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  1. New music we should all hear

    Have you guys heard of Tonearm? Saw him last Sat at Tonic in New York, really blew me away. Cool songs, interesting electronica + video. Reminded me of Bowie and Radiohead but somehow also of John Lennon. Check it out - www.tonearm.net/music.html (there's also his music on myspace, which is quite different -- www.myspace.com/tonearminst
  2. Bad Reviews

    Not necessarily a bad review, but certainly not the most glowing either -- http://www.cokemachineglow.com/reviews/spektor_hope2006.html I have to admit, though, I found it to be more honest and accurate than the bunch raving about the guest appearance of The Strokes' guitarist and how this is a big step forward for Ms. Spektor because she "reigned in her quirks".

    quote: Originally posted by elerodrig: aww- they are not "old". but her mother was there with an aunt (the 1 w/the camera), brother, and father (who was not at the front while she played). That's so cool. Who was her brother - was it the cute guy in a hat who was standing next to her mom and aunt? We chatted a bit afterwards, but he didn't mention being her brother.
  4. "Better" music video

    quote: Originally posted by Frank Nit: regina has full control of her art. warner brothers has nothing to do with the way the new album sounds. ask her. I want Regina to have all the success she wants, and if it's more "mainstream" audience she is trying to break into with this song, that's totally fine. But imagine you are one of those "mainstream" kids (whatever the hell that means) who never heard of Regina Spektor. You sit around watching MTV all day. Then this video comes on. Would this catch your attention? Would you think this is someone interesting to you, someone whose record you should get? Or would you switch channels after the reflection thing has gone for too long?
  5. Regina Replies to us all through her blog...

    quote: Originally posted by Will Wells: Hello everyone. I'm Will and I've been reading the message boards here for years but I've never posted before. I've been moved to post by all that everyone is writing here. Will Wells, I love you!
  6. Regina Replies to us all through her blog...

    Caramella Canella, you are so free and unihibited, you give me goosebumps. A non-sequitur: does anyone know where to find a good live recording of "Hero Of The Story"? Cheers!
  7. Begin To Hope - the new album

    "It was like, 'Well, do we know any really cool guitarists?' And then he came in." The resulting collaboration altered the course of the pop track, the anthemic "Better," taking Spektor's own style down a new road. ok, am not saying anything. nope. not a word. alirght, just this: fuck rolling stone.
  8. new songs...

    quote: They're lyrically pretty trite; cute, catchy and appealing, but not at all distinctively Regina. I consider her to be one of (if not the) best lyricists I've ever encountered, with a wild imagination and an astounding feel for original ways to use the language, creating both hallucinatory fantasies that are epic in scope and strikingly quirky/witty little songs. 'Better' and 'Fidelity' are dealing in pretty safe, heavily trampled territory, totally appropriate for pop radio. The fact that she chose these two to showcase in order to get people excited about the album troubles me a bit. Well, this album's track list errs a bit on the lighter, poppier side, I think many people expected there to be "A Pound of Flesh", "Hero of the Story", or "Begin To Hope" (uh, just naming those songs reminds me of Regina's greatness)... Still, I'd take clever and elegant "Folding Chair" or michievous "Bobbing for Apples" over "Better" any day. OTOH, I am sort of glad this production was applied to "Better" and not those other songs... [all the usual disclaimers about Regina still being a great wonderful artist and us supporting and loving her no matter what go here]
  9. Myspace songs

    Blood_Roses - I agree with you about trying new things in the studio and growing/experimenting. I was very excited to hear how a studio production might enhance or shed a new light on Regina's wonderful songwriting. The problem I have with these two recordings is exactly that there is nothing new, no growth or experiment, just a bunch of cliches strewn together to mold her songs into a more standard product. And the weird thing is, it's not even that well done professionally ("Better" sounds pretty muddy and lifeless as a mix actually). I don't know, maybe these are just rought pre-mastered versions? Anyway I will shut up now until I hear the album in its entirety. I'm pretty sure that no matter what, there'll be a lot of rewarding moments on it - it's *Regina Spektor* after all!
  10. Myspace songs

    I never heard either one of them live, but in these versions I find "Fidelity" kinda bland and uninspired, cheapened by the stupid $5 drum-machine beat, but still showing glimpses of Regina's wonderful spirit... whereas "Better" I absolutely loathe, those stupid chugga-chugga guitars, the echoey over-compressed vocals, arrrrgh. There are so many ways to do interesting production these day, kids with laptops in their bedrooms come up with amazing stuff. And here all the power the label had seems to have been used to stifle Regina's original voice, to turn her into another boring forgettable commercial artist. What a shame. <disclaimer: these are just two songs; anxiously waiting for the rest>
  11. new songs...

    >> As for "Better", the guitars are a bit... >>cheesy, I have to agree. In fact, the is the first time ever when listening to Regina's recording feels annoying (and I am a huge fan). Not her fault, but the production is just so... um, let's say "radio-friendly". Doesn't do her justice. Hopefully the rest of the album is different.
  12. Regina will start on XFM Radio in London any minute!..

    found this playlist here: Live Recording, X-Posure Live 8th July 2004: Regina Spektor ‘Reginasaurus’ Studio Guest, Interview: Regina Spektor Vladmir Vysotsky ‘Leave Him To Me…’ (www.kulichki.com:8105/vv/eng/) Ilia ‘1-2-3’ Langhorne Slim ‘When The Sun’s Gone Down’ (Narnack) Regina Spektor ‘Begin To Hope‘
  13. Regina will start on XFM Radio in London any minute!..

    quote: Originally posted by Nic Nell: did anyone record it or is there anyway to stream it off the xfm website - what did she do - was it an interview or some live stuff or... !? Yes, please tell us more! I heard she played/mentioned some other people's songs during the interview - does anyone know what they were?
  14. REgina Interviewed!

    quote: Originally posted by AndrianaSantiago: hey!!!! i thought i'd be the one going out for cookies, besides i am the one who videoed, interviewed AND EDITED the shows. haha ah, we can ALL GO OUT! Adriana, thanks for sharing the interview, great job! The only thing some of us could wish for is to see some unedited footage of the show, at least for a couple of new songs. I am particularly keen on "Hero of the Story" - can't find a good copy of that yet. Thanks!