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  1. post your favorite photos of regina

    C'mon you guys, this is unbeatable:
  2. Reg in Sheffield

    So apparently she's back in the UK in December... Was I like the only one not to know or is this news to you guys too? Do you assume she'll play London again? She gotta right?...RIGHT?
  3. Reg in Sheffield

    So apparently she's back in the UK in December... Was I like the only one not to know or is this news to you guys too? Do you assume she'll play London again? She gotta right?...RIGHT?

    GOLD! quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: HAHAHA, "u cant compare 2001:a space odyssey to the big lebowski" How about a mashup? WALTER: Mark it a zero. HAL9000: I'm afraid I can't do that Walter. WALTER: HAL my friend. *pulls out gun* You are entering a world of pain. Mark it zero. DONNY: Can a computer feel pain Dude? *no one acknowledges this* WALTER: Mark it *points gun at HAL* a Zero. HAL9000: This game is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it. THE DUDE: Walter, put the piece away man. WALTER: Am I the only one here that cares about the rules! *cocks gun* Mark it ZERO! HAL: This conversation can serve no purpose anymore. *marks the score 8* -- Walter shoots HAL -- THE DUDE: WALTER! HAL9000: *voice slowing down* Good-afternoon... gentlemen.. I am a HAL9000 computeerrr. Would you like mmme to ... sing a song ffor youuuu... DONNY: I am the Walrus. WALTER: Shut the FUCK UP Donny! THE DUDE: WALTER! We Need that computer to keep score man! WALTER: Nothing is fucked here dude. You're being very un-dude. THE DUDE: Walter.. Man. Just calm down man. WALTER: Calmer than you are Dude.
  5. Wish Me LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    quote: Sounds sgrivating. I'm glad I haven't a clue what you're talking about. Hey look! A shiny thing! hearts's to all Shira, I'ma megalomaniac. ooooh, big word. Dammit! Why does this sense of humour get to me every time...I wish I weren't so vulnerable.

    Oooook... SO - how many of you already knew that Regina had lovely, abundant boobs? I am agknowledging that just now. Maybe I don't really like her music. Maybe it's just freudian.
  7. "Better" music video

    Disappointing... This video is soo not regina-esque. If this is her big leap into mainstream I would've thought she would've been keen on portraying the most accurate picture of herself. This is totally decieving. Lets start with bringing back the red hair Reg... ...then show us some piano... ...and some rambling. p.s. Hey, I almost couldn't care less. Yay Vishnu for making Regina be.
  8. touring with band?

    I don't think so either. Touring with a band is soo much more expensive and requires soo much more organization. And Regina can, duh, hold up the whole show on her shoulders (unlike many of her "peers"...) Also we all know that despite the hurricane over her new arrangements, we're still gonna hear the old ones at her concerts. My cristal ball has spoken. I know, I should see an andrologist.
  9. quote: Originally posted by Slickertm: An excerpt from her myspace blog: "Don't think i haven't noticed the petitte hurricane of thoughts and feelings that has errupted about the new music Ok - I've been silent 'till now but the time has come for me to express my rage, no, my fury at mrs. Spektors latest manifestations. Check your french missy...that is NOT how you spell "petite". That'll be all. Oh - by the way - I am just thrilled by the fact that maybe even this generation will have some pop made up by a genious. Not unlike um...the Beatles? Queen? Paul Simon? So - thanks for opening the creative window into a world where the air has been stiff for too long.
  10. Shepherds Bush Empire, 04/02/06

    Glad you like it...
  11. Shepherds Bush Empire, 04/02/06

    Here's my contribution. My grace.
  12. Best "Soviet Kitsch" review. Ever.

    quote: 'cause you can't tell me that if you didn't know who Regina Spektor was that this review would strike your interest in her. That is EXACTLY what I am, in fact, telling you. quote: its not worth the time and effort to follow-up on your already wasted time of reading the review in the first place. As I said, it's very clever. And clever things demand and deserve an effort. On both sides. Just listen to Regina! Again - read his OTHER reviews and you'll see that he has all the skill to be able to write a generic and professional review of an album. You can criticise this review, no prob, but you'll have to do it after you agknowledge that the style is a deliberate choice.
  13. Best "Soviet Kitsch" review. Ever.

    You guys! This guy is a G E N I U S. Do you not see how obvious it is that he's trying to be obnoxious? I mean, really... The fact that his language is so limited is all part of the scheme. The fact that such a dimwit (who he pretends to be) doesn't "get it" is only one more reason to be curious about the album. Read his other reviews, they're all very clever. And please turn on your sarcasm detectors (on the internet and in life)
  14. From Stylus Mag: Hey, it's probably best not to spend too much time with Regina Spektor. I mean, she's all about, like, killing herself and people dying and all this sad stuff and it's totally a downer. I know that when she's singing she's just being these characters but sometimes isn't it just a bit much, and who wants to put up with that kind of show? And here's the other thing: she could like really play the piano but you kind of don't notice it when she's singing because, you know, all she ends up giving us are squeaks and snarls every so often. Like, is she trying to be a punk or a folksinger or a classical musician or what? OMG she's like some twit that showed up a little tipsy at the formal and the proceeded to show off all night at the piano and kept on drinking and I swear she's making up some of these songs as she goes along but nobody seems to mind at first and then you have to force her to go home. Really, though, it's not like a formal. There's no champagne here at all, cheap or otherwise. Soviet Kitsch is totally wine-in-a-brown-bag music, just for someone in a rented tux. Regina's got this one song called "Poor Little Rich Boy" and it's such a crock. She's like trying to put down this rich kid for being all superficial and tied up in his own self, but she totally blows it by making him have this complex stuff with his mom and his girlfriend and who cares if his girlfriend is or isn't fat, right? (And get this—I heard she was snooty, starting piano at six and training with a music professor and stuff. No wonder she isn't hard on this rich guy.) Anyhow, then she really blows it by pushing it off on his youngness. She gives him an out! WTF? It's almost as if she didn't want to rub it in with this guy, but I'm not even sure what she's talking about. But there is this one part that really gets me. She does this other song called "Chemo Limo" and talks about some mom dying from cancer who can't even pay her medical bills and like you'd think that's kind of cheesy, but it really made me sad. And then at the end she repeats these lines from the beginning that go, "I had a dream / Crispy crispy Benjamin Franklin came over / And baby-sat all four of my kids" but when it repeats she adds this big piano chords and oh, it gives me chills. Then there's this Decemberists moment where she sings a song about sailors, but instead of being all adventurous and like old, it's just about this sailor who hates this girl because she kisses but won't really put out which is just so lame. Regina gets them, though, when she makes this joke about huddling with missiles, which is totally about their dicks. It's like these sailors need to just deal and do whatever they need to do with putting it all on this Mary Ann girl. Like the R-rated version of Gilligan or something. What I don't get is the name of the album, Soviet Kitsch? I heard that "kitsch" is like stuff that's really cheesy and so people buy it for that reason, but like the people who made it didn't try to do it that way. And there's nothing like that here because Regina so knows what she's doing, like when she repeats "a walk" over and over until it sounds like Fozzy Bear. And there's definitely nothing Soviet here. I don't care where she was born—that girl is from Brooklyn. So, like, if it's just American and it's just like her looking at these made-up lives what's so Soviet or so kitsch about that. Does she think she's saying something about life or is she just screwing around on the piano? I mean, really! Anyway, I'm totally going to make you listen to this when you come over.