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  1. creepy people (sorry)

    i've never had kool aid, what's it like? is it just cordial?
  2. hey... it's rove! i don't actually watch his show on a regular basis, but i did vote for the guy who when on it, okay, i was already gonna vote for that guy, on the basis that he wasn't the other guy, but i was cool anyway. and of course when regina was on rove, it was the other time i absolutely had to watch. it was a beautify performance, great find!
  3. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: quote: Originally posted by tearose: quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: I'm watching the Buffy The Vampire Slayer musical episode- Once More With Feeling. It's brilliant. And I know all the words. I am sad There's nothing sad about that! Joss Whedon is tv genius, and that epp. is almost as good as the silent one. Are you a firefly fan as well? I've never seen Hush! (the silent episode) I so badly want to but I never see it on. I never watched Firefly, but I did Serenity, which I liked. I'm a fan of Angel, though, and like Hush, I have always wanted to see the two episodes about the downfall of Jasmine, but Sky One always skips them for some reason. hush is simply brilliant, basically everyone tell was whedon that their favorite part of his shows is the dialog, so he goes and makes one without any. i have those eps of angle on dvd! shame your in Ireland and everything, oh well, i don't get cable tv. now go watch firefly! buy the dvds in you have to, they're worth it, nearly everyone i've lent mine to have marathoned them, it's just that good. serenity was great, but nothing compared to firefly, it simple wasn't in the same class. firefly is the very best of joss whedon, and once you see it, serenity becomes better as well (damn the evils of fox!). and laptops = life
  4. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: I'm watching the Buffy The Vampire Slayer musical episode- Once More With Feeling. It's brilliant. And I know all the words. I am sad There's nothing sad about that! Joss Whedon is tv genius, and that epp. is almost as good as the silent one. Are you a firefly fan as well?
  5. Near Dead Reg Fans Take Heed !

    i think (i'm probably wrong) the basic gist is school isn't so bad, you'll look back on it when your dealing with "real world" problems and wish you could go back... sorry folks, that's only true for some people, i couldn't stand high school, and am very very glad it's behind me, maybe glasses get rose coloured as you move further away.
  6. brains, beauty, or talent

    quote: Originally posted by Rawin: quote: well... nothing could turn me into an athlete! Seriously... someone shoot me if I ever look at my two kids in the eyes (one of whom is adopted) and say: "There have been no scientific geniuses in our blood, no great political leaders, no great writers... so neither of you should reach for those kinds of goals because it's not in your blood or genetic capacity to be outstanding at it, only mediocre. Now, my grandfather was a barber in the Navy for 30 years... have you ever considered becoming hairstylists?" i think i would shoot you, that would make you a bastard, and it's not what i'm saying. for one thing it's completely impossible to predict what genetic combination two people will pass on to a child and how that will effect them in terms of something so subjective and ridiculously complicated as there choice in carrier or what they're talented at. i mean even something we think of as simple, like eye colour, is actually determined by lots of genes all interacting. However genetics does have an effect, we just don't know what it is. I'm not saying that people aren't influenced by how they're raised and that they can't achieve what they want by strive for it even if they're not as naturally talented as others, all i'm saying is genetics plays a role, it's the blank canvass we start off as, and everyone IS inherently different, beyond what can be explained by environmental factors.
  7. brains, beauty, or talent

    i suppose what it's coming down to is the interaction between genes and environment, for years people argued about which was the most important, and then finally realised it was both! for examples you have a genetically determined max height you can grow to reach, but you wont reach it if lots of other environmental factors, like diet, aren't there as well. similarly someone might be born with natural (i.e. genetic) talent, but if they are raised in a... den of wolves... they wont get the opportunity to express it, someone might be born naturally talented for music, but if they are raised in a family of athletes they might never express it, and if they are only moderately talented as an athlete they might end up following that anyway. environment certainly plays a big role, but i don't think you can discount being "naturally" talented or intelligent, they interact. if the genetic factor is strong enough, you get a rebel, and if the environment is strong, but the genetics just aren't there, well... nothing could turn me into an athlete! i'm up way too late and rambling about genetics, oh well, no idea where i get that from in my family, my mother is a finishing artist and my father an accountant, and yet both my brother and i are interested in biology, it's certainly not environment
  8. brains, beauty, or talent

    quote: Originally posted by eshbach: I pick the non-presented option "personality". It's the one I don't have and it seems more important than the others. (Ok, I may not have beauty either, that's hard to judge myself. The last time I went into a designer clothes store I was able to buy a suit off a mannequin with no alterations, so at least my body is shaped right). But yea, you can be 1st chair violin in your school orchestra, go to a top-ranked Engineering university in California, graduate with honors without really trying, and still have a crappy life because your personality sucks. On a not-so self-loathing note, I don't really think one can acquire intelligence (or beauty, at least not with mainstream plastic surgery). You can study and make the most of the brains you have, but some people are just smarter than others. Ed Witten with string theory, for example. The greatest minds in physics had been gathering for years to work out the differences (flaws) in the various string theories they had come up with, and even collectively they couldn't figure it out. One day Ed Witten decided to try to solve the problem, so he sat down and did it in a matter of days. He has an h-index that makes Stephen Hawking look average. No matter how hard you or I work, we're never going to be as smart as Ed Witten. i'm backing this one, i don't think i have a bad personality, but if i had one that was a little more stable and sane then i know i would be a lot better off. being smart or good looking doesn't help if you don't have a personality that allows you to be happy in yourself.
  9. Bulletin Posts

    you also have to remember to shout out "pinch and a punch for the first day of the month", otherwise people have no idea why your attacking them... it has the potential to get awkward
  10. Bulletin Posts

    Punch buggy to be exact. wiki says that the Simpsons said punch buggy to? you really must be russian (my logic works for me)
  11. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Originally posted by ThePoetsLove: pinch, punch, first day of the monts and NO RETURNS!!... haha gotcha That must be an English thing...sounds fun.....do you know how to play slug bug? i think it's more not a russian thing (which would make slug bug some strange russian game?), it's an excuse to punch people once a month when your a kid, if you remember it's the first day of the month, which you usually don't.
  12. Wee Rants

    quote: lol, brilliant quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Believe me, I'm not afraid of anything. I just hate the intolerance of others, the ensuing backlash and feelings of bad will and name calling and nastiness that comes from his posts. But that's what i mean by scare, not that people are afraid so much that there are whole areas that are basically off-limits coz it's inevitable that he'll jump in with more of this shit and ruin it for everyone. though russian was good, not exactly sure where it was coming from?
  13. Wee Rants

    ignoring him until he can play nice might be an idea. don't let him bring threads to a stand still and scare people out of sharing their opinion. god but i have never wanted to write something more! it's so hard to refrain
  14. 2008 Election

    quote: Originally posted by Crispy Crispy Benjamin Franklin: America-hater? Seriously Musiclover? I'm sorry I ever made the mistake of posting here. you shouldn't be sorry, MusicLover is totally out of line, he's just looking for a reaction. it was going well, but he couldn't resist
  15. 2008 Election

    quote: Originally posted by Cuddly Knife: (don't know what you laughing about my Aussie friend, in real life its your boys that would be sent over with a sharpened banana to suss it out ) i'm laughing coz i've tried to hash this out with music_lover before, and given up, some things are never gonna change, and in this situation music_lover is one of them, but hey he's an interesting guy, who brings a very interesting perspective and really if that's what he wants to believe, then that's he's prerogative and we've already been sent over (minus the sharpened bananas... i mean really, how would that work anyway? they're squishy!). we went to a war the vast majority of our country didn't support coz our PM was a shrub (a little bush). and now he's gone!