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  1. 2012-08-14 Los Angeles, CA | Greek Theatre

    Both the Greek Theater and The Avalon have that quadratic orchestra pit shape, and I really can't say I'm a fan of the design in terms of visibility, but it does sound nice in the middle. I have friends in SoCal from college I could crash with, so I'd consider going to this if there will be some other stixers present.
  2. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    It would have been nice to have more than an hour's notice on the pre-sale tickets today. Fortunately, it looks like the seats they sold weren't the best anyway, so I'm still holding out hope for Friday.
  3. Housing Works reading w/Jack Dishel

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: EDIT: It looks like maybe the individual RSO links are broken so I've downloaded the .zip file instead. Oops... yea, they were all wrong. The links are fixed now.
  4. Housing Works reading w/Jack Dishel

    Apologies for the extreme tardiness of this recording... For what it's worth, I think this is my favorite version of "Call Them Brothers". A .zip file of the show can be found here.
  5. HIAS Benefit - 2/23/11

    Here's the recording to which George alluded: I didn't record this, I just "mastered" the songs. By all rights, it should be on, but I can't remember my login, so it's on RSO for now. You may also download a .zip file of the entire show here. Enjoy As a special bonus, I dug up my recording of the Housing Works concert/readings from 2011, and I'll post that show tomorrow.
  6. HIAS Benefit - 2/23/11

    quote: Originally posted by marci: Yessss!!! It will be my first live concert of Regi, so I'm very excited Ah, and I'm agree with you: she deserves it! Well, you're certainly starting things off right! Have you been to New York before? Do you have friends in the area? They great thing about brumstix is that even if you come alone, from across the ocean, you'll have a dozen local friends the moment you arrive at the venue
  7. HIAS Benefit - 2/23/11

    quote: Originally posted by Anthony Minsky: wouldn't it be fun to be rich and just follow her to every concert she does? Yes, it would be fun to be in that position, but being rich and following her to every concert are actually orthogonal. I went to nearly every show in the US on her two tours between the Fall of '06 and the Summer of '08, on only the income I had from my underpaying job in college. It really wasn't that expensive. At the time I had an apartment in California and I could also stay with my parents in Pennsylvania, so it was easy to get to anything in the northeast and the southwest, which covered the large majority of shows.
  8. HIAS Benefit - 2/23/11

    Impressively fast turn-around on the tickets
  9. HIAS Benefit - 2/23/11

    quote: Originally posted by makingstuffup: The venue doesn't allow recording. Taking photos is also forbidden, according to their website. How will you manage? The same way I managed at the Apple Store, but with a working battery in my lavalier mic.
  10. HIAS Benefit - 2/23/11

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: I can't do anything about it because it's under the table, and family. :/ I don't know your situation and I don't want to seem rude, but if I was doing work and not getting paid on-time every-time, I'd be out getting a new job as expeditiously as possible. At least that way you don't have to worry about getting screwed again the next time Regina does a concert.
  11. HIAS Benefit - 2/23/11

    I'll be there, Orchestra C 111. I'll bring my usual recording gear, of course. So, who else decided to spend $258 on a 'VIP' ticket? Please, someone, say that I won't be standing awkwardly alone at the reception afterward...
  12. Midi Files for Regina's songs

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: Ink Stains Aw, you beat me to it. That download site is really annoying, though... so many clicks, so many pop-ups, and then a timer! Have a direct download on me -- no wait, no charge: Ink Stains (almostspotless midi transcription)

    Just so you know, I did nothing to fix this. I wrote the website and a content management system for it, built and maintain the database, and post my recordings there, but Jonny Dailey owns the domain. If it ever does go down, I own, which I use for development and testing purposes, but I would simply put the current site up on that domain if necessary.
  14. Midi Files for Regina's songs

    I can give you MIDI files and also isolated vocals for most Regina songs. Just post what you want.
  15. In order to share the happiness of finally aquiring an 11:11 hard-copy, I've decided to give away one copy of (almost) every other CD/Vinyl/Single Regina has ever released to someone who doesn't have it. In order to do this as fairly as possible, I've set up a web page where you can enter your Brumstix user name and pick the item which you would like to receive. In one week, on April 17th, I will randomly select one person to receive each of the items listed on the site. To register to receive a free Regina recording you don't already have, click here. The original discussion of this idea (and some more specifics) can be found in this thread: http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...7688/m/277109414/p/3 Good Luck everyone Update - The Results Are In! Here are the Winners: The Recordings Begin to Hope (CD) - ks1990 Begin to Hope (Vinyl LP) - Crispy Crispy Benjamin Franklin Far (CD) - flagrante delicto Far (Vinyl LP) - Ezra Pound Laughing With (CD Single) - Wild Child Live at Bull Moose (EP) - jellybeanjules Live in California (EP) - Appt Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers (CD) - makingstuffup On the Radio (Vinyl Single) - ThisIsHowItWorks Songs (CD) - 'shboom Soviet Kitsch (CD) - Green Mind Soviet Kitsch (Vinyl LP) - Nat Us (Vinyl Single) - Kb93 The Special Items Autographed Sketchbook - solitude_in_dark_places Autographed Glossy - LittleVoice Survival Guide to Soviet Kistch - ThePoetsLove The list of winners and some information about how many entries were submitted for each item can bee seen on the entry page: Important Information for Winners If you have been named as a winner in this give-away, please email with your shipping information. You will then receive a reply with instructions on how to confirm your Brumstix identity. In short, you will be asked to reply to this thread and post a special code unique to each winner. When the special code has been posted by the winning user, the item will be sent. Items from other donors, such as the Survival Guide and Sketchbook, may take longer to reach the winners, as they require an extra round of shipping. If any winner has not received their item in 21 days, please send another email to let me know and I will investigate. Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for entering everyone!
  16. Signed Stuff

    Posting the pictures of my recently Nicole-signed jacket, and the discussion in the good news thread about what other signatures I should seek out, made me think about making a thread for showing off sharing signed stuff you've collected during your time on this little planet, so that we can collectively "oooh" and "ahhh" and be jealous of each other, but in a nice friendly way; the way we are already. So I thought I'd get things started by taking a snapshot of the things Ms. Jenny Owen Youngs has written on for me. This isn't quite everything, as there are some posters and obviously the jacket, but this is most of it... (Click to Enlarge) If the thread gets rolling I'll post more goodies, but let's see some of your eye-catchers first, fair enough?
  17. Signed Stuff

    quote: Originally posted by lennonist: Mr. Eshbach, you look 17, if you know what I mean. Take that as you will. But you're probably 25-ish. You look like a ticklish kind of guy, Mr. Eshbach. I could contemplate designing a few elaborate experiments to confirm this. You're like a stuffed bear that inspires an insatiable urge to squeeze to death. You look so cuddly and tight with your t-shirts. I like your sense of style. I like your swagger, Mr. Eshbach, and your general demeanor, and your style of conduct. I like the way you glide. You're as cool as a cactus. A sexy and horny cactus. *drops pencil and slowly picks it up.* Oh, and your hair -- I am just luvin' it. I want to do unspeakable things to your hair. I'm tempted to ask you to mail me a strand of your hair along with an autographed napkin as a humorous way to make up for this. *uncrosses and recrosses legs.* You know, in some cultures, hair is thought to have an exotic power. I want to capture the soul of your brain matter. *takes off glasses, breathes on glasses, wipes the fog with my undershirt, and puts glasses back on.* You don't really have to apologise, Mr. Eshbach. We're cool man, as long as you're cool with me, and even if you aren't cool with me, I'm cool with you. Oh, I'm very cool with you. Besides, I enjoy your bootlegs and recordings. Thanks by the way for being so generous in sharing. Sharing is communist. Communism is caring. Gotta support your brothers. *sighs and shivers sexily.* Oh Mr. Eshbach... *dabs finger on your chest and pulls on your tie.* how can I say this? *rests hand on your thigh.* I think we should go out. *licks your ear.* Just the two of us. And Jack, if he's up for it. *starts fixing your hair.* My Eshbach. *strokes your chin and hangs arms around your neck and pins my knees around your hips.* Let's elope to Massachusetts and make it official. *winks and smiles while rubbing your cheek and caressing your face.* What do you say? *starts chewing your hair.* My apologies again, lennonist, but I'm straight, and despite what my jeans may imply, I'm only into women -- not even a little bi-curious. Sorry. edit: And as for age -- I was, in fact, a teenager (19 I think) in the signed picture from the last page. And I'm 24.75 years old now, so you're pretty much spot-on.
  18. Housing Works reading w/Jack Dishel

    I have some pictures and a full audio recording of this show, but I am in a sleep study this week and don't have access to my own computer or anything. I "get out" Friday at 4:30pm, so I assume the pictures would still be appreciated, but would you rather I put up the audio from this or try to get to one of the next jack/jenny/nicole shows in my queue over the weekend? Or maybe I should make a thread with a pole of what shows I should do in what order?
  19. Signed Stuff

    I spent almost all day debating whether to post this or not, but with the direction the thread has taken, I've decided to go with 'yes'. I suspect I'll feel differently in the morning. This post is very long-winded and disorganized, so I have tried to consolidate it and make it more sensible. To do that, I’ve put my thoughts into categories, and given them headings (they’re the only things in bold - save some dialogue markers I'm sure won't confuse anything). I realize this is extremely awkward and I may be shooting my own thread in the foot, but I want to properly apologize, and honestly and fully explain why I posted such a firm reaction to lennonist’s inquiry when I did not realize he was joking. If this turns the thread into a discussion of approaching artists instead of posting pictures of cool signed stuff, bummer, but there’s some value there too. My point is this: Don’t be afraid to post if you have an opinion on any of the topics being discussed because this is a picture thread… It already seems to have gone off course and that is definitely my fault. Part 1 – Apology to lennonist lennonist, I'm sorry I missed the joke and freaked out. I don’t know how serious you were about liking my hair, but it’s now short and not parted, with thick messy bangs that are almost too long, but kept out of my face with some product… kind of the opposite of what’s in that picture. You can see it in my latest facebook picture (which I have hosted off facebook so this will always point to the same picture and work for people without facebook accounts) . I hope you still like it. Part 2 – Regina has a heart the size of her boobs all Russia This is going to be a really long post and it's going to get really negative, so I'll start with a couple positive anecdotes. Last May, a few stixers attended Northwestern University’s “Dillo Day.” It’s basically a big one-day festival where they get some fairly big performers to come out and celebrate the end of the semester. The artists (and all other backstage personnel) were in a fenced off area that was shielded by thick green mesh so that you couldn’t even really see inside it. In this area there were some tour busses and a catering tent, those kinds of things. We couldn’t see Regina when she had finished her set, but after waiting a while we got a glimpse of her getting into a Land Rover and heading for the exit. We called out to her and ran down to where the fence had a gate that was only a couple feet high and could easily be seen over. Regina saw us, and at first said “I’m really sorry, but we have to catch a plane and I’ll make us all late,” and the SUV kept rolling. A moment later though, it stopped and Regina came running out to the gate, explaining the urgency of the flight. We all at least got hugs, and I know for one particular fan, who was meeting Regina for the very first time, it was a very thorough and moving interaction, though I have no idea what they discussed, because it was all in Russian! In a similar situation, a couple stixers were sitting around on the sidewalk a while after Regina’s show at Dickinson College had ended. We were sitting by the bus, and we hadn’t seen her get on it, so we figured she hadn’t come out yet. At one point, though, a man getting on the bus (who turned out to be her tour manager I believe – Jamie would know for sure) asked us if we were waiting for Regina, to which we replied “Yes”. A minute later, Regina emerged in what I assume are basically her tour PJs and a grey hoodie (I’m sure some of you have seen pics from this encounter on brümstix or on facebook). That night, even though security initially dispersed everybody and Regina ran to the bus very quickly (though she said it was because she couldn’t stand the smell – of horses, apparently – in her dressing room), we got to have a very long and candid encounter with her, and it left everyone feeling really happy. We even discussed the old song/new song ratio of shows and how that could maybe be tweaked a tad, and she followed up on a particular promise a couple weeks later at Radio City. My point here is, if you get to talk to Regina in a relatively open setting after a show, she is the most amazing person in the world, and will leave you with a rush of endorphins that is hard to rival chemically (and I mean that seriously). Part 3 – The declining odds of seeing Regina after a show Sadly, in the 6 years that I've been going to her shows, Regina's after-show fan-interaction level has already deteriorated from "openly hanging out," to “mostly openly hanging out for 45 minutes or so with a large group of people and with maybe with some security around," to "spending 10-15 minutes chatting once the group is small enough." Now, after the WNYC Performance and playing/reading at the Housing Works Used Book Store last week, which are the last two performances I attended, the situation basically seems to be "maybe she'll do some autographs if you can catch her in time". To be fair, I can only judge from the shows I get to, but I probably get to about as many as anyone. I think in the last 3 years I’ve been at an actual majority of her shows, and possibly a plurality in the last 5-6 years on the whole. So I feel like I have as big a sample size as any one person, though I am certainly hopeful that the community has more positive information, because I’d love to be wrong about this trend. Furthermore, a lot of it seems to be the venues. The venue security at Toad’s Place in Richmond scared away everyone except, well, Jamie and I, of course. And the venue security at the Chicago Theater basically manhandled her into the bus. So maybe a lot of this declining interaction has nothing to do with Regina and everything to do with venue security at the bigger venues she’s now playing. Anyway, I'm just afraid of Regina's fan involvement going to zero and want to do everything I can to keep that from happening, because meeting her is an amazing experience that everyone who loves Regina should get to do. When Regina does openly meet with fans, she is beyond reasonable in what she’ll do, and I honestly think she might try to give you a lock of hair, if it was the right setting (like after the Dickinson show) and there weren’t a lot of other people around to make crazy requests she’d then have to oblige. So we need to keep the door as open as we can, for the new fans who haven’t had the experience of meeting her yet, and for those of us who have over-indulged and now need a regular fix to keep us going. Part 4 – Interacting with Regina in public (not at or after one of her shows) When I last actually talked to Regina one-on-one, it was at Jack's Rockwood show a while back. A subset of our conversation went like this: AE: "Regina, sorry to bother you, but Jack and Jenny have signed my Jacket, and I'd like to get yours and some others as well, would you mind signing it?" RS: "Oh cool, yea, sure I'll sign!" AE: "Sorry, I always feel like it's kind of odd to approach you as a fan when you're just out in public, but it's getting harder and harder to catch you after a show..." RS: "Yea, well, it's just so overwhelming, and I feel so bad for all the people, but sometimes I just get pulled in too many directions…[i forget exactly what she said here so I won’t try to fudge it, but the point was that she can’t do everything for everyone, every time, but she tries to do as much as she can. And she knows what people want, and she wants to be able to give them what they want, but it’s just not possible.] And just to be totally honest, I think approaching her randomly out in public is over the line, despite the fact that I've done it a couple times. I justify it to myself with the fact that she has approached me in public. It's not a great rationalization, and I think I've about used it up, so I don't think I'd approach her in public again, beyond politely saying hello if/when crossing paths. Part 5 – The line between fan and friend As much as I (and I’m sure everyone else here) would love to be, I’m not a friend of Regina Spektor. At best she thinks of me as Waldo (when she looks through the front rows for Jamie and me at every stateside show – a fact we learned in the brief Dillo Day interaction). And as much as I would love to be, I’m not really friends with Jack Dishel or Jenny Owen Youngs either. Though I think I have become much more “friendly” with them, because they are easy to communicate with (at shows, online, whatever). I don’t feel bad randomly sitting down at Jack’s table at Sidewalk, because he’s done the same to me. I wouldn’t do that to Regina, and I wouldn’t do it if Jack and Regina were together (though I would definitely go say ‘hey what’s up?’ to Jack and then of course be obliged to say ‘hi’ to Regina… in fact I met her cousin this way last summer). The same is basically true of Jenny, except recently we’ve been communicating more frequently than Jack and I have, and I’ve been able to make it to more of her shows. At the Easton gig, Jenny and two of her friends came and sat at the (all but empty) table I was sitting at, and I even acted as stand in “assistant merch guy/ photographer” at the mercury lounge when the regular assistant merch girl had to leave for some reason. I sat down at the merch table and took pictures of people with Jenny, and it was fun. But I still don’t think it would be right to just randomly approach Jack, Jenny, Regina, or any combination of the three if they were out and about (except perhaps a passing “hello” as two human beings who know of each other’s existence). Because although we may have a developed a very friendly relationship, the scope of that relationship is limited to the music world. In the appropriate venue, I can sit at the bar with Jack and we can basically be friends. But in the outside world, I am, and will always remain, a fan. [Epilogue – What the christ am I on about?] Sorry, this post started out as an apology to lennonist, and ended up as my personal thesis on the etiquette of approaching Regina/Musicians in general at shows and in public. Please understand that these are the lines in the sand as I see them see for myself, and not rules I am trying to establish for anyone else. Everyone has different relationships with different groups of people, and those relationships will determine what is appropriate for them in a given situation.
  20. Signed Stuff

    quote: Originally posted by lennonist: I only want an autograph from one person and he's dead. ;`( I weep for you yet, Vincent van Gogh!! I would like a certain something from a certain someone - a single strand of hair. Would that be too weird? I had a really cute friend named Arthur who had rather long girlish hair, and one time, during German class, I jokingly asked him for one of his hairs, and he complied for whatever reason. Then, I asked my token black friend (he was my only black friend and one of the few black people in a rich white boy high school in one of the blackest areas of Milwaukee... something is wrong here), Noah Charles (although, his mom was white, a psychologist actually, so he'd be half-black), for one of his curly hairs, and that was understandable. Do you think Regina would, you know, honor my request if I asked her for a single strand of one of her noodly red hairs? What if I said it was a key ingredient to make a special kind of soup? Well, guys? My friend, I am sad to say that what you hope/plan for is far too creepy to even consider, and may have far reaching negative consequences for Regina's future interaction with fans. Please don't do it. Just so this post has something signed in it (and hopefully to restart the excellent posting like Jamie's wonderful collection), here's my Jacket, which I haven't actually posted in this thread yet, so it's fair game: (Click to Enlarge)
  21. Signed Stuff

    Another day, another something signed by Jenny... this was always my favorite poster of hers... (Click to Enlarge) ...and although I no longer own this one (I gave it away in the giant Regina give-away last year) I think it still deserves an entry in this thread... (Click to Enlarge) EDIT: Bruce, I'm sure you've got quite a stash go to through, with an 11:11 in there somewhere...
  22. Housing Works reading w/Jack Dishel

    quote: Originally posted by altered ego: I hope you'll still make it in time! I'll probably be there around 730-ish. :] Who else is going? I don't know of anyone outside of this thread who will be there. My 'we' simply referred to Jamie. I think we'll make it, but we may have to duck out on Katy a little early, which is a real tragedy because she's such a sweetheart after shows. Maybe we can arrange place to meet up with her for drinks when the Regina thing is over
  23. Signed Stuff

    quote: Originally posted by Emmerrrrrrr: I think getting cds signed is much more about meeting the artist you love than about getting an autograph, so buying signed cds doesn't really feel special.. I couldn't agree with you more. After about a dozen Regina shows I just stopped trying to scrounge up something cool enough for her to sign "this time". Just saying 'Hi' and maybe talking for a minute/getting a hug are a lot more important to me than getting their names written down (although it was really killing me that I didn't have Nicole on the Jacket until Saturday All that said, here is more of my collection with appropriate justification. This next album is by a band that, if people know me, know about. I advocate their excellence everywhere. Well, back in 2006, when the Fidelity video was getting popular, I emailed one of the guys in the band and was like "You should seriously try to do an album with this girl. I know you only do instrumentals at this point, but with the right singer (someone who can roll with the punches) I think it would work out extremely well. Well, a few weeks later the Fidelity video made an appearance on the band's blog, and they went on and on about her. Then came talk of doing some songs (maybe not an entire album, but at least most of one) with a vocalist. Eventually it was revealed to me through e-mail that the vocalist would not be Regina, but rather Wendy Lewis, but to rest assured, Wendy was a great fit with the band the songs were coming along brilliantly. Fast forward a few months, I've just seen one of the best shows I've ever witnessed at the Bowery Ballroom Record Release Party for The Bad Plus's "For All I Care..." I bought a couple copies of the album; one an excellent 180g vinyl pressing, and set off to the bar area, looking to get my Double-LP autographed. And yes, while Regina would have been amazing in this role, Wendy really came through... Feel free to check out the , and of course some live stuff: New Year's Day (although there's a long drum solo at the beginning so if that's not your thing, you might want to skip ahead), , , and of course, Nirvana's (Somethings for everyone I hope...) But without further flogging their music, here's the "Signed by all 4 of them" record: (Click to Enlarge) And finally (for today), some random things that were sitting around: A tiny thank-you note from Chelsea Lynn La Bate, my only signed Regina CD (Songs), a never-before published CD-Wrapper written on by Jack Dishel (I don't think it gives anything away so no worries), a signed copy of Nicole's new record "Mondo Amore" that probably everyone on here has too, a signed picture of Regina and I in 2006 (I almost want to post a picture to show how much my appearance has improved in the last 5 years... to sum it up, my hair is now short, and I have some bang-type things that just barely touch my eye-brows; I no longer where multiple shades of the same colored shirts (and in fact do not wear white under-shirts unless no other color of under-shirt is appropriate, I do not own a leather jacket, and instead of Levi's 569's (or whatever I was wearing that day) I'm currently wearing a pair of Pure Blue Japan XX-005 Raw. Just so we're clear on that before I post the the picture... (Click to Enlarge)
  24. Housing Works reading w/Jack Dishel

    quote: Originally posted by altered ego: Got tix. :] Will record it per usual. That's if they're not too strict. Here's to hoping. I'll be attempting to record too, but it makes me feel much better that you'll have it covered, because I don't know that we can get from Katy Gunn's set at The Bitter End to Housing Works in time for the start.
  25. post your favorite photos of regina

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: The only picture of Regina I have ever taken that anyone has liked! I hereby submit a second, to be deemed worthy by this thread: (Click to Enlarge)