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  1. Is Regina overdoing it?

    I paid $35 plus whatever fees for NYC.
  2. As an alternative to covers you'd like to see...

    Me. But seriously, I know it's corny, but I'd like to see a one-shot NYC dueling pianos show between her and Nellie McKay.
  3. Meeting her in person...

    quote: Originally posted by ClocksWereAsleep: shes i'll add as many pics as i can to my pictures in case any one wants them Huntington Station, eh? My dad lives in Dix Hills! I guess you go to college or grad school out in the glove state?
  4. A song Regina should cover

    quote: Originally posted by Rawin: quote: I'd actually like to see Norah cover "Your Honor" because I know she used to throw on a wig, put on a pseudonym, and front a punk band at some small NYC venue or other. they've played at some of the same venues, like The Living Room I thought they might have. That's awesome.
  5. Meeting her in person...

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Life does not revolve entirely around music. Unless it's life inside a musicbox.
  6. Meeting her in person...

    quote: Originally posted by ClocksWereAsleep: Its not that I dont understand all the things I'm sure she was feeling and dealing with, but the point wasnt that I waited or any of that, totally my choice, i guess what bothered me was that she took time with everyone else, but then when it got to me she just kinda brushed right past me, but ive said, i could understand her being more concerned with her friends then some fan she doesnt even know.. over all, it was amazing just getting to meet her, as I know many people have not.. and i posted everywhere because i wanted to get other peoples opinions in case i was being too hard on myself for high expectations, never met any one "famous" before, so didnt know what to think from the meeting. I flew in from michigan for the concert and the chance to meet here in NYC, so was just a big thing for me... Aww, I was just kidding before. As someone really paranoid, I know the feeling. Is she playing Michigan at all? Or maybe you can see her next tour? I imagine--and I may be dead wrong--that there might be less fans (and less friends) in a town other than her hometown?
  7. A song Regina should cover

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: The LAST thing I'd ever want to see if a duet with Norah Jones. Aww, don't be so antagonistic. It'd be cute. I'd actually like to see Norah cover "Your Honor" because I know she used to throw on a wig, put on a pseudonym, and front a punk band at some small NYC venue or other.
  8. Meeting her in person...

    Hey, are any of you guys curious about what ClocksWereAsleep thought of his meeting with reg? I am. I wish he'd tell us. I don't know why he's keeping it a secret.
  9. Hammerstein Ballroom

    quote: Originally posted by morricone1900: Can anyone explain wtf happened at the beginning of "Samson?" She said something after that complete derailment, but I couldn't understand what it was. That was kind of freaky -- I mean she has played that song for 5 years now....what was going on???? :/ Belated, yeah, but I couldn't remember, so I tried to figure it out. From what I could make out above the ruckus on danlynch's BEAUTIFUL recording, Regina postulates that she's "overwhelmed" and says, among some other impossible-to-hear things, "I need to start drinking." Yes, START, hahah.
  10. On friends and Regina Spektor

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: quote: Originally posted by howmuchbetter: MAYBE. I think she's one of those artists where when they're obscure, they sound "weird", and when they're popular, they're "for girls" or "too pop-y". For example, and no one crucify me, I sort of like Panic! at the Disco. I KNOW, I KNOW. But, had their sound not been so catchy, and had they not been discovered by Pete "Girls Like That I Look Like A Girl Too" Wentz, I think everyone would be calling them a hip underground group. I will say, though, that I don't think they have anywhere to go after this last album. They milked Palahniuk for all he was worth. What are they going to do next? Start working Swift for material? What was my point again? OH, RIGHT. I think she's one of those artists that gets pegged wrong partly because she's a female who plays piano, so a lot of people who pride themselves on SEEMING like hardasses don't want to be associated. Which is ridiculous. I think Regina's pretty badass It's funny, late night, October 17, I IM'd someone about a school project and mentioned I was in the city the night before. He asked what for, and I told him I saw Reg, thinking he'd either not know who she was or think she was "for girls", hahah. Instead, he told me that was fucking awesome and called her "pwnage" and said she was "the woMAN". So I guess people can surprise you?
  11. TV Shows You Can't Live Without...

    quote: MythBusters (Kari Byron is the prettiest girl on the tele, and she's an artist... I'd be in love with her if it wasn't for Regina) This.
  12. A song Regina should cover

    Reg rapping "Sari" by Nellie McKay. It'd be amazing.
  13. Hammerstein 2007-10-16 - Flac Download

    Hahah, I *am* on the recording. At 3:25 on "Better", you can hear me yelling, "Are you feeling better?" and then she smiles and makes a sort of laugh-y noise, and then a girl (I think she was next to me) yells, "I love you!"
  14. Hammerstein Ballroom

    I know!! I was so excited! And a girl near me yelled "Human of the Year" and then reg whispered, "I like to keep you in suspense," but the girl didn't hear it so I told her what she said and she was all grateful, hahah. Another little bit I really enjoyed: "...and never ever watch the ten o'clock news (especially Fox)." Genius. I cheered.
  15. TV Shows You Can't Live Without...

    I watch Heroes, The Daily Show, and the Colbert Report. I'd *love* to see Regina on either or both of the latter two though they typically interview political figures. Still, we've all watched that Why Democracy things. She has some opinions of her own and I think she needs to tell them to Stephen Colbert. Ooh, and I *try* to catch The Office.