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  1. Lady is such a cool song, but regina would need to hire a really good saxophone player just to do the little solo at the end. Shame, that song has grown on me so much. It was the only song on BTH i didnt like at first, but its a real grower. I'd love to hear it live.

  2. Regina's beautiful, intricate and delicate sound is rare. The majority of popular bands/singers nowadays have a big sound and are worshipped at gigs by screaming fans. Ussually when a person sees/hears/goes to a gig, they will find load music screaming fans, shouting etc. Our age of pop gods and enormous teenage peer pressure, combined with the fact regina's music became more 'slick' and rocky with BTH, means her shows are going to be loud. Young people are simply going to want to fit in, and if they have to scream, shout and singalong to do this, they most certainly will. I say this as a 16 year old, having known many people who've gone to gigs.

  3. That was genuinly terrifying and its really upsetting that regina was so shook up. Security should have done a much better job. Sorry about my understating first post - i didnt realise just how bad it was (just saw the incident now). I hope that it doesnt affect reginas public appearances too much (although i wouldnt blame her if it did). I hope she gets her confidence back quickly.

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    Originally posted by doreesky:

    Originally posted by Dan the man:

    Vote now, vote often. We moved her from #17 to #10 to #5, lets go for #1.

    Regina is #3 this week!..I just drag her vid to the #1 spot and hit submit without any others in the rest of the boxes..ha! Thanks for the link..~Peace

    Im confused. When i clicked on the 'this weeks top 20' tab i see no better vid. I'm voting loads aswell Smiler

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    I hope regina releases a single with all the different versions of better on it, including the video.

    You are aware that the Better (Radio Recut) which was used in the vid has been released right?

    I know its been realesed in the US, but unfortunatly in the UK we got nothing Frowner. I just hope eventually they release it here

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    Originally posted by Senza:

    Originally posted by johny:

    Where did you guys meet her after the show (just for reference for the next time)?

    Just out front in the street. She didn't come out till about 1am though, so it was a long wait, but i'd missed a train anyway (they'd replaced it with a bus but forgot to mention it in the station) so had nothing better to do..! My mind went a bit blank and i'd love to go back and speak to her more properly but i wasn't sure if she was even up for speaking at any length. Plus it was kind of raining.

    Dont worry about it, after all there's nothing you can do now. Im sure you'll get another chance to meet regina again Smiler. Was there many ppl there when she came out? Did she and talk for long? Did she talk to everyone? Sorry about all the questions - i just really wanted to stay and meet her but my dad was sitting waiting for me in the car, and had to be in work the next day.

    PS. I really, really hope i get to meet her next time i go to one of her gigs - id be gutted if i missed her again.