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  1. Devil Come to Bethlehem

    Thought it was interesting no one was discussing this, so I'm cutting and pasting (again) my interp from songmeanings, but lyrics first... Joseph and Mary are so bad. Kissing in the park, kissing in the park, kissing in the park. He practices dentistry without a license. But its alright cause Mary read the books and shes got his back. They're saving up for a trip to France. Gonna leave the baby with one of the in-laws. Just long enough to see the Eiffel tower and back. Wear a scarf and booze on the airplane. The Devil come to Bethlehem, with a bible and an alarm clock. The Devil come to Bethlehem, and he ain't afraid of the dark. Joseph and Mary are so sad. Sitting in the park in Paris, France, reading the news, and it sure looks bad. A pile of empty postcards on their lap. Nothing bright to write and nothing good to send. Devil come to Bethlehem, with a bible and an alarm clock. The devil come to Bethlehem, and he ain't afraid of the dark-ness is less frightening than the light-ness is less frightening than the dark. Joseph and Mary are so Dead. Honest, its been years, its been years, its been many, many years. All their descendants are long buried and gone, and their closest blood relatives works in a Philadelphia Sears. Walking on water in his own bathtub, turning that water to wine. Devil come to Bethlehem, with a bible and an alarm clock. The devil come to Bethlehem, and he ain't afraid of the dark-ness is less frightening than the light-ness is less frightening than the dark-ness is less frightening than the light-ness is less frightening than the dark. i could be totally wrong, but i've always interpreted it as a message about the depravity of religious commercialism. i thought the "devil" was religious fanatics who are obsessed with seeing the "holy land" and go trekking over there like tourists with their cameras, hence "with a bible and an alarm clock". they have their trips planned out with their little itineraries and they use their modern machines to tell them when to be where and they lug their western lives around in backpacks and miss the whole point. i may sound cynical about it, but i'm not an angry atheist--nor am i atheist at all--i promise. just get fed up sometimes with the shallowness of it all. i think the reason she put joseph and mary in our world and sort of modernized them was to make the statement that that's how they exist in today's world. that they don't carry any significant weight anymore--this especially rings true for the last verse, but the first and second definitely show this as well. the first half of verse one is saying (to me--and i'm no authority) that this is how these people are remembered. these biblical figures are discussed in only the most superficial way. they're the parents of jesus. end of story. people read/preach the stories of the bible but don't go past them, don't read further into what's being said and what was going on in the world at the time and so on. the second half of verse one lets us see what they would be like in the modern world. leaving the baby with in-laws to take a trip--unheard of in their day. but i also get a sense that's she's talking about modern people who are tied to their beliefs even though they have deviated considerably from their original intentions and even though our cultures have deviated so completely from theirs. "wear a red scarf" clearly not a big deal to most westernized societies, but it means something else to other cultures and religions and she states it in the song, i feel, in the voice of mary. and by stating it, we are meant to think that it's a big deal, that it's an iniquitous act, as well as "boozing" and that she finds these things extravagant. this carries over to verse two, which gives us further insight into what they'd be like/how they'd feel in our world, to see what it's become. "joseph and mary are so sad...nothing bright to right nothing good to send" and the joni mitchell lines work so perfectly in the context of the song. i think it's a rather melancholy song...but then again...what do i know?
  2. Gaga and Spektor

    well arty, little voice. love the comparison--well arty, indeed
  3. Reading Time With Pickle

    thanks and i like your explanation--much more concise than mine--haha--oh well.
  4. Gaga and Spektor

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: Hey expectedperfection, you should start up a discussion of RTWP in the "Lyrics" section! I'd really like to hear what else you have to say about the song. done bah--wait, i didn't start it--baby jesus did. but i did post. sorry bj, didn't mean to take credit.
  5. Reading Time With Pickle

    this is what i said on songmeanings (i'm cutting and pasting)... i'm not reg, so i can't say for certain, but i never thought this song had a sexual undertone at all. at all. i think this song is so beautiful and really, is one of the major songs that showcases her genius as a writer and a great example of why i love her so much. carried under the guise of a silly song about pickles is this beatiful, weighty, honest message. this song brings me to tears all the time. lemme preface... several years ago...like over half a decade now...i had a terrible breakup with my then-new boyfriend (now fiancee, so it's okay). we were only apart for about 2 1/2 wks, but it was truly 2 1/2 of the worst weeks of my life. i dropped 25 pounds, started spending all my time pulling doubles and overtime (at a job i hated btw) and stopped taking phone calls from almost everyone--like literally kept my phone turned off because my heart would break every time it rang and i realized it wasn't him. the point is, i spent my time doing anything i could to keep my mind off him and made many fruitless attempts to find happiness in small, trivial pleasures ("pickles") like a sitcom or a funny book or a kid's movie etc. and it would appease me for all of five minutes before i'd be back to my old sad self. so, to me, this song is talking about how when you're depressed, you'll find anything to latch onto that will give you some sense of comfort and happiness, no matter how empty and meaningless it really is. and how, if you find that thing, it completely consumes you. and then how, at some point, you look up and realize it's silly and you have to tell yourself that whatever that distraction or "pickle" is, it's not going to save you; you have to face the problem so you can move on. i won't go into the specifics of the lyrics, because in this context, they're all pretty straight forward. but i love the line about the bathroom being the truest room in the whole damn house because it's true. of all the rooms in the house, you spend most of the time you're naked in the bathroom. just being you and not putting on any airs or hiding yourself away, but just simply being. and doing things like using the bathroom and showering in your own specific way that other people don't know about etc. and when you're in that kind of depression, the last thing you want is to be around other ppl, like your family, who you can't totally be yourself around and it makes you wanna run to a place you CAN be yourself. anywho, sorry for this rant. i know no one cares about my silly break-up story, but i thought i needed to give an explanation...i probly didn't...oh well. and just for the record, the first time i heard rtwp was weeeellll after i had gotten back together with my bf, as in several years, so this situation was totally not on my mind and i don't think i was reading that into it b/c of my own issues. it just clicked for me in this way from the first time.
  6. Gaga and Spektor

    quote: Originally posted by Appt: There are hundreds of discussion you can participate in so don't patronize few people who want to be "shallow" for a change. The topic is still about Regina and the issue is discussed in a non-offensive manner. I don't see any harm in that. "Let down", seriously? - don't be a snob. i knew this was coming. i just think there are better things to talk about. it's not like her looks make any of us bigger fans, y'know? and i will be a "snob" (if that's what you want to call it) when it comes to regina. she means something that transcends all this.
  7. Gaga and Spektor

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: quote: Originally posted by val: simplier: Regina moves me, Lady Gaga amuses me. What about "Reading Time With Pickle"? why does everyone take this song as a joke? i read the comments about rtwp on "songmeanings.com" and was shocked that ppl were thinking it was about dildos and masturbation and that the pickles were just a metaphor for penises and self-love. i'm sure ppl are so proud of their "psych 101" analyses of these lyrics, but gimme a break. i think that's the most ridiculous conclusion. but apparently a lot of ppl think these things about the song. it just goes to show how great art will always be under-appreciated. the integrity of her work will probably continue to be missed the whole way along. rtwp, in particular, is one of the most profound and beautiful reg songs in terms of poetics. if anyone happens to visit the site, i've put a whole rant up, but i really think it showcases the theme of her work and her writing extremely well. and it makes me cry every bloody time i listen to it. and not just b/c of the personal connection i've made to it, but, as a writer, it's moving and inspiring to hear someone articulate something like this so well (when it's usually so hard to do such without being convoluted or cliche...or both). and also, just on a side-note, c'mon guys. are you honestly gonna sit here discussing her looks/weight/body? aren't there more important things to be discussing on the reg boards than such trivial and truly shallow subjects? i've been meaning to wag my finger for sometime, but i seriously get so...let down when i see these things on here. i know we're all reg fans--and obviously, we wouldn't have accounts on here if we didn't want to talk about her, but let's talk about what she does, not what she looks like. let's talk about why we're really here. but maybe i don't have a place to rant, b/c i don't post often.
  8. Regina On Late Night W/ Jimmy Fallon.

    oh wait...you were talking about fallon calling her beautiful, weren't you? i thought you meant somewhere that jack dishel called her that..oh well...
  9. Regina On Late Night W/ Jimmy Fallon.

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: AWWWW HE CALLED HER BEAUTIFUL <3 when/where does this happen? can you post a link to whatever you're talking about? i wanna see/hear him call her beautiful--that's so sweet and would satisfy a curiosity i've had for a long time. thanks ps. i know i didn't post, during all this, but i'm totally with you guys--best tv performance to date--so effing amazing that she played machine!! love that look she gives near the end--so inspiring.
  10. Next Big Thing

    thanks for posting these links guys! made my day i get on brumstix at least twice a week solely to see if there are new songs or rare recordings, so it's wonderful to have these gems. one question though...does anyone have a recording of the interview portion. i noticed a few of you were mentioning things she'd said, and it may just be because you heard it on the radio and remember it, but is there a recording of it floating around anywhere? when i click the link for the original site, it pulls up a box that says it's a Py file and i can't open those. also, is there one of genius next door? thanks and sorry to be a bother to anyone!! hope you all have a pleasant night/weekend/etc.
  11. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    thanks very much srg. hope a recording comes out of the woodwork someday. i know it's as likely as "in the studio" but oh well.
  12. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    quote: Originally posted by mrimarokr: The same time "Pyromania" was sung, which I believe was questioned to be back in 2005 whoa whoa whoa--what's all this pyromania stuff?? new song? or i guess old song that's unreleased? i'm on the edge of my seat. tell me everything you know.
  13. Reg @ Ryman Auditorium- Nashville (11.16.09)

    it's true, but it just makes it that much more special for us.
  14. Reg @ Ryman Auditorium- Nashville (11.16.09)

    ps. i love your handle.
  15. Reg @ Ryman Auditorium- Nashville (11.16.09)

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: expectedperfection! I was wondering where you've been! welcome back! wow! someone wondered where i was? someone knows me on here? i'm both surprised and flattered! i've never been very active on here--didn't even join till about a year ago, though i've lurked for years. how kind of you! just another reason i love reg-fans. it's her that does it to us. regina teaches us how to love