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  1. um.. is regina anti vegan?

    Nomad, The problem I see is that you categorized yourself as a vegetarian and then went on to post against the need for categorization. If you think that this attachment is ridiculous, as do I, then there is no need to categorize yourself either way. It makes me wonder why you would state you were a vegetarian at all. I would look closely at your intentions there. I think you would find a lot more freedom if you'd just drop that label altogether. Also don't worry about what everybody else here is saying, and don't leave.
  2. What Description Fits Regina

    quote: Originally posted by Beechcraft Bonanza: Isn't that considered to be an oxymoron? Aye... by the (tunnelvision) punk-police off course. That's exactly why it fits her! She's a puzzle, a mystery, a koan, an enigma wrapped inside a blanket stuffed inside a sweetheart.
  3. I finally got it.

    Bah! i'm confused! Mine had the bonus CD but the Bonus CD just had the the first five tracks on it from the regular CD. It was a marketing thing like, you're supposed to give it away to somebody. (Which I thought was pretty clever). So there was another one with another cd with other songs too???
  4. ???anti-regspekt????how can that be...

    quote: Originally posted by rosa_de_oro: quote: Originally posted by Dan the man: I usually find "great" voices boring, thus my rabid dislike of American Idol. Walk into any church in America on a Sunday, and you will find dozens of "great voices", but boring as hell too. I'm not trying to ridicule your opinion because I generally hate it when people don't try to get what I'm saying, and I've discovered that because of this I've begun to talk a lot faster around people I know so I can get a freaking word in edgewise...but I mean, come on, what's wrong with a great voice? A genuine question. I know some songs that I wouldn't like nearly as much if they weren't sung by such great voices. I'll answer on behalf of the other person with a question.. hee Does having a great violin make one a great musician? -DaveK
  5. Hey, who here loves Regina Spektor? I do I do!
  6. What Description Fits Regina

    I tell people she is a classicaly trained punk.
  7. what would you ask regina?

    quote: Originally posted by Aonex: Oh come on, no marriage proposals from anyone? Bah, you "stole my thunder" (whatever the hell that means). I was going to say I'd ask her to marry me. I'm pretty sure she'd say "no," or something, at which point I'd just ask her to go out for ice cream, which in comparison would seem like such a reasonable request she'd have to say yes. I'd buy of course. Of course if she did say yes, I'd be very happy. And then we could celebrate by going out for ice cream. -DaveK
  8. Letterman Performance

    quote: Originally posted by TomTrager: Damn I wanna see it! It's not my fault I live in Israel and we don't get letterman here! (Well actually we do but with a delay of three months so he is still making Clinton jokes) Didn't anyone upload it to YouTube already? He will never stop making Clinton Jokes.
  9. Gingered Papaya Soup

    Ohh. I really like ginger, so I might try this. I am not sure what my stance on papaya is though. I can't remember what it even tastes like. Anyway, thanks!
  10. Sad Soup

    the oppressive weight of solid food is insurmountable i can't even move this body through it right now it's too much to ask so I eat soup what the hell nothing is solid anyhow -DaveK
  11. Sad Soup

    the oppressive weight of solid food is insurmountable i can't even move this body through it right now it's too much to ask so I eat soup what the hell nothing is solid anyhow -DaveK
  12. MMMmmmMiso Soup (it's vegeterian)

    Yes! I just get little packets and throw stuff in. Sometimes I throw in fresh tofu. Sometimes I put water chestnuts in it. Whenever I make it I have to go Miso soup -uhn! Miso soup Miso soup uhn! Miso soup Miso soup uhn! Miso soup Miso soup, me eat it long time! (Ok I hope somebody knows where that's coming from)
  13. Yesterday.

    mazel tov! (I asked my Jewish friend what the right thing was to say, Then he told me to say that, and I thought "duh. I should have known that!") Then he asked me why I was talking online with teenage girls. I was like "'s a public forum!" Then he said according to Jewish law you're an adult now anyway. So then I felt better. lol. Um, I should quit while I'm ahead here.... -DaveK
  14. My Regina Portrait

  15. Jewish Joke

    Everybody should have a crazy uncle. Er, I guess I am a crazy uncle. I'm still not used to this uncle stuff.