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  1. One More Time With Feeling...

    Beautiful song : ) I <3 Regina On the part where she sings "So much more than you can show" I'm postive she actually sings "So much more than you've been shown"
  2. SCAD Show

    I'm still so sad that I missed her show in Savannah...I'm from georgia but in orlando for school, and I wanted to go but the tickets sold out so fast. I saw one ticket on ebay, but I think its the one that you got sunshine ...i'm just completely in love with her...she's amazing I've been reading everyone's reviews of the show and she seemed extra cute/adorable that night...*sigh* maybe i'll catch her in TN...
  3. Anyone going to the show in Savannah, GA?

    Where can I buy tickets from?...there are no dates on
  4. Anyone going to the show in Savannah, GA?

    Yeah, I'll be there I'll pro just fly out like I did for the last show..bcuz I'm in school in Florida) yep, I'll be there too!
  5. Atlanta Concert 17NOV06

    quote: Originally posted by peaces of a flower child: i cannot believe it is NEXT WEEK! the excitement is taking my breath away! 4 more days! Whoo!....Whoo!
  6. So, I guess people can't tape shows anymore. :(

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Especially considering that when someone got kicked out of the recent Toronto show (which for the record was the worst crowd in history), Regina stopped playing and didn't start again until the poor soul was allowed back in Regina is so fuckin cool...
  7. Regina on ABC Jimmy Kimmel

    I missed it ...can't believe it; I've never heard of his show before...
  8. Leno!

    Her performance was amazing! I've seen her perform on tv when she was kind of nervous, but she was so confident this time. She was really rockin out with the band and having a good time....she look beautiful too...did anyone else think she looked so "grown up" (lol...but seriously did u?)...can't wait to see her on Carson!
  9. AOL DL & VH1 Links

    I'm so proud of her she rocks my world!
  10. Atlanta Concert 17NOV06

    quote: Originally posted by minicoopertrooper:But I'm afraid the concert will be different from the little intimite ones I've seen on video. I'm afraid she'll have like a whole damn band with her. I love Regina because it's just her and the piano. First, I can't believe you're coming all the way from Germany!..that's awesome. Oh and yeah, I'm sure it will be different, but Regina is so amazing so I really don't care ..hope to see all of you guys there.
  11. Atlanta Concert 17NOV06

    Yeah its general admission, so you have to get there early...and yeah we should all definitely hang out before the show. My flight gets in at 4:01 so I'll probably be there around 5:00. So email me so we can hang out before the show its'm sooooooo excited too!! I really can't wait, and I'm dying to meet her
  12. Regina on Leno

    Hey JohnnyC. I know that you did me a HUGE favor by putting this up, but I downloaded it on the computer in my school's media center (because I haven't gotten a new computer for my dorm yet) and I went back so I could send it to my email so I would always have it, but I guess the media specialist had already cleared out everying out, and now the link is expired. So, basically it would be so awesome if you could put the link up again or send it to my email ( which ever way is easier for you...if you decide to do it hehe Thanks
  13. Regina's Grade-School Art Teacher Here!

    Completely rocks....too cool
  14. Singing along at shows pro/con

    quote: but it is still a rock show at a club and NOT the opera or a 5 star reteraunt Kudos to you, I totally agree. But I don't think that everyone is a snob just because they don't like group sing alongs...strange but not snobs. I think music artist like when the audience signs along because it shows that his/her fans are having a good time and are really enjoying themselves. However, like I said before being loud and obnoxious is definitely unacceptable, but other than that just go and have a good time
  15. Who is going to the LA show?

    when is she going to be on Leno?...