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  1. I remember at one message board I used to post at there was a nice place in your profile to list all the concerts you've seen, and I thought it would make a good thread, so I'll start it off! (somewhat in order, as best as I can remember at the moment, i'll probably go through my ticket stubs to make sure I didn't forget anything) *Freshly updated for this years Bonnaroo* Weezer (my first concert) 2 Skinnee J's (several times) Ben Folds (thrice) Cake Cowboy Mouth Better Than Ezra The Strokes (twice) The Sounds Eels (twice) The Queers (twice) Rilo Kiley (four times) Joss Stone My Morning Jacket Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins International Orange (a few times) Beck Balkan Beat Box Matisyahu Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint Social Distortion The Violent Femmes The Flaming Lips (twice) Kings of Leon The Roots Regina Spektor Wolfmother The White Stripes The Smashing Pumpkins The Watson Twins Del the Funkee Homosapien Lez Zeppelin Tegan and Sara The Raconteurs Metallica Gogol Bordello Pearl Jam Kanye West (biggest disappointment ever) I'm curious to see all of yours, so post!
  2. Concerts you've been to / Bands you've seen live

    Social D was pretty good even though Mike Ness is an old man now. Didn't matter though, they kicked all kinds of ass. The only complaint I have is they didn't play Born to Lose, which was their most recognizable song to me.
  3. The Hives and regina connection

    The Hives are fucking awesome. That is all.
  4. Reg to be on new Ben Folds album

    Well I'll still out hope for a surprise. I've just been busy with a lot of stuff, but I'm not so busy for June so I decided to pop in here.
  5. Rilo Kiley: Not Under the Blacklight

    I hope they continue to bust out Better Son/Daughter. I'm going to have to see them again this year at Bonnaroo, and in the 3 times I've seen them they haven't played it.
  6. Reg to be on new Ben Folds album

    I wonder if Ben will bust out Regina as a special guest at Bonnaroo this year....he did promise us some new material
  7. Atlanta: Where's The Back Door?

    I got my alternator replaced and it was enough to get me home, but now my car is basically completely screwed, I got an estimate today of about $1400, and its not even overpriced based on a couple other estimates I've got. I'm going to have to deal with it for now and in about a week I'm meeting my dad halfway from here to Jersey to swap cars. So it looks like everything will have fixed itself, minus being able to see Regina of course
  8. Regina Gone Vertigo

    I once got hit in the head by a pop fly baseball when I played as a kid. I had the cap on and the bill of the cap + the sun made me lose it and it hit me in the head and knocked me out. Next thing I remember I woke up with everyone around me on the field. I was ok though, or maybe that explains my brain damage haha.
  9. Atlanta: Where's The Back Door?

    I have had the worst possible night, not just due to me driving myself all the way to Atlanta only to find out that its cancelled. When I first arrived downtown, my battery light came on. I parked (at a cost of $10), and then found out it was cancelled. I got someone to give my car a jump but it didn't seem to do much. I got about 20 minutes out of downtown before my car started losing power. I ended up blocking an off ramp for about 45 minutes (while then waiting for AAA) when a cop pushed my car with his patrol car into a Waffle House parking lot. The AAA guy gets there and replaces my battery for $100. I didn't care at this point, I just wanted to get home so I wouldn't waste tomorrow too. I got about 20 minutes down I-20 before it died again. I got it towed to a place because it seems like my alternator is dead, and now I'm stuck in Covington, GA for the night. So not only did I waste today, I'm going to waste tomorrow as well. And I won't be able to come back for the rescheduled date because I'll be in the middle of my final exams.
  10. Atlanta: Where's The Back Door?

    Is there a way to find out if it is or isn't? It would be super lame for me to drive my ass all the way out to Atlanta and not have it happen....and I'm going to be leaving within the hour...
  11. Disrespektful Audiences

    Hopefully I won't experience this side of it tonight... there seems to be a large amount of brumstixers in GA
  12. Atlanta: Where's The Back Door?

    I'm going, but I'm still in Charleston at the moment..I'm probably just going to drop in just before the show and head right back home afterwards....yay for driving long distances by yourself!
  13. And I'm rebuilding a computer...and all of sudden I realize the faint music in the background is none other than the sweet voice of Regina! I guess someone got their shit together when they made this work music CD. Just thought I'd share that. It's Better by the way.
  14. So I am sitting here at my desk...

    And I'm rebuilding a computer...and all of sudden I realize the faint music in the background is none other than the sweet voice of Regina! I guess someone got their shit together when they made this work music CD. Just thought I'd share that. It's Better by the way.
  15. kate nash meets regina

  16. photos of ourselves !

    There I fixed it. Now you can all be afraid of my beardedness. Speaking of Bonnaroo, nice picture on your desktop there Dan
  17. Apres Moi in Trivia

    Damn I haven't played team trivia in a long ass time. This story makes me long for it.
  18. New music we should all hear

    How about Grand Ole Party? I saw them open for Rilo Kiley a week or so ago and they sound very very similar to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. The lead singer (also female, of course) is also their DRUMMER! Don't see that enough. The only other band that I've seen with lead singer/drummer is Cowboy Mouth. So anyway if you like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's you'll like Grand Ole Party.
  19. Under the Blacklight - Rilo Kiley

    Breakin' Up is really growing on me. The whole CD is, its just one of those kinds of CD's I guess.
  20. Under the Blacklight - Rilo Kiley

    I had my doubts about it going into the concert but it was great. The stuff on the album sounds a lot better live (and mixed in with their other work) in my opinion. They only played one of the bad songs on UTB (15), which was good because there are a couple of really bad tracks on there. Dejalo namely.
  21. photos of ourselves !

    pretty crazy if I do say so myself. Since then the beard has been shaved off though, so the crazy look is no longer. I fixed it!
  22. Cereal and Oatmeal are Soup???

    I think this needs to go under the category of "People with Too Much Time on Their Hands".
  23. Five questions - Regina Spektor

    By then we won't need canes because we will have robots to carry us.
  24. cleveland mishap!

    She should have just told that one guy to go fuck off, sort of like she did in that one video on youtube. Put him in his place, thats all.
  25. How big will Regina get?