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  1. Amsterdam 14th July 2009

    I'll be there too! I would like to wait for Regina in Amsterdam, but are there other peeps who are willing to wait, and does Regina always comes to her fans after the show, or is that only with big concerts?
  2. Far mainstream acceptance

    Outside of Michael Jackson's albums, Far would now be #2 on Amazon, #2 on US iTunes, #1 on Swedish iTunes and #3 on Canadian iTunes. And in the Netherlands she isn't even in the top 100 But I'm pretty surprised that it's so populair. When I first heard the album with my sister we both agreed that Far still isn't mainstream, so it really surprised me when I saw how popular Far is in other countries.
  3. for those of us that are waiting..

    I decided the same thingt after I listened to the first five songs. I already heard Blue Lips, Laughing With, Dance Anthem, Eet and Folding Chair, so I'm not really a 'virgin' anymore. I also downloaded the Beacon show, but I only listened to the songs I already heard. But it's very hard, because my sister is listening to all the new songs very much, but then I put on my headphones and I raise the volume.
  4. Favorite Song from Each Album?

    11:11 - Pavlov's Daughter Songs - Oedipus and Daniel Cowman Soviet Kitsch - The Flowers Begin to Hope - Après Moi Far (The ones released) - Blue Lips
  5. Regina Song Showdown!

    Tough one..., but the winner is Human of the Year. Human of the Year vs. Hero
  6. Top 5 Regina Songs

    Well this songs are my ultimate favorites, I'm quite sure about it: Back of A Truck Pavlov's Daughter Oedipus Prisoners Consequence of Sounds Daniel Cowman Bon Idée Lacrimosa The Flowers Us Chemo Limo Après Moi 20 Years of Snow Just Like the Movies A Canon Time is All Around Open Folding Chair (Demo) The Genius Next Door (Live) Loveology All the Rowboats Dance Anthem of the 80's (Live) Long Brown Hair AB Hero It's really though to pick five out of those. I'll just pick one from 11:11, Songs, Soviet Kitsch, Demo's and Live: Pavlov's Daughter Oedipus The Flowers Just Like the Movies All the Rowboats But like everyone else, it could change every day
  7. Folding Chair

    Woww... this wasn't really what I expected from Folding Chair. Since I saw the tracking list this was the one I was most curious about. I love the demo version. But this version is so bad produced, way too cheesy. Songs like Sailor Song, On the Radio and Fidelity also includes other instruments, but in those songs it's still the vocals, the lyrics, the emotion and the piano which make those songs good and typical Regina songs. I'm really disappointed in Jeff Lynne to produce it that bad and make it sound so cheesy. Now it is an easy-listening song, where the lyrics aren't that important. Of course my reaction is a bit too excessive, but I'm so disappointed, because I taught this would be the best song of the album. It still is OK, but also Laughing With and Dance Anthem of the 80's was for me a little bit disappointing. I'm concerned about Genius Next Door and Man of a Thousand Faces, because I have high expectation on that two as well. Let's hope it's going to be all right
  8. Name That reg Tune

    Mockingbird "staring at the waves"
  9. Begin To hope Survivor Round1

    I know you don't agree with me, but I think Better, Field Below and Summer in the City are the least good songs on Begin to Hope. Better just isn't a good song. Field Below and Summer in the City are pretty good songs, but he HATE those violins in it. Eventually I voted Better, because Field Below and Summer in the City are most of the time good, but have some bad parts.
  10. Regina Song Opinion Poll

    - What's your date of birth?: January 11, 1993 - When did you become a Regina fan?: Somewhere in 2006 - What are your favorite musicians and/or music genres and/or albums?: FRANK ZAPPA and REGINA SPEKTOR. Radiohead, Joanna Newsom, Tortoise, Pere Ubu, Pink Floyd, Portishead, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens, Deep Purple. - What's your gender and/or sexual orientation?: Male / Straight - Where do you live and/or where are you from?: The Netherlands - On a scale of 1 to 10, how obsessed/in love with Regina's music are you?: 8.5 - Anything else of note you'd like to say about yourself, such as interests and hobbies, religion and politics, ... My hobbies are playing tennis, listen to music. I am not religious, because it's just some stupid thing to get power and money. The only religion which might fit me is Buddhism. 5 - Favorite. "It's one of my favorites ever!" All the Rowboats Back of a Truck Bon Idée Chemo Limo Consequence of Sounds Dance Anthem of the 80s Daniel Cowman Folding Chair Genius Next Door Just Like the Movies Long Brown Hair Loveology Mockingbird Oedipus Pavlov's Daughter Reading Time with Pickle Scarecrow & Fungus Secret Stash The Flowers Time is All Around 4 - Great. "I love it!" 20 Years of Snow A Cannon A Cooler Version AB Another Town Après Moi Ave Maria Baobabs Belt Carbon Monoxide Düsseldorf Flyin' Hallelujah Hero Human of the Year I Cut Off My Hair Lacrimosa Lady Lounge Lulliby Mary Ann Music Box On The Radio Open Pound of Flesh Prisoners Rejazz Rockland County The Devil Come to Bethlehem The Mustard Musketeers The Soup Us 3 - Good. "I like it a lot." 2.99 Cent Blues 8th Floor A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is Aching to Pupate Ain't No Cover Aquarius Baby Jesus Bartender Better Blue Lips Bobbing for Apples Braille Buildings BYOS December Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori Edit Fidelity Field Below Ghost of Corporate Future Happy Hooker Hotel Song I Want to Sing Little Boxes Love Affair Love Profusion Making Records Mermaid My Man Ne Me Quitte Pas Ode to Divorce Paris Patron Saint Poor Little Rich Boy Love, You're a Whore Raindrops Reginasaurus Sailor Song Samson Soho Somedays Summer in the City Sunshine That Time Uh-Merica Your Honor Wasteside 1 - Mediocre. "Eh, I don't especially care for it." Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    Sufjan Stevens - They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhhh! The song is as good as the title
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    Frank Zappa - Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
  13. Name That reg Tune

    The Noise "I'm glad"
  14. Tearjerkers

    I never cry, but there were two times I almost cried. First when I heard Pavlov's Daughter for the first time. Not because it's sad, but because I had never heard anything better than that. It was so nice! And the second time when I saw her playing Apres Moi. It's weird no one said it before, because the part when she's singing Russian is so beautiful and I saw so much emotions on her face, that I almost started crying. But most of the time (99%) I'm laughing about her crazy, funny and genius music.
  15. regina lyric chain game!

    My mama thinks I'm grown, but I'm really just little - Prisoners