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    PerksOfAWallflower got a reaction from Emmerrrrrrr in foreign singer kinda like regina..   
    not to be persnickity... because i don't think she (camille) is much of a comparison to regina....BUT
    my friends and i have been talking and here's the similarities we've drawn!
    music via camille and music via regina
    1.) breakdown of words/ seperation of syllables
    phrase: casque---tte bi---ke
    song:'Janine 1' 'Just Like The Movies'
    2.) unusual use of instruments
    bangs on chast bangs on stool
    like king kong with stick
    'Au Port' 'Poor Little
    Rich Boy'
    3.) intense lyrics
    'Pale Septembre' 'Blue Lips'
    4.) improve noises with mouth
    'Janine 3' 'All the Row Boats'
    5.) Speak-sing style in certain songs
    'Janine 1,2,3' 'One-String Blues'
    6.) songs with repeatative phrasing
    'Janine 1,2,3' 'That Time'
    7.) mimicking objects noises
    carousel broken record
    'Vertige' 'Dance Athem of the 80's'
    *i am only utilizing the 'Le Fil' album of camille so there are may repeating songs on this list, and i am very familiar with regina's music so i had more songs of hers to work with.
    this was a fun little list... but i suppose you can compare any two artists... i just think maybe the simmilarities help me to gradually come of my 6 month regina fix.. frequent relapsing comforts me to know i will never be bored with regina!