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  1. Let's go to the Movies...

    I couple of years ago on tv land they had a Bewitched marathon and I thought the guy who plays here husband was cute.Kind of weird cause I think he was gay and he's like super old and was even younger than now obviously. ANyway the new movie 21 is really good.. JIM STURGIS!!
  2. Wee Rants

    My friend gave me a burned CD that she was trying to give me for like three months on Wednesday ,but when I took it out of my backpack last night (actually this morning..early) it was cracked. I think it smashed into this bottle of Nutella I was carrying around all week. Ok and then in ap us today I was in a major rush to finish my essay that we write each week at the end of chapter test because I am usually always the last one. Everyone was all talking and yelling and I couldn't concentrate and on top of that my teacher was like "ok seat change" in the middle of my essay...omg so we move seats the bells about to ring and im like writting the last paragraph,my hands are shaking and my face is turning all red and then ok I turn it in.. Then some jerk in the class goes "well that was selfish of you to take so long" (after we were suppose to go over something).OMG I hate him and everyone thinks he's sooo funny.major jerk.
  3. Good News Thread!

    ^^I love when teachers bump your grade up for you especially when it's only by like half a point. Anyway I'm super excited that I got my report card and saw that I got a higher GPA than I expected. I tried to avoid my ap psych grade... a lot so I was like uhhh.
  4. language nerds !!!!

    Here we call them shoe verbs.XD
  5. Bulletin Posts

    I love LOST. I'm a LOST nerd. I need to get lives. Did you really abandon your cat?! yes.I like it also.and yes I did.
  6. Let's go to the Movies...

    . I like thats JUNO movie like the rest of the planet and A good film is Shogun Assassin....(sp?)..fin.end.done.
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    my fish tank filter- again
  8. Bulletin Posts

    whenever i come here i feel LOST was on last night I went to bed in the dark alley is where we left my cat cause my mom didn't want it's name fattie mcfattie macfarlene o'reilly.end.
  9. Good News Thread!

    I misplaced my glasses and can't find them.
  10. 3 word story

    raising a baby
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    lETTER SIZE- Citizen Cane
  12. TV Shows You Can't Live Without...

    ANTM LOST JEOPARDY! What is,,,, Bionic Woman
  13. Bulletin Posts

    Yay!!(even thought I don't like her) I wrote my name signuture on this paper in front of me like 100 times...
  14. bands you think should go away forever

    quote: Originally posted by ghost of corporate future: fall out boy, panic at the disco, boys like girls, they are pretty much all the same.... nickleback, three doors down, and daughtry, and my sisters like love that stuff that pop rock "scene" stuff except nickelback and daughtery and three doors sown (thank god)... some rap is sicklife though. they shouldn't disapear its just not my preferance..
  15. Explain Your Name Here!!

    quote: Originally posted by frühstück: Hey everyone, since this is probably the best thread for a first post: my name is german and means "breakfast". ) official best name in my all important book