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  1. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

    quote: Originally posted by Barth: Just one note based on your Hot in Here comment. Listen, please, to Jenny Owen Youngs' cover, or better yet, the shockingly funny video. I think your life will be even better for doing so. Trust me, Jamie knows all about Jenny's cover. We were discussing Jenny pretty much the whole time we were walking back to the festival that night (with the intent of seeing the fireworks, not so much Mr. Nelly) because I didn't know that Nelly was the original artist.
  2. post your favorite photos of regina

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Also, Sidewalk circa 2003. Blue's Clues shirt, hehe I was completely in love with this picture, until... quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: Blue's Clues was my favorite show when I was little!!! ... which just made me feel old. I remember watching Blues Clues because my friends wanted to explore some altered states, not because I was in its target demographic!
  3. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

    If you guys really want the flip-book/stop-motion effect, I can upload the other 1000+ pictures I have... I have a few complete songs at 2 pictures/second.
  4. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

    Show audio is done, sorry it's a little late: Please enjoy responsibly
  5. To dentistgirl and eshbach...

    quote: Originally posted by Kb93: Did Regina change her shirt from her performance? Oh and Karlprojektorinski this is really nice of you to write about the other stixers this way =] Yes, she almost always changes after the show before coming out.
  6. To dentistgirl and eshbach...

    quote: Originally posted by Mustard Musketeer: Am I right to assume dentistgirl and eshbach work with/for Regina? Or what? Oh my, no, but that would be lovely. We are just a couple of fans like everyone else.
  7. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

    Pictures are done... I'm pretty sure this will be the most images ever crammed into one post If you want to download them all, use this link: Unfortunately I didn't have time to get the recording done tonight, so that will have to wait for tomorrow. Enjoy these in the mean time:
  8. To dentistgirl and eshbach...

    I'm extremely flattered by this, honestly, but it is really just an extension of the 'srg appreciation thread', because almost everything I know about being a good member of the community, I learned from him. So thanks to srg for being the original super-fan, and thanks to everyone on brumstix who keeps the spirit alive. I love having this community, and anything I can do to make it better is a pleasure and an honor. Finally, I probably owe Jamie more thanks than anyone, for keeping me up-to-date on the Concert schedule, making sure I remember to bring things like tickets and a recording device (both of which I have forgotten and only averted disaster because of her asking before it was too late), and keeping me company at shows, in line before shows, waiting around after shows (even when being threatened by security), and while I sit at the computer working on recordings. I couldn't do it without her. edit: Also, for everyone's information, I'm the guy on Jamie's right, mostly cut-off in the picture in the first post You can see my lovely sun-burned arm though!
  9. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

    I have slightly more than 1,100 pictures from this event, and a complete audio recording. I meant to get something uploaded last night, but I was too tired and slept for 13 hours instead. Jamie and I have already gone through the pictures and narrowed them down to about 200 "good ones", but I'll still have to prune them down a bit more to find the ones worth posting. Hopefully I can get that done, as well as get the audio uploaded to RSO, so our coverage of the concert can be complete by tonight. Only 7.5 more hours of work until I can get started...
  10. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

    I believe the word is that she's playing at 1:00pm folks
  11. Northwestern University's Dillo Day- May 29, 2010

    quote: Originally posted by Pavlov's Stepson: Latest Evanston forecast: Friday Night through Sunday Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 50s. Highs in the mid 70s. so far so good.... Yes, that sounds pretty excellent actually, I'm getting excited about this
  12. quote: Originally posted by solitude_in_dark_places: Better late than never... Wow, I neve thought I'd actually win something, and I forgot about the contest until now! Here's the super awesome verification code: vdb4AA/7ivX0wiPUjimIgKBO/Yuo/SyPS23u4WQrtdU= Hooray, another prize successfully awarded. Only one straggler left now...
  13. quote: Originally posted by LittleVoice: Good Morrow again Aaron, Je suis; tiF6ND8416duvFXtqvJVOQ== I just finished baking some superb Blueberry Muffins for our Five Ash Down Pop-In, later this morning! It's a pity I can't send one over this website. Thanks for posting the code and offering the muffin, I do love blueberry. I'll get your picture sent out tomorrow
  14. Well, I have been contacted by LittleVoice, so pending verification the glossy will be resolved.
  15. Regina on Triple J

    The video for the performance of No Surprises and some of the interview leading up to it are now available for download on RespektOnline:
  16. Ok, for the three people who have not yet claimed their prize, I am going to allow until May 17th (one month from the end of the contest, one week from tomorrow) for them to get in contact with me. If any of the prizes are still unclaimed at that time, I will put them up (with a few other items I still have multiple copies of) on the original give-away page and everyone will once again be eligible to register and win one of the items. Just as before, after a week I'll let the computer pick a random winner for each prize. If anyone has any better ideas for how to resolve this, please feel free to share them, but this was the best one I could think of. Once again, the winners who have not contacted me to receive their goodies are: Green Mind - Soviet Kitsch CD Little Voice - Autographed Glossy solitude_in_dark_places - Autographed Sketchbook If you are one of these people, please e-mail at your earliest convenience, or you may lose your prize!
  17. quote: Originally posted by Wild Child: Aaron, just got mine in the mail! Safe and sound! Thanks, man! Side note: I thought these were gonna be used (as in, from your personal collection), but it's not even open. Wow! Did you just recently purchase these??? You're Welcome Aaron A few of the items were what I'd call "open", but nothing was "used". Usually when I buy a Regina CD (or album, or ticket) I buy a few extra in case they somehow disappear and true, deserving fans are left without. This was just a way of getting these extras out there, even if it was a bit early for some. There were a handful I had to purchase new, either because I only had one or the extra was not in a give-away quality condition. But yes, the majority of people should have gotten a sealed CD just like you And actually, as a bit of an accident, I gave away a second copy I had of the "Us" single, which is apparently pretty impossible to find these days... but I completely forgot to put up the Your Honor single, which is available and which I now have two of. Oh well, a few mistakes, but I think it was a pretty successful effort for a first try. I'd love to set it up as a recurring event to see how it might grow with time.
  18. Regina on Triple J

  19. Regina's Radiohead Cover on iTunes this tuesday!

    quote: Originally posted by Hatchet: Christopher O'Riley is incredible and his covers are epic and brilliant. Glad to meet another fan. I have 4 of his recent CDs (the two Radiohead cover albums, the Nick Drake album, and the Elliot Smith album). I haven't picked up "Out of My Hands" yet, have you heard it? I had never heard of the guy until I saw him open for The Bad Plus at Princeton a few years ago. It was pretty funny because I was taking a friend of mine who plays the piano and I was raving the whole way there about how Ethan Iverson (of The Bad Plus) would be the most amazing pianist she'd ever seen... and then Chris O'Riley comes out and plays "Airbag"... I was floored.
  20. quote: Originally posted by Nat: I'd like to officially announce that Aaron is my favourite person of the month... Great, and a whole 26.5 hours left Just Kidding, thanks much, I'm happy to make you happy (and that goes for everyone!)
  21. quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: haha those are the three things i wanted.... i think this is a sign! jk. i can't imagine how upset i'd be if i'd won something and it was given away before i saw... although maybe a time constraint is in order? *swats own wrist* Stop that! let the people have their prizes! If there is any time constraint, it will be decided by the anonymous donor who currently owns the signed sketchbook. I certainly can't decide the fate of something that isn't mine.
  22. school = :(

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: their software is crappy... You'll have that. Apparently, 199 out of 200 applicants for every programming job cannot write a trivially simple program. I would never have believed that statistic if I didn't work in the industry, but really, the overwhelming majority of Comp Sci grads are completely incompetent. I'm sorry you've become a victim of that incompetence, but seeing as this is the 'school ' thread, I thought it would be appropriate to lament the inadequacy of Computer Science curricula at American universities.
  23. Regina's Radiohead Cover on iTunes this tuesday!

    As everyone has said, this is quite a lovely cover, and it very much reminds me of Christopher O'Riley's cover of the same song... O'Riley's is more graceful (if you can believe that), but then his is instrumental and as good a pianist as he is, it's hard to compete with Regina's vocals.
  24. quote: Originally posted by jellybeanjules: My Dad says my CD came today!!!!!!!! He was like "who is Aaron Eshbach?" haha I can't wait to get home and open it up Cool, it came directly from Bull Moose so it should be perfect, but if there are any problems with it, let me know. Everyone else should be seeing their items trickle in sometime soon. I have one more trip to the post office to make, which I'll do tomorrow at lunch, and after that everything I have a shipping address for will have shipped. There are still 3 people who I have not received an email with a shipping address from: Green Mind (Soviet Kitsch CD) Little Voice (Autographed Glossy) solitude_in_dark_places (Autographed Sketchbook) If you are one of these people and you HAVE tried to e-mail me, please post here so we can figure something out. If you are one of these people and you HAVE NOT e-mailed me, what are you waiting for, crazies, there are autographed things on this list!
  25. post your favorite photos of regina

    Once, when I was having an older picture of Regina and I signed, she told me she tries to guess when they're from based on her hair, so it seems she has some fun with varying the style After looking at the picture I'd brought, however, her response was simply "Oh, I have no idea."