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  1. how did you get into regina?

    So...I had a late night with friends, at a local corner bar in Lancaster, PA, last evening - pleasant dinner, conversations ranging from work to relationships to music - politics saved till a later date. My typical music consists of edgy bands which are probably not popular to those on this site - Fuel, The Exies, NIN, A perfect Circle - you get the idea. Now, mind you, I do have more relaxed side with artists like Norah Jones, iron and wine, 10,000 maniacs,etc... I grew up in a Christian home (PK) with my mother being a fantastic pianist at home and church. I would listen to her play and sing as I often fell off to sleep - there is something about the piano that calms one's soul. Anyway, I get home last night around 2:00, put the TV on and immediately crash with the room spinning just slightly. Somehow the TV was on VH1. At 6:30 AM, I feel a deep sense of calm and peace in my mind, as I dream, with the backdrop of a beutiful piano and voice - am I 8 years old, as I listen to my mother practice her art? I slowly wake up and realize I am sitting straight up, staring at the TV, glasses haven't moved an inch from 2:00, and watching an absolutely engaging woman sing with such grace, calm and ease. I watch, smile, then quickly go off to dream world again, only to be awoken a 2nd time, in the same manner. I remember the name, song, do some research and find myself here, letting everyone know how I heard of Regina. Of course, many of you have been fans for years, are use to close, intimate settings during shows, and I'm sure have mixed feelings concerning her more obvious public presence. I felt a sense of invasion, similarly, about a band I followed in Harrisburg for 3 years, before they became well known - but nothing could ever take away those 2-3 years of memories I felt. There is something truely euphoric about a first experience, good or bad, that can never be replaced and is etched in memory - that first kiss, first heartbreak, wedding, certain conversations. Man, I had that eurphoric sense this morning after hearing and seeing her performance (even though it was just a video and not a show). I won't forget that peaceful moment, ever. In conclusion (is this graded?), I am anxious to delve into her past and present music, learn more about her, and hopefully feel more of the same. To those who helped her get her career going and were there at the birth - seeing shows, word of mouth, and I'm sure encouraging her - I thank you so that others, like myself, can feel her music. And I see, I just missed her show at my alma mater, Messiah College, last weekend! Chris