Man, The Noise Jun 07, 2005: On The Radio Sep 13, 2005: Chelsea Hotel (cover), Hallelujah (cover), Love Profusion (cover) Apr 09, 2006: Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori, Field Below, Human of the Year Jun 1, 2006: Halikha LeKesariya (cover) Jun 13, 2006: Another Town, Lady Nov 20, 2006: Love, You're a Whore So, anyone wanna note any earlier showings for any of the above songs, so we can start to mould this into an increasingly accurate timeline? Again, exact dates aren't needed; if all you know is "early 2001" or "May 2002" or anything like that, it's better than nothing. And again, it doesn't matter if you don't think that your earlier date was the first showing; as long as it's earlier, it helps get the list closer to accuracy. I'm sure if we pool our memories and recordings of older songs we'll be able to make a very interesting, accurate, and useful chronoReginaology here.
  23. Song chronology

    Yeah, I don't have any special Regina information either. That's part of the reason why I wanted to start a timeline. I'm sure there are plenty of people on this forum with great information on early performances for various older songs. For a starting point, however, we can begin by noting when sites like reginaspektor.net first list the various songs, then continue to assign earlier dates to the songs as we get more accounts of songs being performed or written earlier. Remember, anyone who wants to contribute, you don't need to know the absolute earliest date for a song--just provide times for the first performances you know of, and we can work from there. That way we can get progressively clearer information on how old various songs are.
  24. Song chronology

    Is there any timeline, or anything similar, noting approximately when Regina first performed various songs? If not, would anyone be interested in helping make one? If we could "compare notes" regarding the earliest performances or recordings of various songs, we could get a reasonably accurate idea of what sorts of themes, styles, and recurring elements have changed at different times over the last 6 years or so. Exact dates aren't needed--even if it's nothing more specific than "early 2001" and the like, and even though it'd surely be a work in progress as we gathered more fans' info and thus accumulated earlier and earlier attestations for various songs, I think it would be a very interesting and useful thing to make, to provide us (and especially newer fans) with a better idea of how Regina's songwriting has evolved and changed over the years. And to keep that interesting information recorded safely in case it's needed at a later date. After all, simply looking at when songs were officially released doesn't paint an accurate picture at all of Regina's changing styles: "20 Years of Snow", for example, was around back in 2001 or 2002 (EDIT: 1997 or 1998!), while "Fidelity" didn't show up until January 2005, yet a new fan might think that both songs were composed in 2006, when they were first officially released on "Begin to Hope". I think it'd be really cool to give at least a simple song timeline a try, if there's any interest. ___________________________________________________ EDIT - The current list (with confirmed debuts in bold, provisional "earliest" dates in non-bold, and songs not written by Regina in italics) is: 1998: 20 Years of Snow, Better, Lady, Samson May 2000: Mockingbird March 2001: 2.99 Cent Blues, Back of a Truck, Braille, Buildings, Flyin', I Want to Sing, Love Affair, One-String Blues, Rejazz, Mary Ann, Pavlov's Daughter, Sunshine, Wasteside Dec 25, 2001: Aching to Pupate, Bon Idee, Consequence of Sounds, Daniel Cowman, December, Lacrimosa, Lounge, Lulliby, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Oedipus, Prisoners, Reading Time with Pickle, Scarecrow and Fungus 2002: All is Love, Kids Mar 13, 2002: 8th Floor, A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is, Baobabs, Soho, The Mustard Musketeers May 01, 2002: Belt May 04, 2002: AB, In the Studio, Poor Little Rich Boy Nov 30, 2002: Chemo Limo Dec 19, 2002: The Flowers 2003: Summer in the City Early 2003: The Big Towns Jan 28, 2003: Carbon Monoxide Feb 13, 2003: The Bronx Feb 15, 2003: Dance Anthem of the '80s May 05, 2003: Ave Maria, Dusseldorf, Happy Hooker, Making Records, Ode to Divorce, Sailor Song, Somedays, Your Honor May 31, 2003: Dust to Dust, Uh-Merica Aug 08, 2003: Folding Chair, Genius Next Door, Patron Saint, Secret Stash, The Devil Come to Bethlehem Aug 19, 2003: Ghost of Corporate Future, Us Oct 03, 2003: Stop Right Now Oct 29, 2003: Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men Dec 29, 2003: A Cannon, A Cooler Version of Yourself, Music Box, Time is All Around 2004: BYOS, Movies, Paris, Raindrops, Soup, The List Feb 14, 2004: Baby Jesus, Bobbing for Apples, Dog and Pony, Mermaid, My Man Jun 29, 2004: Aquarius Jul 10, 2004: Ain't No Cover, Apres Moi, Bartender, Definition of a Crazy Person, Hero, Lucky Penny, Reginasaurus, The Wallet Sep 09, 2004: Uncle Bobby Oct 15, 2004: Blue Lips, Edit, Long Brown Hair, Loveology, You Nov 15, 2004: The Virgin Queen 2005: Be Like a Cloud, Bear Spektor, By the Time You Read This Letter, Oh Marcello!, Rockland County, Sundown, The Floor Heard Everything, Woolen Gloves Jan 12, 2005: Fidelity Jan 21, 2005: Open, Pound of Flesh Jan 26, 2005: All the Rowboats Feb 04, 2005: That Time Mar 30, 2005: Begin to Hope, Hotel Song, Silly Eye Color Generalizations Jul 27, 2005: Field Below Jun 05, 2005: The Noise Jun 07, 2005: On The Radio Aug 23, 2005: Another Town Sep 13, 2005: Chelsea Hotel, Hallelujah, Love Profusion Feb 01, 2006: Small Town Moon Apr 08, 2006: Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori, Human of the Year Jun 01, 2006: Halikha LeKesariya Oct 16, 2006: Little Boxes Nov 20, 2006: Love You're a Whore
  25. "Begin to Hope" is available, as I mentioned, at reginaspektor.net; the specific link is: http://www.reginaspektor.lunarpages.net/music/2005-03-30_'begin_to_hope'_(Bowery_Ballroom).mp3 "Sunset" is presumably available somewhere, since other uses have professed to having copies of it, but we don't know where or how at the moment. Presumably someone will come forward with a link eventually. "Oh Marcello!", "The Big Towns", "The Floor Heard Everything", "Woolen Gloves", and all the other struck-text songs in the above list are not known to be available, though it's possible, again, that a recording of one of them might eventually surface. And, yes, I knew about the "Human of the Year" youtube video, but as I understand it there's at least one complete mp3 of the song floating around. People are probably just reluctant to share it because of Regina's (rather odd) request that we not spread files of it around too much, though I'd appreciate a copy if only to help with the lyricwiki project so we can have a more comprehensive and reliable listing of Regina's lyrics. As with "Sunset", we'll have to wait and see.