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  1. um.. is regina anti vegan?

    This might have been answered (I'm vegan myself) but what it means by "anti vegan" is as in eating meat again. It's a widely-used phrase. I'm sad she's not vegan anymore, but that's fine, can't change it.
  2. Regina on Jonathan Ross!

    Oh dangit, you know, of the four channels I have, to have Regina on one of them (ew, she played Loose Women, though. Although a great performance, ew), and me to miss it - agh!
  3. how did you get into regina?

    I had a friend who was trained in piano and violin who played me some songs from Soviet Kitsch, so I had to get it afterwards! Then I heard Fidelity on VH! while I was in the other room and I said "That sound like Regina..." and it was! And then my love for her replenished. Now that she's getting widely popular, it's nice to know I loved her first.