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  1. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by PilingAndTwisting: And I'm SO glad that "Human of The Year" is on the album! Ditto!! I'm just relieved it's the perfect combination of the stuff we all know and love and new material. she knows exactly how to spoil us.
  2. Six Thoughts...

    1- I hate Model UN 2- I love Model UN 3- I want to go watch Dexter 4- Pomegranite Chapstick smells nice 5- I should put my mp3 player back on 6- Why is there a cactus on my desk?
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Latika's Theme-Slumdog Millionaire OST I'm in my Bollywood music groove now, thanks to that movie.
  4. Good questions for Regina

    I'd ask her about what selections she'd recommend from Russian Literature, considering that's my favourite genre.Then I'd ask for her opinion on Bulgakov,pasternak, chukovskaya,tolstoy,nabokov and Akhmatova.
  5. school = :(

    You could request special permission- some people have done that and taken 3 sciences. Yes- it's a tad bit hypocritical, especially when it touts itself as a wellrounded course in comparison to something like A-levels.
  6. school = :(

    quote: Originally posted by Karl Prejekterinski: ^^bassoon! way way way way way more important than math. So.. my course selection form is due on tuesday and I have a predicament. The way stupid beeping IB works I can't continue to take both spanish and french. But I can't decide which one to drop. I'm better at french, but have a much higher mark in spanish, but i don't wanna lose all the french I know, but spanish could be more useful than french in the future, but i really quite like french, but I also like spanish... GAH! help please. Maybe I should have posted this in the language nerds thread. I have no idea about your other courses and your preferences, but cant you take the extra language in the group 6 category??? It'll probably interefere with your other coices, but it was worth asking. You could always take one language on the side and get the separate, indivual certificate for that course.But that really depends on you. I'm a first year IBer and I had the hardest time myself, mostly when it came to picking which courses I'd do at higher and standard;I empathise. You could always flip a coin.
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Isolation-John Lennon
  8. Let's go to the Movies...

    quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: we saw slumdog millionaire on friday. it was epic. highly recommended. I'm pretty picky with my movies and i was surprised when i walked out of that theateer with the hugest grin on my face- Slumdog millionaire has got to be one of my favourite movies of all time-it just knocked several of the old ones off the list.
  9. What are you Eeting right now?

    an orange banana smoothie
  10. This or That

    glasses emotion or logic?
  11. Let's go to the Movies...

    quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: New York I Love You! I've been wanting to see that for a while now. The french version (Paris Je T'aime) was great. If it's out already I'll add it to my amazon wishlist now I'm watching Paris, Je t'aime myself right now, getting all hyped up for New York, I love you.February can't come quickly enough. God, I just love the vampire short.
  12. Quintessential Regina Song?

    I'd have to agree with "Us".It was my first regina song and it being completely different than anything else i was listening to at the time completely changed my perspective on music.
  13. Recommend a book here...

    Heart of a dog by Mikhail Bulgakov I think my heart stopped beating at the climax.
  14. Favorite Movie Quotes

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: quote: Originally posted by Amazing_Journey: The Princess Bride: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. hehe- there's got to be a story behind that.
  15. What are you Eeting right now?

    chicken soup- Probably the only perk to getting a cold, the unquestioned right to chicken soup.