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  1. Bulletin Posts

    Aye, I agree. I love the people here, I can relate with most of them because they actually know a thing or two about life. Unlike most of the people in my town who know a thing or two about drugs. <.<;
  2. Bulletin Posts

    @Crispy - Amusement? That's actually a much tougher question that I first thought. =P
  3. music is unappreciated

    I have opinions too!! I believe that rap is music. In fact, it's a wonderful medium to get your thoughts across. The thing I don't enjoy is what most people classify as the only rap. The stuff that you hear on the radio about sex, drugs, and alcohol. The inspiration behind that rap doesn't tickle my fancy. But rap its self, as a musical style, is such a wonderful thing. The rhyme and rhythm is a pleasure to listen to. There are plenty of rappers who don't rap about women and drugs, and their music is quite pleasing.
  4. 3 word story

    volcanic rock debris.
  5. 3 word story

    moon light with
  6. 3 word story

    listening to Regina
  7. Bulletin Posts

    I win the game, I got to 2000. I almost had 5000, but then it dropped. ;_;
  8. Bulletin Posts

    I spent an entire 45 minute school period playing Shoot The Moon...
  9. Six Thoughts...

    1.) Yager Bombs are like cough syrup. 2.) Perks, I know how you feel. Or at least by your brief explanation. 3.) I'm sick, head cold. 4.) I'm going to a show this weekend! 5.) I'm gonna be doing A LOT of driving. 6.) I really hope he spots me gas money...
  10. Bulletin Posts

    They cancel school due to temperatures? That's awesome! It was only 'Feels Like 0' here, at around 15 degrees. My grandma lives in Ohio, but she's about an hour north of Dayton, no where near you...
  11. Valentine's Day

    I bought like 20 dollars worth of chocolate already, and ideas are raging through my mind. So yes, overboard it is this year! I usually never really care about Valentine's day, but this year is different.
  12. Good News Thread!

    I'm glad you passed! And it's wonderful that you're ditching the bitterness thing! In other words, I'm glad you're glad!
  13. No Idea What To Do

    I'm really sorry to hear about this Wonder Bread. I can understand how it feels. But I got back together with my best friend, and I'm sure it will work out one way or another with yours. Whether that be that you become friends again, or it just gets piddled all away, either way, eventually everything will work out. And, addressing what Andreseng said... Thank you. I really needed that slap in the face back then. This forum is great, and they'll help you get through anything.
  14. I'm freeeeeee!

    That is an adorable smile, my friend is getting her braces off March 25'th!
  15. Six Thoughts...

    1.) I think I'm in like. =P 2.) But I don't think she's in like back. 3.) Valentine's day is coming up. 4.) I start my homework too late... 5.) I wake up too late too... 6.) <-- This is a six.