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  1. Regina's Best Lines

    My mama thinks I'm grown, but I'm really just little.
  2. Ok... the best Regina song evah is....

    I believe the correct spelling is ***.
  3. Regina's Best Lines

    I’ve given you love and I’ve given you anger as well and I meant them both
  4. Songs that never get old

    Chemo Limo. Incredible.
  5. how many copies of Far will you buy?

  6. how many copies of Far will you buy?

    Has anyone heard Riot Gear - is it worth it to get the I-Tunes version for it. I already have the CD/DVD pre-ordered at Amazon. Thanks- I'm leaning towards pre-ordering I-tunes version also. What do you think?
  7. regina lyric chain game!

    "I’ll open my pocket and show you my stash" --- Secret Stash
  8. Name That reg Tune

    Dusseldorf! "back on my knees"
  9. Name That reg Tune

    Let's move on... "clean cut"
  10. Whats your favorite regina song?

    Devil Come to Bethlehem That Time Rockland County ...for now...
  11. Explain Your Name Here!!

    A cooler version... Aren't we all?
  12. Name That reg Tune

    2.99¢ Blues !!! "respected"
  13. Name That reg Tune

    Fidelity "on the ice"
  14. Name That reg Tune

    Consequence of Sound "hold back"
  15. Name That reg Tune

    Happy Hooker "Soviet Kitsch"