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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    I know that I am barely ever found without headphones in my ear, so how about you? What are you listening to right now? If it's Regina, all the better, but if it's not, oh well. I'm listening to Soviet Kitsch, Begin to Hope, and 11:11 on my iPod on shuffle right now, and it's currently playing Flyin'.
  2. I love this.

    I really don't get the viciousness of these types of message boards. I mean, hello? Fan boards are for the fans, not haters. That's what hater boards are for . But I love this board. I've been on it for like three days, but it's so cool here. It's really quirky and fun and has many mentions of soup. Love!
  3. MMMmmmMiso Soup (it's vegeterian)

    There used to be a Japanese restaurant near my grandparents' house in North Carolina called the Yoshida that made great Miso soup, with huge chunks of mushroom in them and these little curls of onion and pepper that wouldn't even fit around your pinky finger. It was so delicious. And the spoons you use for Miso soup are awesome, too.
  4. how did you get into regina?

    My friend saw Fidelity on VH1, and she thought it was cool, so she sent me a copy of the song and gave me the url for the video. I watched it and thought it was very cool, so I listened to it all the time on my iPod. Then my friend Danniah told me how much she loved Regina Spektor, so I bought Begin To Hope and I fell in love! Yay!
  5. what regina song are you most like??

    There are no songs to describe me. But I guess 'On The Radio'. That's a good song because it really doesn't make a lot of sense. And I always jump on my friends (not literally) and shout, "And all the styrofoam began to mely aWAY!"
  6. is this against the rules?

    That doesn't sound too bad... take some cookies and put them in the blender with milk, and make cookie soup! Yummy!
  7. Mean People Suck! (web forum a-hole rant)

    Guys, the only way to deal with these kind of people is to ignore them. Do not let them get to you. I know I sound like some after-school tv special but, hey, this tv special knows what she's talking about! I was on these other forums, and I posted how much I loved Regina, and like three people responded with a, "OMG! Me too! She rocks!" This one dude said, "She sucks," but we all ignored him and he went away. I think his username was clockworkorange, actually.