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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    Hello folks. I Wish I was A Punk Rocker - Sandy Thom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyapY97ugNk My teacher is trying out for American Idol, and she might do this song, so she played it for me today, and it's fantastic.
  2. favorite food?

    Man o man, I did a project about "Lechon Asado", I almost ate the paper. ^ Looks delicious!
  3. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: my aunt just got diagnosed with melanoma of the liver. she had eye melanoma 9 years ago..had her eye removed. now this. fuck. I know this doesn't help a lot, but I am very sorry that your family is going through this and I'm thinking about you guys. Hey, Jodi, I'm sorry this is absolutely terrible. I am thinking of you as well. I also would like to apologize because I didn't see your post above mine, and ranted about my glasses. :/
  4. This or That

    Itunes Ovaltine or Hershey Syrup?
  5. Wee Rants

    Mt fucking glasses broke last night. And it's not like I lost a screw, it's like the metal serated from the rest of the metal.
  6. Bulletin Posts

    Someone tell me...what's wrong with this picture...?
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Rosa, say pimpin' more often.
  8. Wee Rants

    WARNING LARGE RANT AHEAD: CONTAINS VULGARITIES! WHAT THE FUCK, my fucking sister, fucking spilled coffee all over my fucking new Neko Case cd, fuck her, fuck, fuck, fuck. more to come later.
  9. Wee Rants

    Alright. So, on Goodreads.com someone named Audra Benning friend requested me and I was like "Hmm, I don't know her for real, but maybe I know her from the Stix, but not her name" so, I accepted her and then sent her a message asking her why she added me, and if I knew her from somewhere. She responded with something like "Just to talk about books I guess. And I saw you online! How are you? And have you read anything fantastic recently?" Then I responded to that with... "That's cool. But do I know you? Like from somewhere? I mean, it's cool if I don't, I like new people. But I'm still confused" And then she just goes... "No, I don't think I know you for real. But how are you?" and I don't really care if some random person wants to add me, but it's weird, also I HATE when people dance around questions like that. Like either I know you or I don't, simple question. Also, if she is from here...Please Identify Yourself!
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    - Jimmy Eat World. It's amazing.
  11. Good News Thread!

    ^ You're the one from Massachusetts right? If so, that's awesome. If it's MCAS you have... good luck. They're really not as bad as they seem. Also, yay for 60!!
  12. Bulletin Posts

    Is anyone Audra Benning?
  13. Wee Rants

    I don't get to play soccer nearly as much as I would like too.
  14. Good News Thread!

    We're having a nice little thunderstorm here (first one of the year!) It's great.
  15. Good News Thread!

    Wow, both those songs kick some major ass. I really like the three dog night one. *download* Anyway. I'm pumped for next April, and the trip is only the lovely cheap price of 3,000!!! /sarcasm/