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  1. weeds

    i just saw an advert saying that weeds is gonna be shown on sky1 in the uk soon.. woah, im so excited..with it having Reg ties n' all. So, is little boxes the theme tune? What is the show all about? tell me tell me!
  2. Fidelity CD?

    I was just wondering.. is the forth track on this cd a remix of fidelity or something?
  3. Fidelity CD?

    Oh now I see.. seems to have labelled them exactly the same. I checked the U.S site and the first cd only has fidelity & music box on. Thanks anyways george
  4. Fidelity CD?

    The fidelity cd single. The track list is fidelity, music box, december, then it says fidelity again. Then I saw another one on amazon that says 'Fidelity cd2' where the last track on it is the fidelity video. I was just curious as to what the difference between these two cds are?
  5. Fidelity CD?

    I was just wondering.. is the forth track on this cd a remix of fidelity or something?
  6. I'm New

    Warm warm welcomes Roxie happy brumstixing!
  7. Let's go to the Movies...

    I dunno about that, I would call it more..moving? I found it to be a wonderfully crafted film.
  8. Let's go to the Movies...

    For all you anime lovers like myself I highly recommend 'grave of the fireflies'. It is fantastic, although i actually shocked myself when I burst out crying at the end..I just couldn't contain myself it was that sad. I've watched it a good 6 or 7 times now and each time it tugs at the old heart strings! Also, definitely watch it in the original japanese with the subtitles because that was how it was intended! (and the little girls voice is so uncute in the dubbed version compared to the japanese!) Anyone else seen it?
  9. Three songs from the 1999 demo tape

    ohhh what a nice surprise! i thank you from the bottom of my heart

    I hope you have a really wonderful day Regina and that all your birthday wishes come true. Also, do make sure you pig out on some cake! you deserve it xox
  11. Regina interview in the March 08 issue of AP

    an interview you say? super! ..thank you muchly
  12. FEIST~ interesting finding

    oh no, I missed it too. She was also supposed to be on the culture show tonight which I forgot about as well. I only realised about 3 minutes ago, exactly the time it finished at. boo.
  13. Good News Thread!

    LittleVoice, I think Laura Veirs is a bit of a grower..just keep at it! There are some really lovely songs on her new album 'Saltbreakers'. Im really liking 'Nightingale' & 'Cast a hook'..mellow stuff, it helps me sleep! (in the best way possible or course) I agree with you completely about Adele though!
  14. Good News Thread!

    i just back from a Laura Veirs gig.. wow, it was brilliant. She played a really small venue which was nice, and I got talking to her a bit afterwards and got a cd signed! i go to sleep a happy lady
  15. Fellow Musicians

    I can play the clarinet and im trying to learn spanish guitar.
  16. Enough Of Soup!

    some chef made star gazey pie when they were competing on 'the great british menu' to cook for the Queen, although if I remember correctly it had a lobster head or something crazy like that poking out the top of it. haha! a little OTT I think.. Littlevoice..your pie looks kinda cool. The somewhat shocked reaction to it however reminds me of a little fishie 'masterpiece' I made in art class a few years teacher didnt really know what to make of it because it wasn't what you would call..normal? ..oh I dont know! Anyways, what I am trying to say is that, what may look a tad weird to some, can actually be pretty freakin great! (as was my piece of art btw )
  17. Helen Boulding

    they should really archive all their shows.. one can only hope!
  18. super! i thank you from the bottom of my heart
  19. I rather dislike kate nash

    yeahh..high 5!
  20. Lemon grass soup

    hello Shack, let me warmly welcome you! oh, and that soup looks lovely..nice one
  21. I rather dislike kate nash

    i love regina! i don't really see the appeal of kate nash..i think the way she said 'sickkkkk' in one of her songs like reg does in 'that time' just totally killed it for me. I dunno, I just don't feel any sincerity in her voice like I do with regina.. but then, thats just me
  22. andreseng..any chance of putting hell no up again? id like to have that one at my fingertips but i missed the boat so to speak! merci!
  23. What are you listening to right now?

    porcelain - moby
  24. Explain Your Name Here!!

    i am amy. i exude love.
  25. GET BETTER SOON REGINA!!!!!!!!!!

    wow..that is so cool. Hearing that live set on the JL show was what turned me into the regina fanatic i am today..haha. But you kow what the weird thing is..that question of yours is the thing i remember most from the show..i think it was the fact that she laughed..infectious i tell ya!