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  1. Thanks a ton, genkaar! I knew there must have been some major site I'd missed for a bunch of those, since so many others had them. Unfortunately, some of the files on "Demos" seem to have become broken links: BYOS, Just Like in the Movies, Scarecrow and Fungus, and The Soup. (And also those versions of Carbon Monoxide, Music Box, Raindrops, and A Cannon, though since I've already heard those I don't care as much.) To reply to "i mind less and less": nobody seems to have a copy of "be like a cloud" or "By The Time You Read This Letter", so you're out of luck there, at least for now. Halikha LeKasariya's only known performance is in the video at http://www.theartistsden.com/v2/videos/regina/ ; if you want an audio extract from that, I'll upload one at http://www.digworld.com/r/m/reg/ . Likewise, "Love, You're a Whore" only has one known performance (and the audio quality's not so hot), so if you want an mp3 file have someone make one from the better-quality video. As for "Begin to Hope", that's available at reginaspektor.net from the 30 March 2005 session. And I, too, am looking for "Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori", "Human of the Year", and "Sunset", so we're in the same boat there.
  2. Yeah, I have that version too, holdonyourhonor; it's the aborted version from reginaspektor.net. It's listed as struck because we don't have any versions of the actual song, just a clip of the first few words. And yeah, it's different from Making Records, though it may not even exist as a full song anymore, if Regina's forgotten it... I have One-String Blues too. The reason I suggested that "the big towns" might be that song is because "the big towns" is just a half-remembered song whose lyrics involved going to towns and riding on busses and such, and the possibility was mentioned that it might be "be like a cloud" because that song involves towns a lot, so by the same logic it might be "One-String Blues" since that one involves busses. The point is that we aren't even sure if it's a distinct song, though there's no strong reason to believe it isn't. Oh, and the songs I don't have (in addition to the crossed-out ones) are: BYOS, December, Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori, Human of the Year, Movies, Paris, Rockland County, Scarecrow and Fungus, Soup, Sunset, and The Wallet. If anyone knows where they can be found, I'd appreciate it, as then I can double-check the lyrics and add them to lyricwiki (plus I bet some of them are really awesome).
  3. Suprisingly good cover of Regina's Summer in the City!

    Yeah, I've seen these before on Youtube, after the creator advertised them on the Regina Spektor artist page on last.fm. She's a very talented pianist and singer, being able to do some justice to Regina's (very challenging) songs at such a young age. Not to mention that she clearly has fantastic taste in music. In addition to Summer in the City, you may want to check out these other Regina songs she's done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc-yT_QuALc - Ain't No Cover http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB3HdLLB2Nw - Bartender http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZxJGBmmz0o - Bobbing for Apples http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAtriKuMr2s - Dance Anthem of the '80s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7KFEJhHzhQ - The Devil Come to Bethlehem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2q2BnOkqfA - On the Radio (lipsynch, not cover) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw6QWDHB0Lc - Secret Stash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5LQ8LFM8z8 - Silly Eye Color Generalizations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrQKezm84Oo - String of Light (an original song inspired by seeing a Regina concert) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6O6SEMy1LrE - That Time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMZkToWQYS0 - The Wallet
  4. "Love, You're A Whore" on YouTube

    This is my best go at the lyrics. Seems like the hardest bit to get right at this point will be the beginning. A lot of it's very hard to decipher, but I made my best guess where the lyrics were unclear to give us someplace to start. Was a bright, sweet, and hot summer day That Daddy loved a little more Some little kid wound up my fire engine toy As I walked to the grocery store All the people think I'm going to the morgue They just smiled at me as I pass They've been there before And they've come back again And they was loaded up with burial shrouds Love, love, love You're a whore, you're a whore You're a whore Love, love, love, love They'll beat you and mistreat you But it's worth it half the time It takes some talent, kisses hard on the mouth Oh, kisses hard on the mouth Yeah, yeah, yeah Kisses hard on the mouth Oh-oh-oh Kisses hard on the mouth Yeah, yeah, yeah Kisses hard, kisses hard on the mouth Was a bright, sweet, and hot summer day That Daddy loved a little more Couldn't see your face Couldn't taste your kiss Couldn't sleep in your embrace While you danced all down the drain Love, love, love You're a whore, you're a whore You're a whore Love, love, love, love They'll bruise you and abuse you But it's worth it half the time It takes some talent, kisses hard on the mouth Kisses hard on the mouth Yeah, yeah, yeah Kisses hard on the mouth Oh-oh-oh Kisses hard on the mouth Yeah, yeah, yeah Kisses hard, kisses hard on the mouth Was a bright and sweet and hot summer day That Daddy loved a little more Some little kid wound up my fire engine toy As I walked to the grocery store All the people think I'm going to the morgue And they'll smile at me as they'll pass They've been there before And they've come back again And they was loaded up with burial shrouds Love, love, love You're a whore, you're a whore You're a whore Love, love, love, love 'Cause we cheat you and mistreat you And beat you and bruise you And use you and abuse you And cruise you and lose you But time after time We kiss your scab until you're better Kisses Hard Hard on the mouth He kisses hard Hard Hard on the mouth He kisses hard, hard, hard, hard, hard on the mouth Kisses hard on the mouth Yeah, yeah, yeah Kissses hard on the mouth Oh-oh-oh Kisses hard on the mouth Yeah, yeah, yeah Kisses hard Hard On the mouth
  5. Heh, indeed. Anyway, since it doesn't look like the first post in this thread has been updated in a while, I'll compile a listing of what we've got so far myself; if anyone has anything to change or add, feel free to speak up. Songs in bold are ones that have been officially released; all the others are only available on unofficial live recordings. "Struck" songs are ones that haven't been confirmed, because we don't even have a live recording of them. Italicized songs are ones that Regina has performed, but didn't write the lyrics for (primarily covers). Additionally, common alternate titles are listed next to accepted titles in order to make this list easily searchable for people who know a song by a different title. 2.99 Cent Blues (a.k.a. "2.99¢ Blues") 20 Years of Snow (a.k.a. "Twenty Years of Snow") 8th Floor (a.k.a. "Eighth Floor") A Cannon (a.k.a. "A Canon", "Cannon") A Cooler Version of Yourself (a.k.a. "A Cooler Version") A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is AB (a.k.a. "A/B") Aching to Pupate Ain't No Cover (a.k.a. "It Ain't No Cover", "8 Miles High", "Eight Miles High", "Intro") All is Love All the Rowboats Another Town (a.k.a. "In Another Town") Aprés Moi (a.k.a. "Apres Moi Le Deluge", "Apres-Moi le Deluge", "Apresmoiledeluge") Aquarius Ave Maria Baby Jesus Back of a Truck Baobabs Bartender Be Like a Cloud Bear Spektor Begin to Hope Belt Better (a.k.a. "Will You Feel Better") Blue Lips Bobbing for Apples (a.k.a. "Names and Faces", "Bobbin' for Apples") Bon Idée (a.k.a. "Bonne Idee", "Bonnee Idee") Braille Buildings By The Time You Read This Letter BYOS (a.k.a. "B.Y.O.S.") Carbon Monoxide Chelsea Hotel #2 (a.k.a. "Chelsea Hotel No.2") Chemo Limo Consequence of Sounds (a.k.a. "Consequence of Sound") Dance Anthem of the '80s (a.k.a. "Watch", "Dance Anthem of the 80s", "Dance Anthem of the 80's") Daniel Cowman December Definition of a Crazy Person (a.k.a. "I Cut Off My Hair") Dog and Pony (a.k.a. "Dog & Pony") Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori (a.k.a. "It's Hard to Live") Düsseldorf Dust to Dust Edit Fidelity (a.k.a. "High Fidelity", "It Breaks My Heart", "Never Loved Nobody Fully", "I Never Loved Nobody Fully") Field Below Flyin' (a.k.a. "Flyin") Folding Chair Genius Next Door (a.k.a. "Genius", "The Genius Next Door") Ghost of Corporate Future (a.k.a. "The Ghost of Corporate Future") Halikha LeKesariya (a.k.a. "Eli, Eli") Hallelujah Happy Hooker (a.k.a. "Hooker") Hero (a.k.a. "Hero of the Story") Hotel Song Human of the Year I Want to Sing In the Studio Just Like the Movies (a.k.a. "Movies") Kids Lacrimosa Lady Little Boxes Long Brown Hair Lounge Loveology (a.k.a. "Lovology", "Love-ology") Love, You're a Whore Love Affair Love Profusion Lucky Penny Lulliby (a.k.a. "Lullaby", "Lullabye") Making Records Mary Ann (a.k.a. "Marry Ann") Mermaid Mockingbird Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men (a.k.a. "Modern Girls and Old-Fashioned Men") Music Box (a.k.a. "Musicbox") My Man (a.k.a. "Billie Holiday", "My Man (Medley)") Ne Me Quitte Pas (a.k.a. "Ne Me Quitter Pas") Ode to Divorce Oedipus Oh, Marcello! One-String Blues (a.k.a. "One String Blues") On The Radio (a.k.a. "Radio", "This is How it Works") Open (a.k.a. "Down the Road and Up the Hill", "Open Up Your Heart") Opposite Ends Paris Patron Saint (a.k.a. "Let Go of Her Hand") Pavlov's Daughter Poor Little Rich Boy Pound of Flesh (a.k.a. "Ezra Pound", "A Pound of Flesh", "If You're Never Sorry") Prisoners Raindrops Reading Time with Pickle Reginasaurus Rejazz Rockland County (a.k.a. "Rockland Country") Sailor Song Samson (a.k.a. "Sampson") Scarecrow & Fungus (a.k.a. "Scarecrow and Fungus") Secret Stash (a.k.a. "No One", "No One Can Take That Away") Silly Eye Color Generalizations (a.k.a. "Silly Eye-Color Generalizations") Small Town Moon (a.k.a. "Small Town Boy") Soho Somedays Stop Right Now (a.k.a. "The Clocks Were Asleep") Summer in the City Sunset Sunshine That Time (a.k.a. "Remember That Time") The Big Towns The Bronx The Devil Come to Bethlehem (a.k.a. "Joseph and Mary", "Devil Come to Bethlehem") The Floor Heard Everything The Flowers (a.k.a. "Flowers") The List The Mustard Musketeers (a.k.a. "Mustard Musketeers", "Mustard Musketeer") The Noise The Soup (a.k.a. "Soup") The Virgin Queen The Wallet Time is All Around Uh-Merica (a.k.a. "Ohmerica", "Uh Merica", "UGHmerica") Uncle Bobby Us Wasteside Woolen Gloves You (a.k.a. "Names and Dates") Your Honor (a.k.a. "Your Honour") The current song total is 127, though since 8 of those have no known live recordings (and some of those 8 might be errors; "In the Studio" could be "Making Records", and "The Big Towns" could be "Be Like a Cloud" or perhaps "One-String Blues"), the "confirmed" listing is 119.
  6. Not a problem. No harm done. By the way, the lyricwiki site now has improved lyrics over reginaspektor.net in many respects; in particular, it provides all the foreign-language texts, romanizations, and translations for songs like Apres Moi, Lacrimosa, and 8th Floor. It still needs more input from different people, though, to keep it balanced and accurate.
  7. Calling someone a "pedant" is basically the same thing as either calling them a show-off or someone who is wasting their time on irrelevant minor stuff, which I wouldn't think would be the case for what I've said if we're trying to make a comprehensive and accurate list. If anything, a list like this is where it's most important to have close attention to detail, if we're trying to make it authoritative; saying "you're being pedantic" to someone volunteering information is the same as saying "you're wasting your time here; stop bugging us with your trivial input". Some people might not be too offended by it, but it's not a nice thing to say in any situation. Anyway, I'm glad we've cleared that junk up. Can we get back to the list now? I've been making a lot of updates to http://lyricwiki.org/Regina_Spektor lately, so if anyone has any relevant information they can easily and immediately add it there, rather than waiting on this thread.
  8. Even if I'm a pedant, calling me one is indeed an insult and an attack because "pedant" is a harsh pejorative. If you meet an idiot and call that person an idiot, it's still an insult even though it's true. Even if I think it's true that you're an asshole, for example, I won't say that you are, because it's insulting and irrelevant and no good can come of it. Just a tip for you, since if your purpose isn't to start a pointless fight (as implied by your "I'm not trying to insult you"), you would do well to not lob random attacks at everyone different from you. How about a little less unwarranted judgment and a little more peace and love and delicious snocones? Point is, you were mistaken about Cohen's original lyrics, and I clarified the situation to clear up that error. Case closed. Can we get back to improving the Skeptography list, now? We've got another new song to add (after the two or three I mentioned last time): "Love, You're a Whore", from the Warsaw showing.
  9. You are mistaken: Cohen's original lyrics were substantially different from that of later covers, starting with Buckley. Although the first two verses were essentially the same, Cohen's third verse was "You say I took the name in vain, / But I don't even know the name, / But if I did, well, really what's it to you? / There's a blaze of light in every word / It doesn't matter which are heard / the holy or the broken Hallelujah", and his fourth verse was "I did my best, it wasn't much / I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch / I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you. / And even though it all went wrong, / I'll stand before the Lord of Song / With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah". Buckley's (and Regina's) third, fourth, and fifth verses were from another version of the song, also apparently by Cohen (hence my changing my recommendation on the crediting), but quite clearly not the original. Please get the facts straight before you start accusing others of pedantry and "missing a lot"; I'm only trying to help improve the list here, so trying to insult me really isn't warranted..
  10. It is a cover, a_secret_chord, but Buckley's cover used very different lyrics from the original version, and many people (including Regina) have relied on Buckley's lyrical arrangement for their covers since then. However, since it turns out that the new verses themselves were also written by Cohen, we don't need to change the "cover of.." bit for this. As for the songs people are looking for, some of them can be found on eDonkey/eMule if you search there; that's how I found The Devil Come to Bethlehem (on a .zip there of Regina playing a bunch of songs at Sin-e), Little Boxes, etc. However, it doesn't have a lot of her live songs, so I'm still looking for a copy of Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori, Human of the Year, and many others.
  11. What is the first song you have people listen to from regina?

    I wouldn't introduce most people to Regina with "Us" because (1) it's slightly unusual for her, and not really characteristic of her style; and (2) it's pretty long, so if you don't like it you might be turned off to hearing another Spektor sample. I'd definitely avoid "Back of a Truck", because when I first heard it it completely turned me off to Regina's early stuff; I've only come to appreciate it recently, so it's probably not the most accessible song to start with. "Music Box" is indeed a good choice, as it demonstrates both her quirky and dark stylings, as well as her excellent piano skills and vocal range. However, there isn't any catch-all selection, because ideally one should choose a song based on the tastes of the person you're introducing Regina's music to: a more rock-oriented person might like "That Time" or "Your Honor", someone who likes jazz or blues might like "Rejazz" or "Lady", etc. If you don't know much about the tastes of the person you're recommending it to, however, then my suggestion is to go with a few songs that hit most of Regina's bases and are likely to appeal to those who will like her songs: 1. "Samson", an example of her ballads. 2. "Fidelity" or "On The Radio", an example of her more upbeat, poppy songs. 3. "Daniel Cowman", an example of her surreal, humorous narratives, and her more stripped-down early songs in general. For my part, the first song I heard of Regina's was "Ode to Divorce", and it hooked me, though "Apres Moi" sealed the deal. I also agree that the "whole CD" trick is best; I've made several CDs of Regina songs just to get people hooked with, and inevitably at least one of the songs will be someone's favorite (for example, today someone fell in love with "Buildings" when I played it on a long Regina CD; you can never fully predict which song will do it for someone).
  12. Changing opinions?

    Since most of the people on this forum have probably been Regina fans longer than I, I was wondering: how much have your opinions of various Regina songs changed over time, and which have changed the most? Which ones have grown on you, which have you gotten sick of, etc.?
  13. What is your dream setlist?

    I almost made this thread myself, before I realized it already existed. This is a great idea; if we get enough responses, maybe we can even compile a "dream regina-fan set list" of the songs (or song combinations) that occurred most often in people's lists. Anyway, here's mine: 1. Ain't No Cover 2. Ode to Divorce 3. Folding Chairs 4. Music Box 5. Bon Idée 6. Pavlov's Daughter 7. That Time 8. Your Honor 9. Fidelity 10. On the Radio 11. Aprés Moi 12. Daniel Cowman 13. Baby Jesus 14. Reginasaurus 15. Making Records 16. Silly Eye Color Generalizations 17. Halikha LeKesariya (cover) 18. Chemo Limo 19. Mockingbird 20. Samson Almost made the list: Dog and Pony, Hotel Song, Love Affair, Raindrops, Lucky Penny, Aching to Pupate, Poor Little Rich Boy, Ave Maria, Us, Ghost of Corporate Future, Bobbing for Apples
  14. Here's another Story:The coyote

    Since it looks like there were some unanswered questions about being Jewish in this old thread, I'll chime in, if no one minds: quote: I'm a Chinese Jew...technicially. I think that's weird. Not by religion, but according to my mom, by blood. Is that even possible? to have a religion by blood? No, it's not possible to have a religion "by blood", but remember that being Jewish is not only a religion, but also an ethnicity and a cultural heritage. There are many, many people who are ethnically Jewish, but who do not follow the Jewish religion--myself included. (Though I'm German-Lithuanian, not Russian.) quote: If Russian is considered a race and being Jewish is considered a race Neither Russian nor Jewish are "races", anymore than French is a "race". They're ethnic groups--or sometimes, in the case of Russian, Israeli, and French, nationalities. quote: PS; If you're 1/4 Jewish, what religion are the other 3/4? Christain? 'Cause I'm 1/2 Christian, Christian, unlike Jewish, is not considered a cohesive ethnicity. (Kind of like "white", unlike "black", is not a cohesive race by most meaningful standards, but a hodgepodge.) Though there are some non-religious (or converted) Christians who still embrace certain Christian traditions (e.g., I know an atheist who had a Roman Catholic wedding for cultural reasons). It's more meaningful to say "Russian Jew" or "Spanish Jew" or the like than to say "Christian Jew". (Though there are some groups that try to bridge the gap between Christianity and Judaism, inevitably this requires picking and choosing between one of the two on certain key areas of conflict, such as whether Jesus was divine. "Jews for Jesus", for example, claims to be a Jewish group, but is entirely Christian in its beliefs, even if it embraces various Jewish cultural traditions.) Someone who is the child of a Christian and a Jew might, for example, celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays for cultural reasons, but that doesn't mean that they can simultaneously be Jewish and Christian religiously--they'd have to choose one of the two (or neither). Many people also celebrate certain holidays for social or recreational reasons, rather than religious or traditional ones. My own parents, both Jews, have always celebrated Christmas simply for the fun of it, seeing it as no more religious than, say, Halloween.
  15. mockingbird

    Ah, finally found it: http://www.purchase.edu/departments/AcademicPrograms/Ar...icdomain/Track01.mp3 The steps listed above are mostly obsolete now, since this song's url can't be accessed from downloading the .m3u.
  16. mockingbird

    The site's been reorganized, and now both links no longer work. I was able to find the download psge at http://www.purchase.edu/departments/AcademicPrograms/Ar...aserecords/cd02.aspx , but the link for the actual song, both here and in the file, does not work. Some help?
  17. Ah, I see Buckley just arranged the song in a new way, using other lyrics of Cohen's. My mistake.
  18. Real Name?

    Regina Spektor is her real name, and it's of Russian origin; it is the Romanization of her Russian name, Регина Спектор. "Spektor" (more commonly Romanized as "Spector") is derived from the Russian word Spektorski, originally applied to Jews who were registered by the Russian government as "inspectors". "Regina" is indeed ultimately derived from the Latin for "queen" (though then again, so is Spektor, literally meaning "watcher" or "observer"), and is a common name in many languages.
  19. The first song I heard was "Ode to Divorce", and I was pretty much instantly hooked, especially by the later part of the song. I heard it on pandora.com, the best song-recommendation site I've been able to find online, because I listened to a lot of artists with similar elements to Regina. (I also had "The Tiny" recommended to me at around the same time.) Then I hunted down the rest of her songs (still in the process of searching for some of her unreleased ones, like Mockingbird), and saw her live in Bloomington, and now I'm pretty much in full swing of the obsession. Good times, good times.
  20. By the way, to assist in this venture, here's a site where we can list both the titles, and the lyrics, of every Regina Spektor song we know of: http://lyricwiki.org/Regina_Spektor . It can be edited by anyone at all (just hit the "edit" button at the top), so it'll be easier to quickly update than this thread. It should also help with keeping our information organized.
  21. Regina Demographics

    Since we've gotten a lot more replies now, I'll list what the age distribution is so far. Though, keep in mind that this thread will be biased somewhat towards Spektor fans who are also forumgoers here (i.e., the ones who tend to use the Internet more, and thus a relatively young demographic in itself), and that people who posted early in this thread will be a year or two older by now. Anyway, here are how many people posted here saying that they were each age: 11: 1 12: 2 13: 3 14: 3 15: 3 16: 2 17: 7 18: 5 19: 6 20: 4 21: 3 22: 1 23: 3 24: 3 25: 2 For people above 25, we got no more than 1 person for each age, so to avoid scrolling, the ages are: 27, 28, 29, 31, 34, 36, 42, 44, 45, 56, 58, 64. Additionally, with relatives and so on that posters mentioned factored in, we also have 7, 16, 24, 52, 53, and a couple of other people in their 50s added to the stats. Interestingly wide range. Although the highest concentration of fans are obviously in the 17-20 range, with a fair number in their 20s and early teens, there's also a surprising number of fans in their 40s and 50s. Other than the high proportion of older fans (my own parents are quasi-fans of Regina; my mother loves Samson and Daniel Cowman, and my father is a big fan of On the Radio), probably the most surprising results of the stats so far are how many very young (10-14) fans there are, and how relatively few fans in their 30s and late 20s. Apparently Regina has a strong influence on the very old and very young! Spoooky. Ah, and I'm 19. I'll be 20 at the stroke of midnight on 2007, mainly to keep things simple.
  22. According to the Begin to Hope track listings, the correct name for "Twenty Years of Snow" is "20 Years of Snow" and the correct name for "Hero of the Story" is just "Hero". Also, not to nitpick, but do we have a confirmed, official spelling for the "Dance Anthem of the 80's"? "80's" seems to be grammatically incorrect; it should be "'80s" or "80s", since it's a plural (the "'" is contractive), not a possessive ("80's" is "of 80", which would make the song "Dance Anthem of the of the '80s"). Likewise, I don't see why "Silly Eye-Color Generalizations" puts a dash between "Eye" and "Color", unless that's been officially confirmed. And, I think that Spektor used the variant lyrics for "Hallelujah" (I'm not sure; could anyone point me toward a version?) which were written by Jeff Buckley, so he might need songwriting credits along with Leonard Cohen. With that out of the way, a song to add to the list: Halikha LeKesariya (also known as "Eli, Eli"). Lyrics by Hanna Szenes. You can see her perform it in http://www.theartistsden.com/v2/videos/regina/ at the Angel Orensanz Center for the Arts. Bear Spektor. reginaspektor.net lists this song. (If this wasn't listed deliberately--like ***/Whisper wasn't because it's more of a spoken-word interlude than a song--then why?) And, since I saw this listed on a website (but haven't heard it), can anyone confirm or deny whether "Definition of a Crazy Person" is a distinct Regina song?