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  1. Wow, I have all of the songs listed except Sunset. Well, and the struck songs also, but still. Does anyone know how I can get sunset? Or if its called something else? Thank you.
  2. No problem, if you ever find "All Is Love", and "Sunset" let me know please. Thanks.
  3. Hey Liz, if you go here, http://brottishluv.multiply.com/music/item/1 you can find The Devil Come to Bethlehem under the name Joseph and Mary Live. Thanks again for the other link.
  4. Thank you Liz, now all I have to find are "All Is Love", and "Sunset". Thank you again.
  5. Does anyone know how I can get these songs: -Ab -All Is Love -Sunset Thank you.
  6. Thank you genkaar. I was really confused about the title. I do have "I Cut Off My Hair," I just haven't gotten the chance to listen to it yet, so thanks.
  7. Also if anyone would be willing to help me with these songs...that would be great: AB, All is Love, Begin to Hope, Human of the year, Mockingbird, Open up your heart, sunset, uncle bobby, and You. Thanks a ton!
  8. Ok, well I had a question. I've seen this song under a list of Regina's Spektor's songs and I was wondering if it existed...maybe under a different name? Its' lyrics are located on several websites..so does it exist? It's called "Definition of a Crazy Person"...help please. Thanks.
  9. What is the first song you have people listen to from regina?

    My best friend introduced me to the song Oedipus, and after that I was hooked. I think it may have had something to do with knowing the story from English class; but more than that it was the lyrics and the way Regina sings the song. It's so fun...so if I were to introduce Regina's songs to someone, more than likely the first song I'd use would be oedipus.
  10. Regina Demographics

    Hi all, I'm 17 - soon to be 18 next month. I just recently found out about Regina and how awesome she was from a couple of my friends. I cannot get over how amazing her voice is and how creative her songs are.