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  1. Manchester Show Questions

    Regina was awesome. 'Man with a thousand faces' is an awesome song, glad I got to hear it outside of shitty recordings. Human of the Year nearly made me pass out when it started - I felt like I was one of very few people in the crowd that knew it which was nice. Excellent setlist, played beautifully. Shame about some aspects of the crowd, especially the one group in the middle near the front who felt the need to sing along at the top of their voices and 'add' to the songs as they saw fit and generally just get in the way. Grrrr. Oh and the kid to my left who thought it was funny to shout out 'Vagina' multiple times. Nice to see people smoking when it said on posters outside and by the bar: 'At the request of the artist, please refrain from smoking.' I recorded quite a lot of it (including 'Man With A Thousand Faces', Human Of The Year and Love You're A Whore) so will upload them somewhere soon.
  2. Can someone upload Paris? That's the only one I need, apart from album versions of Hero and Bartender.
  3. Chips..

    Doesn't this story pretty much rip off Hitchikers Guide To the Galaxy. Or am I missing something fundamental?
  4. Montreal show at le national, october 8th

    I can see me in that photo too. That's kind of an odd feeling.
  5. Singing along at shows pro/con

    I've been to a few shows where Regina has invited to audience to sing along. Like at Montreal she asked us to sing with her on Ghost Of Corporate Future. Other times I tend to mouth the words. I like to 'sing' but I don't like to annoy others, so I get the mouth movements, which makes it feel like I'm singing.
  6. Montreal show at le national, october 8th

    Hey Fran, some people stole a load of Rilo Kiley photos off me and took credit for them, so I don't post my stuff on public forums anymore. I was in the second row and front row for a short while, tall guy (seemed like I was pretty much the tallest person there), lots of (long) brown hair, right in front of guitar playing Regina. I also have some vids, but they're not very good quality. You could either facebook me, or e-mail me for higher quality photos, as long as you don't mind the high quality ones being watermarked. So at either or
  7. ReginaFanLocations!

    Temporarily in Montreal, Canada (until December) Most of the time in Aberystwyth, Wales.
  8. Montreal show at le national, october 8th

    I have some pictures, but I'm only going to post one, because I've had bad experiences with people stealing my photos before. So
  9. Montreal show at le national, october 8th

    You must have been pretty close to me then, although I was closer to the guitar playing Regina. I thought Only Son was a bit pants to be honest. The first few songs were good, but he got very boring quite fast. But I do quite enjoy the record, and I've seen him with a whole band before and it was much more fun.
  10. Montreal show at le national, october 8th

    The show was great. Le National is perfect for Regina. Anyhow, I think this was the setlist, people correct me if I'm wrong: Ain't No Cover Prisoners Baby Jesus The Flowers Poor Little Rich Boy Summer In The City Bobbing For Apples That Time On The Radio Sailor Song Apres Moi Better Edit Carbon Monoxide Fidelity Your Honour [encore] Ghost Of Corporate Future Music Box Field Below Us Samson Hotel Song