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  1. 3 word story

    After, who doesn't
  2. Freshmeat at College. tips?

    I'm about to start on the same adventure I just came back from a four week program at my school (U of Rochester), and I was so surprised how amazingly friendly everyone is. Every other freshman at your school is looking for new friends. I'm very social for the most part and just saying HI! to someone may start up a whole new friendship Homesickness is something I can't help with Bed bath and beyond had a very complete list of things. I wouldn't by everything on it, but it might be worth a peek. What school are you going to if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Good News Thread!

    I miss having the time to be on Brumstix. I work and go to school and every free minute goes to music. I got into college!! YAYYY! University of Rochester!!!!! I can't wait to bring the Reginaism up there.
  4. 3 word story

    the hypotenuses of
  5. poetry anyone???

    I hunger for sundown So I can slip into sleep And settle in the bossom Of my subconscious lake Dusk paints the sky Erasing all smudges Washing it clean With the disc of the moon The sun unforgiving All seeing all knowing Surrenders to his brothers Who spend all their time wishing I ache for the voice which is only an echo I am starved of the face that remains only a shadow I dream to remember To forget and let go But the sun always rises And awakes me from life
  6. 3 word story

    He feared that
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Madeleine Peyroux- J'ai deux amours
  8. 3 word story

    This was it.
  9. Good News Thread!

    Awesome Therese! I'm still employed!!! This good news will not stop being announced.
  10. Regina Demographics

  11. 3 word story

    ernie, yet he
  12. 3 word story

    crooked. His drugs
  13. 3 word story

    , but mostly he
  14. 2003-05-11 Barbès | Brooklyn, NY

    i just died. i'm so much closer to a complete collection. omg i love you so much. ic ould kiss you. but I won't because wellf or one you're not near me but more importantly i have a strict rule before i kiss someone i need to knwo first middle last name and favorite song. so as to avoid whorefeelingness
  15. Bulletin Posts

    AND PEOPLE CALLED IT RAGTIME!!! anyone???? oh boy, i will have to bring musical theatre into your lives. quote: Originally posted by leaves: quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Have no fear. Know that if anything like that ever happened we'd have contingency plans ready to go at respektonline.......uh worries....we've actually discussed this already. A brumstix safety net at respektonline, that's reassuring. imagine all the brumstix refugees migrating to respektonline, making sure everyone made it over, setting up their new accounts, having to start over, remembering the "old country". I hope that never happens but it's always good to have an emergency plan.