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  1. Good News Thread!

    Good news. First the story. Sunday morning I woke up with bad abdominal pain that increased drastically throughout they day. I thought I had pulled/torn a muscle exercising or something. After being curled in a ball on the floor shaking and crying from the pain (and from getting sick to my stomach from it) I called my ex and she drove an hour + and dragged me to the hospital. Turns out, after x-rays and a CT scan, I needed my appendix out...immediately. The good news is, that if she didn't drag me to the hospital I would have died, so I am alive today, so that is good news. Now I just have to recover >.>
  2. photos of ourselves !

    Great Photos peoples Busology, way to handle that lobster, cutey. lol
  3. Sickness sucks.

    D= meeeeh I have a severe throat infection, and feel like dieing..ugh..i can't even swallow water without wanting to cry
  4. photos of ourselves !

    Must be some friend. O.O
  5. Sickness sucks.

    Hope everyone who is sick, gets better. Eat soups! Rest up!
  6. Lets have a look...

    quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: oh i really really really love that!!! Thankies ^__^ If you were talking about mine that is o.O
  7. Lets have a look...

    Here is what I am using (didn't want to take a screen shot) Made it myself
  8. Confused as F--k

    edit >.> just in case
  9. AIM, Yahoo messenger anyone?

    I have aim, yahoo, and msn. but am only usually on msn..soooo add if you want lol
  10. What are you Eeting right now?

    Peanut butter m&ms >.>
  11. photos of ourselves !

    SugarDrive - Thanks for clarifying that about the emo comment lol Squeaky, I have to agree with Sugar on this. Very nice
  12. Confused as F--k

    edit >.>
  13. photos of ourselves !

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: Thanks Al, I wasn't actually the one to take those pics...(or else I've got awesome levitating abilities since I'm the one in the first pic...) but anyhow, I agree with Casey, too bad they're blue so we can't trust them! Thanks aww no fair, silly eye colour generalisations
  14. What are you watching right now?

    Good News Week. ^__^ Yup and american watching an aussie show. lol
  15. poetry anyone???

    quote: Originally posted by Fickenrabe: quote: Originally posted by Alchy: her her lips so sweet, tempting me her touch so soft, caressing me her eyes like pools, drowning me her embrace like death, draining me. It is lovely. Quite simple, but still profound I leave here a few lines of a poem I wrote some dawns ago while listening to Regina and the Calamaro brothers: A RETURN TO LONELINESS Men only wish A non-approximative demography A summer of grass and water Like the music composed On the terraced stadiums of the repentant muses, Innocent, clean of names and prides, Fall in our already tired ears The verses of the wind Who is lord of the cathedrals and of that magic walk we never shared One day I will know the taste of the vines of the true delight In the Kingdom of Autumn I hope you like it Thank you. Yours is great, sets my imagination lose. @Wonder Bread: Very nice
  16. Confused as F--k

    edit >.>
  17. photos of ourselves !

    Great pics people. Love that shirt!!! Kaysntees. Great photography ^__^ decided to post a more revealing pic than the last one with my face hidden ^__^ okay maybe two? my hair isnt as emo anymore a haircut lol
  18. Confused as F--k

    Thanks, i think time is what is needed. Apparently she thinks so too, as she seems to be avoiding me so far... Waiting is a killer, but hopefully worth it in the end. Thanks again.
  19. Confused as F--k

    edit >.> just in case
  20. What are you listening to right now?

    Us - Regina I love this song. Everytime I close my eyes, i can feel the music circle, encase, and take me away. I can visualize the notes lifting me. >.>
  21. poetry anyone???

    Here is one of mine. Recently Published in Anthology, my Uni's publication. her her lips so sweet, tempting me her touch so soft, caressing me her eyes like pools, drowning me her embrace like death, draining me.
  22. Wow. This seems like a wonderful idea. ^__^ Do not let this die.
  23. Wee Rants

    I hate leechers. People who seem to wait til I find new friends and then attach themselves to them and leech them away from me.
  24. Lets have a look...

    Mine. ^__^
  25. Our Regina art.

    It's not a drawing, but photoshoping I did to make myself a Regina background >.>