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  1. Style (Fashion-wise) & the Best Earrings Ever

    On abc's Good Morning America Regina wore 'Beyond Snow' earrings from Toujours Toi (Giulietta Degli Spiriti Collection). The earrings come in different variations. Shown above are the gun metal ones. Regina's are silver. You may download and watch the whole thing from ('Fidelity - Good Morning America - 154mb').
  2. Style (Fashion-wise) & the Best Earrings Ever

    Look here.
  3. Music from the past

    Eagles' classic Hotel California from 1977. Dig those guitars!
  4. Music from the past

    quote: Originally posted by Bonzomaniac: Jethro Tull Yeah! I'm an old time Tull fan too. Newcomers may start with 'Locomotive Breath'
  5. .

    quote: Originally posted by Cleo: [...]it is Danish for Fare Solder[...] Sorry, but it isn't. Kost Lodder is utterly gobbledygook in Danish. In Danish (my native language) 'kost' could mean broom, food or diet. 'Lodder' means weights, lots, or (verb) soldering. Where did you find those two words and what do they have to do with Regina Spektor?
  6. quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Sent a little while ago to your hotmail I have received it. Thank you so very much andreseng. It is a beautiful song.
  7. Can you possibly send it to [deleted] - I will be most grateful and happy. Thank You in advance!
  8. Heart Necklace In Fidelity

    New York based stylist Alice Bertay has styled Regina for most of her videos including Fidelity. Alice Bertay is a personal friend of jewelry designer Nina Egli who designed Regina’s heart shaped earrings . My guess is that Nina Egli also supplied the white heart necklace. On her ‘Toujours Toi’ company website you will find a similar heart dangling from the ‘Scarborough Fair’ Necklace. I have bought several jewelry pieces from Nina Egli. She is very sweet and helpful. She can probably sell you the white heart alone if you want. You may simply send her an email and ask.
  9. the pickle game...........

    Pickles are just pickles. They shouldn't make you nervous.
  10. the pickle game...........

    I never pickled nobody fully.
  11. regina a cat person???

    quote: Originally posted by Crispy Crispy Benjamin Franklin: I really am not sure if she likes cats or not. I haven't heard too many cat references in her music... "Hey remember that time I tried to save a pigeon with a broken wing A street cat got him by morning and I had to bury pieces of his body in my building’s playground I thought I was going to be sick, I thought I was going to be sick" (From "That Time")
  12. Show us your... Converse!

    Real Love!
  13. Poor Little Regina

    What do you guys say about this one?
  14. Dallas HOB - One More Time With Feeling

    quote: Originally posted by Dan the man: Wow, that review sucked. We shall see if they post my comment below that I left at the site. I like your comment, Dan. They have postet it now along with a few other ones.
  15. Today is Eleven Eleven Day!

    quote: Originally posted by Ronni: today is my regina concert!! i have to admit, i was a little excited when i found out it was going to be on 11/11 Must be the perfect day to get a copy of the 11:11 abum signed by Regina. Unfortunately only one thousand copies were made and it's almost impossible to get hold of one. I am convinced the concert tonight will be a great one! Have fun and enjoy!