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  1. ingrid michaelson is the shit....

    so despite me being pretty sick, i went to the concert anyways. and i am so glad i did, because it was rediculously amazing! she is so funny, im gunna go out on a limb here and say she is funnier than regina. regina has this whole cutesy adorablilty thing, but ingrid is just downright hilarious! i was surprised she didnt have a thick new york accent and that was the only kinda sorta half-way let down of the night. let me tell you all, ingrid brought it... she totally awed the croud. her guitarist ,Allie Moss, is just wonderful! she's a great musician and a great singer. their voices blend SO well, and ingrids voice was just the tops. she talked and joked alot between songs, and even shared th origin of some of her songs which is SO cool. i didn't write down a playlist but here's my memory: Die Alone Breakable Overboard San Francisco Corner of your heart the way i am the way i am (double speed/ chipmunk version) the hat far away NOT in that order. a few funny happenings: during the first "the way i am" she let us clap, and also told us to add "three thrusts" after the chorus, thus calling them forever on "the cincinnati thrusts" right after she sang the way i am, a greedy man to the right yelled "AGAIN" so she decided to indulge him but sing it double speed and an octave highter. it was hilarious! i didn't have my camera ready it was really sad i didnt catch it but someone did... Ingrid sat and played the guitar and after she sang her own song she said "okay here is where i take requests" and of course people shouted free bird.. and she said "i cant play freebird" so she started doing sitcom theme songs like the jeffersons and then she said "guess this one!" and sang "Streaks on the china, never mattered before" and the guy in front of me got all excited and shouted out "MR. Belevedere!!!!!!" it was so funny. she also told us a story about how she wanted to take sexy pictures because candid stage shots never turned out well due to the strange elvis motion her lip makes when she sings, she and Allie Moss primped for a sexy pose and when the picture came out, she hated how she looked, and now she wont pose sexily anymore. so then for the encore she sang the fresh prince theme song, and also fools rush! both were really great! my video footage!
  2. language nerds !!!!

    i think one of the things that interested me about regina is her russian background. because I am a hxc language nerd. and proud of it... being an english speaker there was no real pressure for me to speak anyother language growing up. no one i knew spoke anything but english. if you stay in the US you only need english (though spanish is catching up wth us here) anyways...i have no ethnicity that i know exactly. i am a mutt, and this makes me sad, because language ties in so much with culture. ive been taking french for 4 years...and love it. we started a french club and are nerdy together sharing language happenings(like in french how the Je form of etre and suivre are the same... weird!) anyways... i love bilangual people, and trilangual and more. and regina really strikes a cord with me for partially this reason. the bilangual brain also intrests me. and i wonder if regina thinks predominantly in russian, because she said in an interview she feels she "truly expresses herself in english".....??? mmmhh.... interesting prospect. anyone who is bilangual ,which i know many people who post are from different countries, please share any weird things about your two language habits. i love to hear about these. my canadian friend when she gets mad her french comes out. any kind of weird little stories like this i love to hear!!!! post please!!!!!
  3. what is your favourite clip of regina?

    it can be an interview, a clip of a concert or some other type of video staring the gorgeous regina. my favourite has to be the market place video! "i can't really get in there" lol, i think it shows a really candid regina.
  5. Wee Rants

    this isn't so much of a rant as a minature break-down. I studied abroad for three months in France and now I miss it so much! I miss everything about it, getting drunk and riding public transport, teachers smoking out their classroom windows, reading ouest-france daily while smoking and having a kir at 11a before class, having random african men dance with us at clubs, window shopping all day down rue froide, buying so many scarves I could mummify myself, having a croissant every day, sunday markets where you can buy horse meat if you really want to, having sdf's yell at you when you don't give them money, not having an open cafeteria that is a buffet, not having to stand 25 ft from a door when you smoke on campus, doing wierd things like going to a play at a psych ward and having guys try to buy my sunglasses off my face, getting asked by strangers to use my cell phone, watching men waste their lives drinking all day at the nearest tram stop, being two hours from paris by train, being 20 min from a beach, having pasta and wine picnics on the green underneath a chateau, hearing the word quoi after every sentence, speaking french 24/7....i miss it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that I will never have another period in my life where I can spend 12 weeks in France and that literally breaks my heart as if an old friend has died.
  6. Urgent: Flower Arrangement for Dan

    eshbach, i'm speechless. for one I could never imagine myself covorting around New york and certainly not haphazardly running into regina and other stixters who just happen to be at these little rad functions. Who the fuck are you people and how the hell do you just happen to find yourselves in Reg's presence? and my next question is can you teach me to be this cool?
  7. post your favorite photos of regina

    true true... i'm actually surprised she can even walk. shes such a little person that i fear she might topple over.
  8. In the City? Play a piano...

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: One Year - Heart & Soul, top side only!! haha thats all my stepdad can play and makes me play the other part for him. nice to see y'all too!
  9. post your favorite photos of regina

    so many pictures i love but my boyfriends favorite is this one:
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by Aprés Moi: Paparazzi, Lady Gaga.... it's my guilty pleasure sometimes... hehe. gaga should never be a guilty pleasure, we should welcome her into our lives with open arms, all of her crazy antics, hairdoos, costumes, and dances. i <3 gaga
  11. Health care reform...

    well...who would've guessed musiclover would start a thread like this and rock the political stability of the stix. let's say what people have been repeating for a while here... stop listening to this jackoff.
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    florence + the machine- dog days are over
  13. Review of "Far"

    I can see how you being new to regina can affect your view. I maintain that my favorite album is begin to hope but its probably because i came alive when i found regina and the first album i heard was begin to hope. i can literally remeber listening to Apres Moi 5 times over with my chin on the floor and not blinking one time, as if i was going to miss one little note or something. And I also think my opinion is biased because i don't think of half the songs on that cd to be "Far" songs because I heard them long before the album came out. The songs I base the album on are the calculation, eet, laughing with, two birds, and machine. and those in particular didn't impress me. Also the whole album has this accent. We all know Reg has a really cute little accent that isn't really russian, isn't really new yorker, its just reg! And sometimes she likes to accent certain words (especially with a NYC accent) but this album seemed like she realized that people notice her quirky accent and laid it on super thick! and when you hear ink stains and the sword and the pen you don't get that accent as much, which baffles me. What do you get from the album Brady that I'm missing?
  14. In the City? Play a piano...

    only in new york, lol. that sounds awesome. Really pianists are a dying breed. I wish my mother would have made me practice and maybe i would have something to show for my 7 years of piano lessons that I took. now I can only remember how to play ode to joy and it sucks. Even in choir when our instructor was gone there were only 2 really great pianist on par with our teacher and then 3 other people who could bang out notes at all, out of 60 musically inclined persons! my children will be chained to an instrument. i love how classically trained people talk about their instruments. I love how reg said in her interview with "taking Note" that she was missing a connection with ehr piano when she moved to NY. and Joanna newsom describes her harp as an extension of her body! I would kill to be that good at anything!
  15. Review of "Far"

    hey stixters, i haven't been here in a long long time. I used to feel like a resident of this webhome, but now i feel like a spastic visitor. I've been a reg supporter since a cold november morning in 2006 when my sleepy eyes fell upon two huge red lips, two huge blue eyes, and a curly red mess of hair that was the fidelity video on vh1 you oughta know artists. I backtracked my way from begin to hope all the way to 11:11 and quickly collected all existing songs that I could get my hands on, loving each and every one (alright maybe except Paris and mockingbird, not my favorites). I support reg as a musician and just generally as a rad person, but I have to say that I was sorely dissapointed in Far. I think that mostly it is because all of the old songs that are on it are fucking amazing! and the new songs are just.... quite the opposite. I wish for a happy medium but its really striking how different the tones between the old and new songs are. Some of my favorite songs are on there, my all time fav. MOATF, HOTY, OMTWF, Blue Lips, Genius, Wallet, Dance anthem, and a great song folding chair. These were really well done for the most part. I have a serious problem with how Blue Lips came out but I fully expect this is exactly how Reg wants it and if that is her vision i can accept it. I just play live versions of it and i'm right at home. That was the high note; in four words; old songs= great work But what I was looking for in this album was the new angle Reg was taking her music. I love to see the evolution of artists. You can see how her influences change each album, and I love that. But Far just seemed confused to me. She didn't seem like herself and even more she seemed to be regressing lyrically! Now, one of my favorite things about regina is her way with words, but sometimes you know you just have to laugh at what she puts together. One particualr instance is my favorite chuckle worthy lyric "And maybe I could go To teddy bear heaven Just like her Cause well, she went when she was eleven." really? really regina? I'll give you a break because you were 19 but still.... ahem...moving on. I felt like there are a lot of those moments in Far. "someone's deciding whether or not to steal. He opens a window just to feel the chill. He hears that outside a small boy just started to cry 'Cause it's his turn, but his brother won't let him try." can you say last minute verse? I just felt like the newer songs lacked depth. Yes they had messages, Laughing With and the Machine had very great messages but the wording seems so straight forward and shallow. Very catchy and great music and....but just not anywhere near the level of the older songs on the album. Man of 1000 faces literally makes me cry every time I hear it. Human of the year has so much passion you want to jump into the cd itself, and blue lips is so deep you can interpret it so many different ways and each way is brilliant and moving. On one hand I'm not saying every song has to be deep and emotional, the wallet and folding chair are super cute catchy and fun, but there is something special about them that moves something in me. I wanna go find someones wallet, or have a baby boy and play by the sea. The newer songs say nothing to me. Being the drama queen I am, I'd momentarily lost hope in regina. Then a glimmer of hope drew me back in, and that song was Ink Stains. What an amazing, naturally moving song! No forced lyrics, no goofy forced accent, just her passion and her piano. Then I found the bonus tracks the Sword and the Pen, and I literally want to live in this song, or carry around a boombox and play it constantly as I walk around. These songs have given me hope she hasn't lost her touch, but tell me regina, why is this a bonus track??? are you nutso???? I'm not quite sure but what I am excited about is that there will be more great regina music to come, you just may have to sort through it a little in order the get your mind blown by a few songs out of many. word to your mother <3 perks
  16. well... in a way Camille reminds me of regina... her voice isn't near the same but she also likes to beatbox and do crazy sh!t in her songs! i luv it! heres a link to a youtube of her! CAMILLE!
  17. good morning brumstix

    i got on early this morning (yes 12:15 is early for me to get on the computer on a Sunday morning) and i see all my friends here on brumstix as well. well, not all my brumstix friends are here, but quite a few. so.... good morning brumstix, what a good way to start the day. <3 much love to all, jessica (perks)
  18. so.. haha today my mom showed her fear that i was a lesbien, solely because of my regina obsession. haha...i am actually pretty suspisious because at the moment she was toying with asking mei was asking my mom which regina photo looked best to put up in my locker next year. and she said "sweetie, you know that i dont have a problem with gay people, do you like girls." hahah and after stiffling my laughter i said " mom, i dont have a problem with gay people either, but i just really like regina's music, and her that i think about it she's got a pretty nice rack (smiling)" haha.. it was funny that regina scares my parents. im pretty sure my joke convinced my mom that i just have a real bad case of reginitus. but who knows, maybe one day ill be shipped off to camp while i scream "but im a cheerleader" ... jk jk.. IM NOT A FLIPPIN CHEERLEADER!
  19. a friend of mine just bought Begin to Hope... she came to me with an interesting thought... Does regina smoke???or has she.... this is a wierd question.... i dont know if someone with her voice could be a smoker...and most singers refuse to smoke... she explains her songs mostly arent about her, but there are a few smoking refrences in her songs....biggest in that time.and some in Lady but we know thats about Billie holdiay, famous smoker.... but anyways...growing up in new york....rough scene...maybe a smoker..who knows.. ive never seen any pictures of her smoking.. can anyone remeber an interview touching on this??
  20. Regina is everywhere

    quote: Originally posted by baby jesus: Now I love AFP even more! She's awesome! Regina's Awesome! Awesome People know who's awesome! hell yea! i want the panties AFP sells on her site that say property of AFP. i love her. shes so amazing.
  21. Good News Thread!

    congrats lilly!!!! what an amazing field of research! i'm glad someone can do it, haha i couldn't even dream of the classes one would have to take for that major! hi all, i wanted to leave a quick love note for all my pretties on this forum. i want you to know that i'm not leaving the forum in anger, i've actually not left at all. i'm just remaining dormant, very busy but i think of you guys all the time. aye meese miye frands!!!
  22. Additional far Tour Dates

    quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: No Cincinnati.. *cries* I think Ohio scared her last time, lol. Hopefully she comes bck cause if not looks like i'm making my way to michigan.
  23. Perks Demo

    okay.. so a while ago i recorded a demo.. but personally i don't think it turned out too well. but for whoever wants to hear.. i sendspaced all six songs. to just listen to them here is my and i dont know if the download work on those or not.. but here are some sendspaces Fiddler Vogue Melody Ma Poche Hanging Man (Peanuts) Madame *if you like what you here. this is my myspace music add me as a friend, and write me comments and such. also tell people... share with people. i hope you like it
  24. reg in the news

    ooo. the calculation seems interesting, romance at the kitchen table! and its great to see dear ol. reg back in action, charming the press with her sailors tongue.
  25. Our Regina art.

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: I'm bored. i love this, katy youre amazingzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz