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  1. BT Download Regina Spektor 2006-05-13 San Francisco, CA

    Can you post this somewhere that doesn't require an account? I can sign up at that torrent site because they are no longer accepting new accounts. I can give you FTP access to my webspace if you want to upload it there. edit: I got an account by sheer luck, but for everyone else, here's a page I made so you can upload it:
  2. Regina Song Opinion Poll

    8/6/86 Late 2004 Other favorites are The Bad Plus, Gov't Mule, John Coltrane, Mindi Abair, and Return to Forever Male/Straight San Luis Obispo, CA for college. Home near Philly. 10 violin since age 9, guitar since age 12. 5 A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is All the Rowboats Après Moi Bartender Blue Lips Dance Anthem of the 80s Daniel Cowman Folding Chair Hero Music Box Ne Me Quitte Pas Love Affair Reginasaurus Rejazz Silly Eye Color Generalizations The Flowers Time is All Around Us 4 20 Years of Snow 8th Floor A Cannon Ain't No Cover Another Town Baby Jesus Back of a Truck Baobabs Begin to Hope Bobbing for Apples Braille Buildings Carbon Monoxide Chemo Limo Consequence of Sounds Düsseldorf Genius Next Door Ghost of Corporate Future Happy Hooker Hotel Song Lacrimosa Pavlov's Daughter Poor Little Rich Boy Pound of Flesh Prisoners Somedays Summer in the City Sunshine That Time Uh-Merica Wasteside 3 Aching to Pupate Bon Idée Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori Edit Fidelity Field Below I Want to Sing Lulliby Making Records Mary Ann Ode to Divorce Oedipus On The Radio One-String Blues Open Lounge Loveology Reading Time with Pickle Sailor Song Samson You Your Honor 2 2.99 Cent Blues A Cooler Version AB Aquarius Belt Flyin' Human of the Year I Cut Off My Hair Lady The Bronx The Wallet 1 Better Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men Uncle Bobby I haven't listened to these enough, there isn't a good enough recording to judge, or I don't know where to put them for some other reason All is Love Ave Maria BYOS Chelsea Hotel #2 December Dog and Pony Dust to Dust Halikha LeKesariya Hallelujah In the Studio Just Like the Movies Kids Little Boxes Long Brown Hair Love Profusion Love, You're a Whore Lucky Penny Mermaid Mockingbird My Man Opposite Ends Paris Patron Saint Raindrops Rockland County Scarecrow & Fungus Secret Stash Small Town Moon Soho The Clocks Were Asleep The Devil Come to Bethlehem The Mustard Musketeers The Noise The Soup The Virgin Queen
  3. quote: Originally posted by Dan the man: I found this interesting note on Rodney Howard's MySpace page today. He played drums with Regina on her most recent US tour. "As for the last year, I clocked some amazing time on tour with the fabulous REGINA SPEKTOR (recent Jay Leno performance vid below) on her American tour, playing Jimmy Kimmel, Carson Daly, and Jay Leno, as well as recording a live CD from the for Sire Records at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco." I gotta' wonder, was the performance strictly just Regina, or maybe some kind of Sire Records Tribute show. Any news or ideas? Anyone? I was at the Fillmore show, and they didn't mention anything about it being recorded. It would be great if it was though, it was a good performance.
  4. Grantham, PA show?

    Looking on the show list on, I noticed a date for Jan. 20th in Grantham, PA. Does anyone know if this show been planned for a while or is it a new addition? I happen to be about five miles from Grantham right now, visiting relatives in Pennsylvania, but I'm scheduled to fly back to California on January 6th... If I had known this show was one the schedule I would have planned my trip around it. I can't imagine the Grantham show would be very large, and I'd love to see her at a small venue (I've only seen her at the Fillmore so far). I need to find some way to extend my vacation, I guess. I could always fly back again, but as much as I enjoy Regina's music, a $450 plane ticket and 10 hours of traveling is a little much for a 1-2 hour concert. Anyone else is the central Pennsylvania area going to the show?
  5. Download Regina Spektor live 2006-10-03 (SBD)

    This is the NPR concert correct? I had also saved that stream. I went ahead and split it into mp3's, but I also made a zip containing the full concert. available for download here:
  6. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: Originally posted by adamjk: I've been using Dreamhost for nearly 2 years now, and I'm really happy with them. I intend to stay with them. I like what you've come up with a lot! However, I feel like some things would be better off more bare-bones. The way you have mp3s done is fantastic, but a bit unnecessary, and the news system is promising, but unless you feel like spending a lot more time than you need to, we could just use CuteNews (the php-based news system) instead. If you want to keep working on that though, that's up to you and I don't have a problem with that as long as you can show me how to go about customizing that. As far as the lyrics go, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to use your system. It's fantastic and far better than I could have done. If you can make it so each page would be editable by a few users it'd be great, because people like Ragaust could just go right ahead and make additions and edits as needed. I don't care for the "added by" tagline, but I assume that's a detail that we can remove. A "notes section" at the top under the name would be great for additional details to appear in italics though. So, after all this rambling, if you'd be able to create a system for lyrics that would work with Dreamhost, it'd be great. If you'd like to continue discussing this by email, my email address is Thank you so much! If you want to keep using Dreamhost and Cutenews, that's fine. I'm not particularly concerned with the news section, as that can work just about any-which-way. I can setup a similar thing for lyrics in PHP/MySql, I'd just need access to upload the PHP scripts and to create tables in the database (details like this we can address through email, though. My address is in my first post in this thread.). It seems like there might be some need for discussion on the MP3 section. I like what Raugust has suggested, and it would just require a little change to the table layout on what I've already done. What did you have in mind?
  7. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: Originally posted by a_secret_chord: wots the security like on a windows host tho, i was under the impression its complete pap. The Securty with IIS 6.0 is pretty good. I've actually had more security problems come up with running PHP (injection-attack) then with ASP.NET, if only because it's easier to build parameterized queries and do input validation with .NET. Some more recent studies actually find that a Linux webserver is more vulnerable, for example: In reality though, any decent hosting company is going to have things locked down pretty tightly. I haven't really heard of security issues in Windows or Linux, being the fault of the host, in any cases. If there's a security issue, it's usually because of quesitonable coding practices by the developers who buy the web space.
  8. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: Originally posted by adamjk: That sounds utterly fantastic. However, I personally am totally shit at mySQL or whatever that is. I can't even tell you if it's Linux or Windows. I can, however, tell you I have hosting with I'd love to have such an intelligent structure, but honestly? I'd be doing literally nothing because I am completely clueless as to how to accomplish all of that. If you were really willing to put up with doing such a tremendous amount of work, then I certainly won't complain, but then again, it might be hard to work with from a creative standpoint. In addition, if I'm completely clueless, changes in my hosting's services or mistakes made would render me useless 'cause I wouldn't know how to react and fix things. Hmm. Well, if it's dreamhost, I think they're all linux. How comitted are you to dreamhost? I'm personally a fan of GoDaddy hosting, and have some very cheap webspace from them (50gig/1TB for a couple bucks a month). I'm not saying dreamhost wouldn't work, but the concern you have about being creatively inhibited is what leads me to suggest GoDaddy. With GoDaddy, we can get windows hosting (they include a SQL database) and we can run ASP.NET. ASP.NET has a very nice structure called "Code-Behind" that is designed so that "programmers" and "web designers" can work together without screwing each other up. In Code-Behind, there are two parts to every page, one part is the HTML and CSS, the other part is the server-side language (C# or VB.NET). The server combines the two parts when the page gets rendered, but basically, the designer can work on the HTML part without the programmer ever having to touch it. If you want to stick with dreamhost, we'd be doing PHP/MySQL (which I am fine with, it's just not as nice as ASP.NET). In that case, there would be a little more of a challenge in seperating out the program-code from the HTML, since they're both stored in the same file. edit: since posting this, I've thrown together a quick sample. I set up some very generic tables for news and lyrics and then threw html front ends on them. This only reflects about 25 minutes of work, so it's very ugly (but hey, that's where you come in, right?) but you can add news/lyrics and search. The functionality can certainly be expanded upon, and extended to mp3's, videos, articles, sheet music, etc. Anyway, here's the example: edit again: Threw in basic MP3 Search/Download functionality for kicks.
  9. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    quote: Originally posted by adamjk: I've been planning on doing straight up html/css, and using cutenews (a free, php-based content system) for the "news" page. If you have better ideas, such as a better news-updating system with ability for multiple users to log in under different accounts, that would be great. In addition, I currently plan on doing the lyrics in straight HTML. A page for each song, at the top listing any other names for the song, the first time played live, etc., and then a master page with links to each of those pages. Probably a javascript drop-down box at the top of each lyrics page somewhere as well, done with includes so I could just update the one list, and not have to update each page's drop-down list seperately. If you have a better way to do the lyrics, particularly one that also could be updated by a number of people with seperate login names, that would be really great. Because clearly people like Ragaust will have to be able to get in there and make changes. But, to close, YEAH, I'm really more an artsy type than a coding type, and I'd/we'd love your help! Is the server running Linux or Windows? If it's a linux server, then doing PHP/MySQL would be one choice, or doing JSP's with MySQL would be another. If it's windows, ASP.NET/MS SQL Server would be superb. In either case, my reccommended structure would be basically the same: Each part of the site gets a table in the database (be it MySQL or MS SQL Server). Then, each "news" entry gets a row in the "NEWS" table, and each song could have one or more rows in the lyrics table. The drop down box (or nav-bar, etc.) of songs gets dynamically populated from the database, so it's always up-to-date. When a request is made for, say, the lyrics to the song "Bartender", the web server will query the database for all known lyrics to the song and return them as a dynamic page. This would also give fans the ability to search based on lyrics, if there is uncertainty about song titles. If, for instance, I don't know the title of a song, but I know it contains the line "they're just public mosoleums", I can search for that in the "lyrics" field of the SONG_LYRICS table and the appropriate song will be returned. So, in my suggested method, there would only be a handful of actual pages, which would have a basic layout hard-coded and then a dynamic content section which is populated by the database when a request is made. For example, at, we have millions of products. We don't sit there and write a product page for every one. We write one product page, without any details, and then populate the details with the results of a database query. As for login, using a database makes that very easy. The permissions for each user can be managed on the database server, multiple users can be logged in simultaneously, and each user will have access to update the appropriate parts of the database. Of course, users won't have to know anything about the database, they'll just see HTML forms and fill them in. The server-side code will then take the information they've entered into the forms and store it nicely in the database.
  10. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    Well, I'm a bit late to this party, but I'd like to offer some assistance anyway. I don't know how much of the server-side code you guys have written for reginapolis yet, but I'd like to make some suggestions and offer my coding services. First, a brief introduction... I'm a senior computer science major at Cal Poly, and have a good deal of experience in server-side web programming. At the moment, I'm doing an internship in web development and database programming with (my first job in the "big-time"). My expertise is not really in the web-design aspect, but it looks like you've already got that covered. What I can offer is any server-side coding that needs done. I'm well-versed in ASP.NET, Java Servlets, JSP, PHP, and pretty much any other web-programming language out there. I've also worked with Javascript and AJAX should there be a need for more client-side developers. I can do HTML and CSS too, if need be, but someone with more artistic flare should probably handle that. My biggest suggestion in the design of this site would be to use a database-driven content system. Some of the fanpages I have seen so far are based on this paradigm, but others (while I certainly appreciate the effort and the large amount of great mp3s they offer) seem to be done more-or-less with flat HTML pages and href's to files. Having a database-driven site would allow for searching and sorting of songs and articles, as well as for very-easy updating and the ability for user-content to be seemlessly integrated. I'd guess that you were already planning on doing it that way, but if not, you should really consider it. As I said before, I'd be happy to help with whatever needs done. You can contact me here or email me at Good luck with the site