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  1. New Blog, New Blog!!!

    *gets warm fuzzies* Hooray Amanda Palmer for getting her ass in gear! lol. *smacks my hand for being so absent on brumstix*
  2. If Regina would ever do a cover song.....

    I would LOVE it if she covered Ben Folds....
  3. Prince Caspian Soundtrack

    *claps hands spastically* WOO!

    You kinda need to be your own critic when it comes to performing. It hurts when you're in track and kicking ass and you open your mouth and something comes out that is flat and cracky. It's like you ruined the moment for everyone. I kept going "s'ok" when that happed the two times and she kinda seemed disappointed. Frankly, CD's have made people too critical/ aware of people's nuances in their voices, so it's unfair that because of a few weird notes that it equals a "whatev" performance to most. I liked it!
  5. I mean, I be down with it and me and my homies are having a hardcore laugh....[said insanely white]
  6. Does anyone know if this is the kid who was brought onto the Ellen Degeneres show a while back and got freaked out and barely played anything? or is that another prodigy?
  7. WTF? for some strange reason i... kinda like it.
  8. Kool Haus, Toronto - Oct 11, 2007

    GAH. So jealous of all of you.... I couldn't go in the end. Couldn't afford a 200 dollar bus trip... *cries*
  9. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VH1 Top 20

    HMMM...i wonder if this is even doing anything...
  10. The new 'Better' video?

    oh wow...I'm awesome, sorry andreseng. *smacks head* ...anyone notice the XBOX plug?
  11. The new 'Better' video?

    First I was like...uhm...Tori Amos? But then the second half of the video was like, "REGGGGGGIIIIIINNNNNNAAAAAAA!!!!" My favorite part is when they're all attentively watching tv. Does anyone know who directed the video?
  12. What is regina's piano at the moment?

    This could be 2 things. As far as the more local venues is that she could just play at the one there (if they own one). OR. Sometimes performers say in their contract that they demand a specific piano/keyboard for the venue's tech's to obtain (usually they rent one). For the bigger shows, like on tv, they deliver that baby grand baldwin. It's INSANEly expensive to move piano's everywhere! So that's why not everyone on her tour sees that red piano.
  13. Why are ppl so closed minded about music?

    Like a handful of things in life music is something that most people are very opinionated and defensive about (along with fashion, visual art and politics). Most of them can be complete jerks. Unfortunately the music business is large enough to try to accommodate everyone's musical "needs" even if those "needs" are ones that lay close to what's the next "big thing"/fad. Alas, I've been trying to figure this out, and I haven't come even close.
  14. Live Hotel Song @ Uconn

    Just a heads up. Hopefully no one has posted this yet...but I found this on youtube a day ago and just wanted to share cause it's cool! Regina singing Hotel Song at Uconn: I love how she bangs her fist.... tee hee!
  15. Live Hotel Song @ Uconn

    Just a heads up. Hopefully no one has posted this yet...but I found this on youtube a day ago and just wanted to share cause it's cool! Regina singing Hotel Song at Uconn: I love how she bangs her fist.... tee hee!
  16. A Dilemma

    The thing that people don't realize about iTunes is that you pay 9.99 for an album of lower quality mp3's. 192kbps? pfff. Cd's are regularly 256 or even 320. And maybe it's just the music major in me, but if you listen, you can hear a complete lack of clarity & quality when the songs are only at 192kbps. Frankly, not that I condone it, you might as well just download if you want to buy more at iTunes. (I won't get into the debate of pirating and copyrights stuff etc...) Personally, it comes down to how much you'll listen to her when you get her songs and how much you enjoy them. It also depends if you have good speakers. Cause if you only have laptop ones, then iTunes is probably fine. For me, I love having Songs and Begin to Hope in my hands, cause I love the pullout/art cover stuff
  17. Explain Your Name Here!!

    Wellp, I'm canadian and I had only one username for everything before that I signed up with. Until I decided to think "outside the box" and sign up for livejournal and myspace (ha, myspace...does anyone login anymore?) anyways, yeah, if you find a luvthecanadian on any kind of a profiley site, it's 100% me. . And I'm kinda a sucker for profiley sites. Like this one. Basically it's luvthecanadian cause I'm lazy and don't like remembering 20 different usernames W007.
  18. Name That reg Tune

    The flowers (duh) Lounge My Man "Now I'm gettin' touched all the time"
  19. 1999 demo tape

    Good to see that your back too JohnnyC! Good Vacation?
  20. 1999 demo tape

    This is what I get for not reading for 2 months huh? My goodnesss..... Hi everybody btw... having a good vacation???
  21. MMMmmmMiso Soup (it's vegeterian)

    Now, has anyone here ever had Miso Soup? It's so DELICIOUS! It's very Japanese, so there's seaweed and tofu chunks in it...and I'm REALLY not a tofu fan myself, but I just would die for Miso soup. It can even be made without the tofu in it if you're picky. It's one of the best things to have if you're sick cause it's very easy on the stoumach, and it's also good for upset tummies if you're hungover. Now as far as recepies go... well, it'd be difficult for most of us to get this stuff... Maybe a hippie food store or a specialty shop. But I highly encourage to at least get the "Instant Miso Soups" in a package to try it first.
  22. Who does Regina play with?

    Yes. I agree with andreseg. The songs that she has on BTH or SK don't have to sound the EXACT same as the cd when she performs them live. In fact, I enjoy most of them without the extra instrumentation. They're more...powerful, and raw. She can definitely pull it off live without instrumental assistance...because she's good enough.
  23. Regina Demographics

    I'm 19
  24. my interpretation of Hero (:

    I know this is pretty late, but I just wanted to say, "thank you for using the word composer"
  25. sunday morning news (in case no ones seen this yet)

    YAY! Thanks muchly holdonyourhonor! And Fran! HI! How's it goin? Did you get a package in the mail from me by any chance?