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  1. Demos

    quote: Originally posted by Galactastica: I dont think The List is on here, but many others are http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.vi...le&friendid=82251396 fixed link... click
  2. Soviet Kitsch

    i found soviet kitsch to be her weakest as an album, that is. theres a few gems on there.
  3. my regards to "Your Honor"

    i havent treated myself to a nice big quality steak in ages. i'll splash out on my next payday.
  4. my regards to "Your Honor"

    besides when i hear of 'meat market' i dont think of an actual meat market, i think of the simile 'meat market' which is a place where 'boys and girls go to watch each other.
  5. just wondering is Regina in a relationship??

    quote: Originally posted by Lamposts: ah well I'll keep on dreaming then. a real stalker would never give up
  6. Demo mp3s

    fair enough
  7. Demo mp3s

    all three of those are under demos on the first site that was linked
  8. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    wots the security like on a windows host tho, i was under the impression its complete pap.
  9. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    stick with the accepted names people are already using, no point in complicating things more
  10. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    watch copyright on magazine scans, photos, recordings etc. most cases an email to the owners of an article and explainin that a link to their site will be present will get things sorted anyway.
  11. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    i'll probably have more to say when i get the chance to read this al properly, but yeh. a decent host server will let you link both reginapolis.com and reginopolis.com to the same place, so confused fans will end up in the same place, not that its really that important... people confuse sites all the time, if they dont get to the right place then i'm sure they'll realise that.
  12. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    *edit* i searched the forums and found this srg@reginaspektor.net seems to be your best bet if you havent tried already reading that thread (and this one aswell i suppose) has made me actually realise people behind fanpages... i've always appreciated collaboration fo fans, especially on these forums as theres so much going on, not only with recordings, but sheet music too... but now i've put mroe of a personality behind the fanpages people make, .net is a great website so if srg reads this, thanks again!
  13. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    i think this is a good idea. definately should wait till we get in contact with whoever is doing reginaspektor.net i'm no expert but i imagine it would be valuble to have him/her involved because he/she knows about the kinda bandwidth that website is taking etc... also, no point forking out cash on another server, spending money on hosting files which are already hosted on reginaspektor.net (would want to have it as complete as is legal) ... no point splitting the fans between 2 sites... all that kinda thing makes sense to collaborate, giving fans a central fansite rather than splitting... collaborating on hosting services... all round better. i do like reginapolis.com as an idea... gives the fansite its own identity aside from the official website, if you see what i mean... a collaboration might allow both addresses to link to the same site, possibly the same server? i do wonder about the cost.