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  1. Regina on Jimmy Fallon Nov.23

    Since I have tickets for the DVD screening the same night as this performance will air, I won't be able to make sure this records. I will schedule it, of course, but that has a less than stellar record. So, if someone else would be willing to step up to the plate and record this for RSO, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! P.S. It will be the same situation with the WNYC performance, though I suppose I could try to record from inside the studio. It would be best if someone captured the stream.
  2. DVD Screenings

    I'm just trying to buy tickets, not even refund or switch dates, and Fandango is being a pain in the ass. I got the confirmation e-mail, but the page with the printable ticket brings up a new error message every time I try to view it Inconvenient indeed. edit: Finally worked, hooray!
  3. DVD Screenings

    Late to the party (sorry, haven't been online much lately), but Jamie and I will be at the 7:30 show on the 22nd. Sounds like there's going to be a pretty good stixer-presense at that particular screening The whole weekend is actually pretty good for stixer-types in the NYC area. Jack (as Only Son, full band) is playing on Friday with The Candles (a rock band who played at the Dan Cho tribute) at the Rockwood Music Hall, and Jenny is playing Saturday night at Maxwell's in Hoboken. Now if only Nicole were playing somewhere in the area on Sunday, we'd basically have the best imaginable 4-day stretch. It should still be great, I just need something to keep the momentum up on Sunday (and I already checked Sidewalk's lineup - nobody I'm obsessed with that night). edit: Oops, almost missed the 2:00 PM radio show thing. Fortunately there were still tickets available!
  4. post your favorite photos of regina

    She actually kind of looks like Jack in that picture - weird, but a great costume idea and excellent execution!
  5. Your Regina Collection!

    quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: Yeah. I thought the one on the top was something dofferent. What's a baby pack? And what's the difference between the two CD's? (shoplifter and strokes tour) The Baby-Pack is a Sire-released copy of Soviet Kitsch that's usually sold at shows. Basically just the CD in a cardboard sleeve. The 2003 Stroke's Tour release has a slightly different front cover (the words "regina spektor" are not uniformly black), no booklet to speak of (just a track-listing on the inside of the front-cover) and no back-cover at all. The 2004 Shoplifter release has the normal SK booklet, but the CD has a white background like the Stroke's Tour disc, instead of a bare CD background like the Sire releases.
  6. Your Regina Collection!

    quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: Btw, three soviet kitsch cd's? 4, actually, the baby pack is in the top left. The 3 towards the bottom are the 2003 strokes tour limited release, the 2004 shoplifter release, and then the Sire CD/DVD combo.
  7. Your Regina Collection!

    quote: Originally posted by eshbach: Cross-Posting my collection from the Give-Away thread since Jamie linked me here: Since aquiring 11:11, I feel like it might really be possible to eventually have everything... so, here's the progress I've made in the last ~6 months: (Click for HUGE)
  8. Obama's assassination list

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Uhhh, Brady... I hesitate to even post in the thread because it's generally horrible, and because I'm sure inciting debate/argument will overjoy ML, but it's kind of important so... I fully understand that musiclover makes people crazy. At times it is a struggle not to respond to his outrageous comments. AND I am all too well aware that it is just as impossible to AGREE with him on a point as it is to disagree with him. That being said, you ought to reconsider making equally outrageous rebuttals containing overgeneralizing inflammatory statments, loads of stereotypical retoric, and incomplete lines of reasoning that may be really offensive to a lot of people other than just MusicLover. Hey, I posted in this thread, it can't be that horrible... ... as for the rest of your post: I concur. I'm not one for rules, so think of this more like a moral -- "If your post has the intention to make (or a high likelihood of making) someone feel bad, don't post it."
  9. New Yorker Festival - 10/2/10

    quote: Originally posted by Barth: What could Regina and you possibly find in Hoboken? Jenny Owen Youngs @ Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ, 11/20 Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 9:30pm Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ It would be cool to see Regina at Maxwell's again, but I doubt she'll be there, it's a little out of her comfort-zone at this point I think. Not to discourage anyone from going, it's still Jenny, and it will still be great. I'll be there for sure.
  10. Obama's assassination list

    I assume your assassination list is as follows: 1. Obama 2. Hipsters Am I correct or do I have that backwards?
  11. quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: Hey Aaron I sent you an email on August 28 with my mailing address, as I am now able to accept the record. I'm in no rush to receive it, so if this isn't a convenient time for you to send it, don't worry about it! Sorry, I've been carrying it in my bag every day for the last month planning on sending when I next stop at the post office, but I just haven't had to stop at the post office yet. I'll make a special trip today or tomorrow and get it right out to you.
  12. Somehow we don't have a thread for this one yet, so to move the discussion out of the 'Show Calendar' thread, here ye be: Official Description: A Tribute Concert for Daniel Cho: Artists gather to honor a brilliant musician and to help support his family. Participating Artists: Regina Spektor Carina Round Cooper Jenny Owen Youngs Jupiter One Only Son Rachel Platten The Candles Tracy Bonham Wes Hutchinson So, the usual stuff -- who's coming (I am!), who's recording (I am!), who's got a cool new stealth hd video camera (I don't!), who wants to come really badly but can't because their life sucks (I'm really sorry!)? Input on the 'lesser known' artists by stixers who've seen them would also be widely appreciated, I'm sure.
  13. New Yorker Festival - 10/2/10

    I'm having some issues re-encoding the stream, so I'm probably going to call it a night on that and just post the as-webcast .flv file. I think I mentioned after bonnaroo exactly how much and why I hate working with flv files, so I won't get back into that. Sorry, this has about 5 minutes of junk at the beginning, including a commercial which you can hear, but not see, so I recommend skipping that.
  14. New Yorker Festival - 10/2/10

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Well that was worth every cent. ...and a lot more. Ah yes, that ranks high on the list of "Best $5 I ever spent."
  15. New Yorker Festival - 10/2/10

    quote: Originally posted by Barth: I hope you got that. Yep, I got it. I'm just trimming off the 5 minutes of iPhone yammering at the beginning and giving it a re-encode and then I'll post a link
  16. New Yorker Festival - 10/2/10

    Ink Stains! (Also we're at the 1-hour mark. This is getting into untested areas for my recording program. I mean, I don't see any reason it would crash now, but the number of times I have used it to record things longer than an hour is very small...) Edit: ok, set is over, all is well. That was pretty fantastic selection of songs
  17. New Yorker Festival - 10/2/10

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: haha good times. waiting for the webcast to kick in. And here it is! (and there it goes, onto my hard drive, look at all the bits!)
  18. New Yorker Festival - 10/2/10

    quote: Originally posted by srg: Just sat down a few minutes ago (along with almostspotless and RJLupin2 Sr.). I should have an excellent angle of the back of regina's head while she's playing. Awesome, videos of the back of her head are my personal favorite. Enjoy!
  19. New Yorker Festival - 10/2/10

    I know srg is going, and he may come back with some videos, but I'll record the stream just in case
  20. quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Inside we assumed our positions right against the stage, close enough to touch all the cables and equipment and surely the musicians as well. Much discussion was had about which wires would be the most fun to unplug. But we’d never do that... Yes, quite the temptation, especially considering the labels...
  21. Here's the audio from Regina's set: 01 - Reflections on Dan 02 - Eet 03 - Blue Lips 04 - The Wallet I had the microphone gain turned way up to record Regina talking at the beginning, which means there was a lot of hiss on the recording. I was able to get rid of most of that, except at the very end where she was basically whispering. Unfortunately I forgot to turn the gain down until she was already a couple chords into Eet, and so on the recording you can hear the gain knob roll down. Now, I have made the song a (fairly) consistent volume, but that means the rolling gain knob just sounds like a weird warbling for about 1 second of the opening chord progression. If anyone knows how to fix that, please let me know. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with the quality here. I had my microphone sitting on the stage next to a monitor so it worked out pretty well.
  22. And as promised, here are some photos of the evening: Rachel Platten Carina Round Wes Hutchinson Cooper Tracy Bonham The Candles Jenny Owen Youngs Only Son Jack and Regina Jupiter One Regina Spektor
  23. I'm home, so time for the usual brief status report: Recordings -- Jenny and Regina seem ok. Jack's set did not record properly (dammit), which means no audio for 'Call them Brothers'. Hopefully someone else got a nice video of it instead. Pictures -- I got at least one decent photo of every band that played and I'll be posting those shortly. We (for various definitions of 'we') had various interaction with Jenny, Jack, and Regina throughout the day. I actually forgot my tickets (!) and, as I was arriving at the venue at about the same time as Jenny, I told her about it and she said some prayers for me, but ultimately it was the hand of srg that got me a ticket. Jack and Regina said hello on their way into the venue and Regina told us to try to keep out of the rain. Jack and Jenny came into the restaurant we were eating dinner at (just as we were getting ready to leave, unfortunately) and they asked if the food was good. We told them it was and they got a table. When Jenny came out on stage, she was slightly concerned about performing immediately after the 'tribute slide show', because 'she was going to sing a bunch of songs about boning'. Her on-stage banter with the front row was definitely the best. When Regina came out during Jack's set to do 'Call them Brothers', she was still wearing her giant flowery rubber boots, and said something like "Oh, I meant to take these boots off..." I told her they looked fantastic (she was about a foot away from me at that point) and she just smiled After the show, we asked Jenny if she needed help carrying her stuff out to her car, but she turned us down. We got to talk to her about various things, like her upcoming show in Cleveland, what music video I'm going to make her do, etc. She was very good-humored and it was a fun time. We all got high-fives at the end. Jack and Regina came out a little later and I mostly talked to Jack so I missed most of what Regina said (sorry, Jamie will fill you in, I'm sure), but I think in general she just thanked us for coming and said that there'd be better times (for socializing I assume) coming. So that's my off-the-cuff initial recap. Hopefully it has whet your appetite for the photos and audio I'll be posting and the various videos and such that Jamie and others are sure to have.
  24. quote: Originally posted by Ezra Pound: I'm not going to be able to get there until almost 5 PM. Looks like I might be hanging out alone towards the back. Unless the venue has some kind of gates up at the front of the line (which actually did happen at Irving Plaza) we've never really had an issue with merging brumstix people into the group at the head of the line.
  25. Well, I've made my train reservations, and allowing for subway travel and hotel check-in, I anticipate getting to the venue around 2:00 PM. If anyone gets there earlier, please let me cut