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    RJLupin2 reacted to BeginToHope in Newly found 11:11 CD   
    So I bought this 11:11 off of eBay for an offer price of $85! It is a limited edition promo CD from 2001 that Regina made for her family and friends. The CD is painted and varnished. Only 50 copies were made!
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    RJLupin2 reacted to BeginToHope in Order "Live On Soundstage"!   
    (Autographed CD/DVD is now out of stock! Sorry if you didn't get this :-( )
    Hello, fellow Respektors!
    I am pleased to announce you can now order Regina's latest live album "Live On Soundstage" (In either CD/DVD or Standalone Blu-ray format)! 
    The tracklisting includes:
    1. On The Radio  
    2. Better
    3. Bleeding Heart 
    4. Older And Taller 
    5. Grand Hotel  
    6. Small Bill$  
    7. Black and White  
    8. Hotel Song 
    9. The Trapper and the Furrier
    10. Sellers Of Flowers  
    11. Obsolete  
    12. Tornadoland (DVD only)
    13. You’ve Got The Time  
    14. New Year  
    15. Us  
    16. The Visit  
    17. The Light  
    18. Fidelity 
    19. Samson
    (All songs were taped on July 29, 2016 at WTTW's Grainger Studio in Chicago, IL)
    It is now avaliable on Amazon and other major retailers! 
    Buy Blu-ray here.
    Buy CD + DVD here.
    Until next time!
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    RJLupin2 got a reaction from RobertScops in Downloading Regina Songs?   
    Hmm. I actually don't know aside from peer to peer.
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    RJLupin2 reacted to srg in New York Rhapsody on PBS   
    Streaming here: http://www.pbs.org/video/2365898003
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    RJLupin2 reacted to tallchick in Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)   
    I love the new song. Check out my reaction here!

    Will def post a video of me reacting to all the songs
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    RJLupin2 reacted to bum bum bum in Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)   
    Awesome! I'm so excited to hear new Regina songs!! Did they give you any idea of when the show will air on PBS?
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    RJLupin2 reacted to tallchick in NEW ALBUM/TOUR: WHAT IS REGINA HIDING?   
    Post theories here. New website looks awesome! Love the animation. I am guessing new album and eventually new tour. Omgsh I wonder what will be on this album!!! SO exciting!
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    RJLupin2 reacted to candreae in reg in the news   
    I turn 36 in 48 minutes...I believe I might ask for plane tickets to Germany for my birthday.
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    RJLupin2 reacted to robertaxel in The New Record   
    Another one from the show (via twitter)

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    RJLupin2 reacted to andreseng in Wee Rants   
    And it misses you!
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    RJLupin2 reacted to bum bum bum in Wee Rants   
    I miss brumstix!
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    RJLupin2 reacted to cookieknits in Your Mood in Terms of Regina Songs   
    I am one of Regina's older fans, about to turn 60 this month (Nov. 21015). Her songs have helped me live through one of the worst things that can happen to anyone, the death of a loved one, in my case my beloved husband five years ago. I can't point to any particular song. It is just her way of looking at life, offbeat, cynical, kind of the way I am when I am emotionally as healthy as I can be. She helped my ground myself. She is not the only artist who assisted me in my journey to wholeness, and I am not there yet, not by a long shot, but Ms. Spektor has been important to me.
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    RJLupin2 got a reaction from Rosa! in The New Record   
    Rosa!! It's good to see you around here again!
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    RJLupin2 reacted to Rosa! in The New Record   
    Hello guys...not sure if anyone will remember me, but I used to be active here. Hope you all are doing great. I feel like I've rediscovered Regina! I joined this forum when I was 13...I've now graduated college and for now I'm working at a newspaper, and I decided on a whim to re-listen to 11:11 the other day. Now I'm obsessed with Regina all over again. Whatever she does on this next album, I'm so ready.
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    RJLupin2 got a reaction from porcupine-ologist in What are you listening to right now?   
    I really love Lorde so that is definitely strange. I can't help but love it, though. Has anyone watched Peaky Blinders? The actor in that music video is from the first season!
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    RJLupin2 reacted to porcupine-ologist in What are you listening to right now?   
    Disclosure-Magnets ft. Lorde
    Kind of unexpected for me from Lorde. Not that that's a bad thing. I actually like the song and music video.
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    RJLupin2 reacted to Universal Edibility in The Complete Spektography: An Update   
    So I realized that it is probably about time someone revamped the Complete Spektography. By doing so, it will help us all out in the sharing of live recordings.
    I have made a very extensive and comprehensive document of all Regina's songs and the shows they were recorded at but there are still many holes to fill!
    and here is a version anyone can edit:
    It is really a very helpful document, a "guide" to her songs.
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    RJLupin2 got a reaction from porcupine-ologist in pictures and videos of interest...   
    Just a heads up to anyone who likes Sia, her album 1000 Forms of Fear is free on Google Play temporarily!
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    RJLupin2 reacted to kateryna in If anyone needs sheet music...   
    Does anyone have 8th floor? The link from this thread doesn't work anymore and the sheet music posted in yahoo group does not feel right. I know there is very little chance someone will answer to this old thread, but I have a hope
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    RJLupin2 reacted to Justamelodyinquartz in Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire   
    Got linked to this thread by RJLupin2 (thanks!)
    Hello Regina fanworld!
    New here, but I've been lurking a few times since Regina's Far album, when this board was still on infopop. :-)
    I probably won't be here very often (as I'll be busy listening to Regina), but will be if I got somethng to share.
    Edit: dang, those formatting tags seem broken :-/
    [b]Name or nickname:[/b]Jelle or Justamelodyinquartz
    [b]Orientation:[/b]sexual(?): hetrosexual
    [b]Relationship status:[/b]single
    [b]Languages:[/b]Dutch, English, some French and German

    [b]Occupation:[/b]looking for a job in chemistry
    [b]Hobbies:[/b]music, cycling, movies, games, parties, dancing
    [b]Interests:[/b]music, friendship, politics, relationships, human mind and body, life, language, sex, earth, space and information
    [b]Political Views:[/b]care for the planet and all its inhabitants and yourself, ban money, power and greed where they become problematic
    [b]Religious Views:[/b]seek truth and thou shall find

    [i]Favorite Things[/i]hmm I'm kind of against favoritism, there's something in everything, but will try to play ball :-)
    [b]Color:[/b]can be appreciated if in the human spectrum
    [b]Books:[/b]I dont read enough, but I'm re-read the Hyperion sci-fi saga again and loving it.
    [b]TV:[/b]has been sold 5 years ago or so, I watch the news
    [b]Movies:[/b]so many good ones! Double Indemnity (1944), 2001: A Space Odyssey, Revolutionary Road (warning you'll feel bad), Three Colors trilogy, Dogville, Timecrimes, V For Vendetta, Children Of Men, La Meglio Gioventu, Amelie, Moon, Memento, Wall-E (sorry couldn't stop)
    instrumental: Regina, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie must be the most dominant ones. I like lyrics, their context and how they are delivered so these keep me coming back.
    electronic: goa trance, psy-trance, psychill, disco

    [b]Origin or meaning of your Username:[/b]Reggie's "Happy Hooker" - I think most lyrics online have got it wrong or maybe I did, but in the Brooklyn recording I'm quite sure she sings:
    But don't look at me that way baby, I can't help you, my life is just a melody in quads, quads, quartz.
    Don't look at me that way baby, I can't help you, my life is just a melody in quartz, quartz, quartz.
    [b]First time you heard Regina:[/b]Hero and Us in 500 Days Of Summer, instantly hooked.
    [b]Top 5 Regina Spektor songs:[/b]Woah.. (1 hour later): Ghost Of Corporate Future, Ne Me Quitte Pas (early), Consequence Of Sounds, Reading Time With Pickle; Back Of A Truck, bonus: Dance Anthem Of The 80s
    [b]Random fact about yourself:[/b]i have long dreadlocks
    [b]Who/What inspires you:[/b]humor, truth, passion
    [b]Best thing about last year:[/b]the weather (yeah last year sucked)
    [b]Looking forward to this year:[/b]finding a job
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    RJLupin2 reacted to Justamelodyinquartz in Regina is everywhere   
    Was listening to Kimya Dawson's Thunder Thighs album, track 6 "Zero Or Zillion sports the following lyrics:
    As I sit and listen to a kid you clearly influenced
    I text and say I'm glad that you're my friend (yay!)
    Then leave another perfect time show, feeling inspired and powerful
    "The Ghost of Corporate Future" in my head (my fucking head!)
    And as I count the ways that I've said "fuck you" to the man
    I don't care who thinks that I've sold out or not
    Since going barefoot I feel better
    That Regina fucking Spektor is a name I'll never be ashamed to drop (Go Regina!)
    I saw that little weirdo walk into the open mic, sit down shyly at the piano and then start (Wow!)
    Singing songs we'll start to knowing, silly, sad and so mind blowing
    They were undeniably straight from the heart (Right from the heart!)
    P.S. I'm new here, is there some sort of an introduction topic? :-)
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    RJLupin2 got a reaction from Universal Edibility in What would you like to see on the new record?   
    Oh, you know what, I had seen that! I just associate it with the name Renate Hug, I didn't really realize there was a name for it. 
    That the lyrics in Apres Moi towards the end are "Stand (stand-ding-dong)". I always thought she said "Stand (Stand-ing tall)."
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    RJLupin2 reacted to TC in Hey I dreamt about Regina!   
    It was tiny again, and she played a new song and I had to leave the room because it made me so emotional hahahaha.
    Why can't my Regina dreams be real?!
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    RJLupin2 reacted to Lilyfloss in The New Record   
    How am I noticing this so late! So excited!! I can't wait to hear what kind of sounds she's exploring on this one.