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  1. how obsessed are you?

    My boyfriend calls me a loser 'cause I know the words to all the songs, and I know all the banter on the live versions. According to him its sad I can do the fading out at the end of better perfectly. But really hes just as big a fan, its not obsessed really. I can sort of link 95% of things that happen on a day to day basis to Regina but thats not the point is it?
  2. More tickets released for Lonodn show

    I'm going, I'm like row c of front stalls, can't remember the number. Actually I'm probably going to get fired because of it.. I don't think my boss was listening when I told him, oh well. I can't wait, I'm sticking around after even if my boyfriend gets mad. Do you think they'll have new t-shirts there?
  3. reg song you disliked,AT FIRST

    Pavlov's Daughter. I found it a little too weird.. funny how its now one of my favourite Regina songs.
  4. Madonna Cover?
  5. FIDELITY music video

    Its going to be hard to go back to college and not throw powder paint all over myself.
  6. What is the first song you have people listen to from regina?

    Us was the first song I heard got me hooked, therefore I let everyone listen to that first. Upon hearing it for the first time on the train to camden a few of my friend insisted on singing and dancing around the carriage, so it works.
  7. I have most of them, I'm proud. I need AB All is Love (vocals for Anders Griffen) *Be Like A Cloud *By The Time You Read This Letter Consequence of Sounds jam version w/Pascal Wyse Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori Human of the Year *Oh, Marcello! *The Big Towns The Devil Come to Bethlehem *The Floor Heard Everything *Woolen Gloves Most of I know I won't get anytime sooon but if anyone has any others it'd be lovely if you could link them or something.
  8. Begin To Hope - the new album

    Hmmm I was just on amazon (UK) and I noticed its says Begin to hope isnt out till 10th July, please tell me this isn't right? Anyone know anything 'bout it?
  9. Live at Shepherds Bush Empire Bootlegs (AT LAST)

    Thank God, I was told I sang loud in Bobbing for Apples, I didn't, well you can't hear me at least. Hell yes
  10. Shepherds Bush Empire, 04/02/06

    quote: Originally posted by Lolo: Simply, it was the most magical concert i've been to in a long, long time. I have some photos on The Lolo Show if you would like to see. Hey, you sat in front of us and became our friend of the night, thank you again for those pictures. The show was amazing, best thing ever and my t-shirt got people at college asking who she was. I want to go again and again and again
  11. Regina in the UK this summer

    *cries* I'm on holiday when she plays in the UK *sulks*

    *screams* *dances* *cries* I canny wait
  13. Keane Fan Rudeness

  14. Islington show!! Woo!

    i wish i went now even though it would have been by myself meh I will go to at least one of her shows