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    Is there any timeline, or anything similar, noting approximately when Regina first performed various songs? If not, would anyone be interested in helping make one? If we could "compare notes" regarding the earliest performances or recordings of various songs, we could get a reasonably accurate idea of what sorts of themes, styles, and recurring elements have changed at different times over the last 6 years or so.
    Exact dates aren't needed--even if it's nothing more specific than "early 2001" and the like, and even though it'd surely be a work in progress as we gathered more fans' info and thus accumulated earlier and earlier attestations for various songs, I think it would be a very interesting and useful thing to make, to provide us (and especially newer fans) with a better idea of how Regina's songwriting has evolved and changed over the years. And to keep that interesting information recorded safely in case it's needed at a later date.
    After all, simply looking at when songs were officially released doesn't paint an accurate picture at all of Regina's changing styles: "20 Years of Snow", for example, was around back in 2001 or 2002 (EDIT: 1997 or 1998!), while "Fidelity" didn't show up until January 2005, yet a new fan might think that both songs were composed in 2006, when they were first officially released on "Begin to Hope". I think it'd be really cool to give at least a simple song timeline a try, if there's any interest.
    EDIT - The current list (with confirmed debuts in bold, provisional "earliest" dates in non-bold, and songs not written by Regina in italics) is:
    1998: 20 Years of Snow, Better, Lady, Samson
    May 2000: Mockingbird
    March 2001: 2.99 Cent Blues, Back of a Truck, Braille, Buildings, Flyin', I Want to Sing, Love Affair, One-String Blues, Rejazz, Mary Ann, Pavlov's Daughter, Sunshine, Wasteside
    Dec 25, 2001: Aching to Pupate, Bon Idee, Consequence of Sounds, Daniel Cowman, December, Lacrimosa, Lounge, Lulliby, Ne Me Quitte Pas, Oedipus, Prisoners, Reading Time with Pickle, Scarecrow and Fungus
    2002: All is Love, Kids
    Mar 13, 2002: 8th Floor, A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is, Baobabs, Soho, The Mustard Musketeers
    May 01, 2002: Belt
    May 04, 2002: AB, In the Studio, Poor Little Rich Boy
    Nov 30, 2002: Chemo Limo
    Dec 19, 2002: The Flowers
    2003: Summer in the City
    Early 2003: The Big Towns
    Jan 28, 2003: Carbon Monoxide
    Feb 13, 2003: The Bronx
    Feb 15, 2003: Dance Anthem of the '80s
    May 05, 2003: Ave Maria, Dusseldorf, Happy Hooker, Making Records, Ode to Divorce, Sailor Song, Somedays, Your Honor
    May 31, 2003: Dust to Dust, Uh-Merica
    Aug 08, 2003: Folding Chair, Genius Next Door, Patron Saint, Secret Stash, The Devil Come to Bethlehem
    Aug 19, 2003: Ghost of Corporate Future, Us
    Oct 03, 2003: Stop Right Now
    Oct 29, 2003: Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men
    Dec 29, 2003: A Cannon, A Cooler Version of Yourself, Music Box, Time is All Around
    2004: BYOS, Movies, Paris, Raindrops, Soup, The List
    Feb 14, 2004: Baby Jesus, Bobbing for Apples, Dog and Pony, Mermaid, My Man
    Jun 29, 2004: Aquarius
    Jul 10, 2004: Ain't No Cover, Apres Moi, Bartender, Definition of a Crazy Person, Hero, Lucky Penny, Reginasaurus, The Wallet
    Sep 09, 2004: Uncle Bobby
    Oct 15, 2004: Blue Lips, Edit, Long Brown Hair, Loveology, You
    Nov 15, 2004: The Virgin Queen
    2005: Be Like a Cloud, Bear Spektor, By the Time You Read This Letter, Oh Marcello!, Rockland County, Sundown, The Floor Heard Everything, Woolen Gloves
    Jan 12, 2005: Fidelity
    Jan 21, 2005: Open, Pound of Flesh
    Jan 26, 2005: All the Rowboats
    Feb 04, 2005: That Time
    Mar 30, 2005: Begin to Hope, Hotel Song, Silly Eye Color Generalizations
    Jul 27, 2005: Field Below
    Jun 05, 2005: The Noise
    Jun 07, 2005: On The Radio
    Aug 23, 2005: Another Town
    Sep 13, 2005: Chelsea Hotel, Hallelujah, Love Profusion
    Feb 01, 2006: Small Town Moon
    Apr 08, 2006: Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori, Human of the Year
    Jun 01, 2006: Halikha LeKesariya
    Oct 16, 2006: Little Boxes
    Nov 20, 2006: Love You're a Whore