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  1. Truman State Univ Nov 14 2009

    Oh my Lord. It pains me VERY MUCH to announce i will NOT be going to this show. My ride fell through and my parents decided to pick THIS weekend to move into our new house. I'm super upset, but...I demand to see pictures from you guys that are going! TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!
  2. Recommend a book here...

    Atonement by Ian McEwan. Beautifully written. Better than the movie.
  3. senior quote: regina style!

    "Today we're younger than we're ever gonna be" is a perfect senior quote! I graduated last year and wanted "the Call" to be our class song...it ended up being something else...I dont even remember haha it was so terrible. (unrelated, but the year before mine, their class quote was "Live each day like its the day after yesterday." I still don't get it, but I like it. Haha.)
  4. So which is your #1 song on Far?

    One More Time With Feeling is my #1 song on Far as far as the oldies goes, i reeeally love Genius Next Door...it gives me chills. haha.
  5. Regina on Craig Ferguson?

    Regina on Craig? My favourite late night talk show host and well, my favourite person? Priceless!
  6. New North-American shows announced!

    quote: Originally posted by Brady: ^^ LOL two, I am riding down to Dallas from Tulsa OK. Then I have to haul ass back to Tulsa, and then up to Missouri to meet up with Regina and you lol....... all in a two days time frame. we'll have to exchange phone numbers or somethin' before then so we can find each other!
  7. New North-American shows announced!

    Damn Brady how many shows are you going to!? Lucky!
  8. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    I had a dream that wasn't really about Regina, but I dreamt I was at a used-CD store, just digging through the piles, and I pulled out this album called "Regina Spektor: The Complete Collection." It was a 4-disc set with EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. she ever wrote (of course, they wouldn't all fit on 4 CDs, but it was a dream lol) and it was only $15. I freaked out and bought it. Then I woke up.
  9. Underrated Regina Song Showdown

    This is probably the hardest thing I've ever done, but...hmmm 11:11 - Rejazz Songs - Lounge Soviet Kitsch - Somedays Begin To Hope - Lady Far - One More Time With Feeling 2 others: Secret Stash & Oh! Marcello (What? I love it ) and the winner is....Secret Stash. You know, it might be my favorite Regina song ever.
  10. Truman State Univ Nov 14 2009

  11. Least favorite Regina Song?

    I like some more than others, but I like them all, but I really just can't stand "Sunshine." that's the only one, though..
  12. Truman State Univ Nov 14 2009

    aww thank you so much!
  13. Truman State Univ Nov 14 2009

    yes, i have a good feeling about this!
  14. Truman State Univ Nov 14 2009

    that's a good idea, i'm going to bring something for her to sign (if we're lucky enough to meet her *fingers crossed*)
  15. Truman State Univ Nov 14 2009

    WOW that's a lot of traveling! Ha i don't have any Regina apparel, but I need to invest. I'd feel so weird if i were famous and people were going around wearing my face on their shirts lol (random thought)