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  1. Septera - Regina Spektor

    hm, dunno.. i suspected it was something she posted for her own reasons, but who am i to say, right? haha, i like the fact that i'm "subscribed to her"..kinda weird, don't think imma group ee, but whatever. i've never even listened to baobabs, so i wouldn't know. i am however, very excited that there's another robot added to this stew i choose to poop in. you might just stay dead with the rest of these fine gents, but if your heart pumps once, would you care to listen to some tunes of my making in a few weeks? . . . . anyone? good, we're all agreed then, this will forever be the den from which my crippled creativity will find no escape. though i very much dig the intense conversation i must be going. music is the food for those timeless moments of extreme emotions. tears fill my eyes, beating with the rhythm of this broken heart....but you see, it's the same ending. no matter wich way you label sliced bread text here for your crush if i ever loved a motor or machine i do believe that would be the end of me text here for your time of death. haha, lame i know, but you don't speak and that's just perfect for me
  2. Septera - Regina Spektor

    meh, this'll probably stay buried. i just found the tab, can't find the song, but i think i know where i want to go with it.... guess in a few days i'll return and post the title of it for youtube. haha, you know, so you fine dead robots will know how to find it. my head's sewn on, but the rhythm won't let the sight of this align in my eyes. describing times when our feet walked on frowns, and the rivers fine wine found time to supply it's ambient grace, framing our smiles.