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  1. Wow, Sondre Lerche is really very good. I just went on his Myspace when i read he was collaborating with Regina, and now im hooked. Really looking forward to hearing 'hell no' now. Thanks for sharing this srg.
  2. Master & Margarita

    Nice that Regina enjoys this book aswell. Its easy to imagine that she would like M&M, in all its quirky brilliance and with its countless metaphors and parables. What a cool photo from blender magazine! The 'playing in a sandbox' comment is great.
  3. Master & Margarita

    I was in a local book shop this morning, looking for some backround reading on the Soviet Union (as i'm studying this in A-level history). I bought Animal Farm by George Orwell, the Trial by Kafka and a third book, that i heard of for the first time today. The author was Russian and the book was written during the days of the USSR. The book sounded interesting, and also relevant to what im studying. Then just now im on my favorite (and only) internet forum, and i see a thread about the same book!!! I'm like wtf?! Why are 'quite a few' members of this group wanting to read the same book? I mean its hardly engrained in western popular culture (although the introduction said its quiet big in Russia). Therefore im guessing there is a link to Regina here (how perceptive of me lol ). So then, is there a link or any relevance to regina here? ps. I know it was a long winded way of asking 'is there a link between Regina and Master and Margarita', but i just thought i'd share my story - it is a quiet a big coincidence pps. perks, what i've read so far has been really really good, youl'l be pleased to know. Hope it arrives soon for you
  4. Liverpool Academy 4th Sept 2007

    Engineer, I dont see Real Love on youtube. A direct link to it might help. That would be real nice. No probs about the vids ppl. Glad you like them. I would have recorded more of the gig, but it was better at the time just to chill out and enjoy it. Now however im wishing I had recorded more - I could be sitting here right now watching something brilliant like (all of) Blue Lips, or Field Below - damn hindsight ! (ps. I really gotta cut down on those exclamation marks )
  5. Favorite Soup

    MMMMMM Chicken noodle soup. Nothing better when you're feeling tired, ill or just generally down.
  6. Liverpool Academy 4th Sept 2007

    I uploaded the photos and vids to megaupload and the link is I hope it works. Thanks for the link to the youtube vid bitsofbone - it was really great! It was funny that she asked everyone not to go away when she hurt her finger! Oh and one last thing about the show. I was so pleased that she was solo. I don't like it when the electric guitar, bass and drum drown out her beautiful voice and piano playing. Regina is more than talented enough to carry a show on her own (unlike some 'artists' today who need a band to drown them out)!
  7. Liverpool Academy 4th Sept 2007

    OMG! Sorry I forgot she also played Real Love and One More Time With Feeling (I've edited my reveiw to include them). They were actually 2 of my favorite. Thanks for the nice comments and advice on how to upload to pics and vids. That would be brill if you could upload the audio recording Senza (in your own time). Where did you meet Regina Senza? I had to go strait after this show, but it would be good to know for the next time.
  8. favorite song from each album

    This is heavily influenced by the Liverpool SK - The Flowers BTH - Field Below Songs - Prisoners 11:11 - Flyin BM - Ain't No Cover It'll probably stay at this for a good while as she is so much better live
  9. Liverpool Academy 4th Sept 2007

    No problem andreseng. I enjoyed writing down what happened. The pictures are jpeg and the vids 'VLC media file(.mov)'
  10. Liverpool Academy 4th Sept 2007

    That was the best show, no, the best thing I've ever done!!! Absolutely phenomenal!!! We used Little Voices advice and worked our way into the centre from the side. We ended up right opposite the piano stool in the 2nd row!! I could see everything so clearly. I kept turning around to talk to my friend, and got such a shock when I turned to face the stage, and could see the enormous piano just 2 meters away, knowing Regina would be sitting there later that night. The opening act said, 'Hello, I'm not Regina Spektor' and could play his guitar really well. We waited for ages and ages, until finally I could see two boots, attached to a pair of legs, which were joined to a shiny skirt, underneath the piano and coming from back stage. I knew it was Regina instantly and am getting butterflies just thinking about it. She was actually there!! It felt like it took an hour for those boots to walk behind the piano (it was a very big piano), and when Regina finally emerged, she was wearing the biggest smile I've ever seen. Regina looked so happy and beautiful. I will never forget that moment. Regina started off with Ain't No Cover and then played On The Radio (in which everyone joined in with the 'bom bom bom' bit, and Regina was laughing and smiling at this). She then played Prisoners (wonderful surprise!) and The Flowers - she sung..... words can't describe how brilliant she sounded during this song. Then Regina sang Better, Apres Moi and Poor Little Rich Boy. She then got her guitar out and sang Bobbin' For Apples, and then That Time, in which she 'tore open her finger' and got a plaster (which she took off before the next song, and wrapped it around her drumstick, because she said it was a waste). The next song was Blue Lips (an even better surprise!!), followed by a haunting rendition of Human Of The Year. She then played a brilliant version of ONe More Time With Feeling. Summer In The City (she forgot her words during this one, and was really angry with herself and very apologetic) was followed by, Fidelity and then Field Below (easily the best piano piece). After the encore she sang Real Love (absolutly beautiful), Ghost Of The Corporate Future (she stuttered at the beginning and said 'oh good, you know the words' when people were singing along), Music Box and Samson. She curtsied twice, gave a big wave and was gone. She had a beaming smile for the whole set, and also her great sense of humour was there. A girl shouted out 'I want your babies' and Regina replied 'I'm sweaty and confused'. The big lights went on and lit the audience up, and Regina waved and said 'Hi. You're much less intimidating when I can only hear you and not see you, collectively, as a group', which was so sweet in her little voice. I was wondering if anyone who recorded the set could upload it? I would love to relive that wonderful night and remember the bits I forgot. I also have some photos and videos but don't know how to upload them - could anyone help? In a way she was too good as I left really sad that it was over, and about the fact I won't see her again until the next tour, but that proves just how talented Regina is. She is easily the most talented singer, musician and songwriter of our time.
  11. Download the new "Better"

    Thankyou Regina Apple! This version of better is unavailable in the uk at the moment and i've been dying to hear it. I'll be paying for this if it becomes available on itunes or on cd here in the uk, to support regina, and as the quality will be better. I thought it was a bit unfair of SOAS to say 'i dont care where you live'. I agree with SOAS that ppl who can pay for music should, and reward a musician for their hard work. However if a fan would otherwise have to makedo without (due to unavailabilty) then there is nothing at all wrong with downloading this bootleg version (especially if they intend to pay for it when it is officially released - which they should). Regina Apple has simply been very kind to share this wonderful song with ppl who would otherwise have to go without.
  12. A NEW, NEW better!

    Why won't iTunes UK release the new better's! Im dying to hear the piano and voice recut. 'Getting sad, getting sad, getting sad, getting sad, and i dont understand, and i dont understand'
  13. A question about regina shows

    I'm going to regina's concert in Liverpool on the 4th September (only 29 days to go - can't wait!). Its my first ever music concert and I was just wondering how early you have to be at one of regina's shows to get to the front?(its standing and so tickets are just for general admission). I am soooooooo looking forward to the show and it would be such a shame if i was stuck at back, not being able to see anything . I know how helpful and great the people on this forum are, and it would be great if someone could help.
  14. A question about regina shows

    My camera has a memory of only 36 mins and is pretty poor in bad light but i' ll have a go.
  15. A question about regina shows

    Yeah, i'll definatly do a review and post photos for everyone here. I'm just testing the video on my camera right now.
  16. A question about regina shows

    Thanks LittleVoice
  17. A question about regina shows

    Thanks for the advice everyone! I just found out im gonna only get there about 45 mins before the start (damn trains) and so i'll probably end up at the back. However thanks mooebon and roth for the reasuurances - im sure it'll be briliant anyway!
  18. Are we ruining it for ourselves?

    Ofcourse it will be much better not to have heard any of the songs on the new album. It is far more entertaining to listen to new material. Imagine the excitment and anticipation of knowing you are putting on a Regina CD with 12 new songs on it! But if we don't listen to any unrealesed material we will miss out on many musical gems by Regina. Listening to a new album with different versions of familiar songs will still be a great experience. I would rather have this lesser experienced and to have heard the many unrealeased (and never to be released) songs by Regina, than the fanatastic experience (of not having heard any of the songs on the new album), but totally missing out on some works of art. I mean imagine being a Regina fan and not having heard 'Bobbing for Apples' (which is unlikely ever to be released due to its 'explicit nature'). There are many other examples and therefore it is a worthwhile sacrifice to listen to unreleased material.
  19. A question about regina shows

    I'm going to regina's concert in Liverpool on the 4th September (only 29 days to go - can't wait!). Its my first ever music concert and I was just wondering how early you have to be at one of regina's shows to get to the front?(its standing and so tickets are just for general admission). I am soooooooo looking forward to the show and it would be such a shame if i was stuck at back, not being able to see anything . I know how helpful and great the people on this forum are, and it would be great if someone could help.
  20. Why are ppl so closed minded about music?

    Arrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh! I am very angry and in desperate need of a good rant. Why are people so narrow minded when listening to music (and in fact in living their lives)? I try to introduce all of my friends to regina's music and none of them like it! They are all like 'im an indie rock guy' or 'emo is my kind of music'. I cant believe how ignorant they all are. If only they listened to regina, or read some of the posts on this forum, about 'opening your mind' and 'being yourself', they may discover a whole new range of valuble and enjoyable life experiences. They would discover/meet many amzingly talented and interesting people. But if thats the way they want lead their lives, closing off their minds to vast ammounts of lifes pleasures and experiences, then i let them do that, knowing i myself will make the most of what life has to offer. Now i am done ranting, and i feel much better. Thankyou for reading my rant, and its good to know there are other open minded people like myself out there (eg. the people on this forum)
  21. does regina frighten your parents?

    Cool. Durham is a really nice place. I go there all the time to watch the cricket. (sorry about being so off topic)
  22. does regina frighten your parents?

    My dad first encountered regina when he came into the study and 'Mary Ann' was playing. The first line he heard regina sing was 'he came in and unbuckled quickly'. My dad left the study as quickly as he could, whilst repeating the line to himself in disbelief. So yes, regina obviously terrifies my father! My mum kinda likes her though.
  23. just booked tickets for ....

    I have tickets to the liverpool gig aswell! My first ever regina concert. Can't wait!