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  1. Festival Capital, Mexico City, Mexico on 10/16/2010

    quote: Originally posted by srg: And not to be mom here, but I'd think twice before undertaking a two day drive through northern Mexico (or any part of Mexico, for that matter). Things are seriously f'd down there, and deteriorating. For real. We couldn't visit my family down there this summer because it's too dangerous.
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: Marry Me - St Vincent Good heavens, where has this woman been all my life? Ah, that song is like honey in my ears. That sounds strange, but it's the first thing I can think of to describe that song.
  3. regina tattoos

    Hi and welcome to Brumstix. That tattoo looks pretty hardcore. Anyway, here are some existing threads about Regina-related tattoos: http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...901/m/6051075542/p/1 http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...4107688/m/5901026632
  4. Review of "Far"

    I've wished several times we could rate individual posts or give "karma" or something here. I really liked your post, Jess. And I somewhat agree with you.
  5. I’m twenty years of snow falling.

    quote: Originally posted by Desd: And I didn’t know where to introduce myself, so if it’s in the wrong place, could somebody move it, please? I think the Other section is fine. There's no official place. Welcome to the Stix!
  6. Let's go to the Movies...

    quote: Originally posted by SmallTownMoon: I was sobbing when Andy was giving his toys to Bonnie! Yeah, I was tearing up at that part too. I couldn't have thought of a better ending. Actually, though, I just think it's strange that Andy wanted to take Woody to college with him in the first place. Oh, well.
  7. Let's go to the Movies...

    I saw Toy Story 3 today. It was really good! Funny, dark, sad, sweet...I recommend it. SPOILER! I was seriously sobbing during the incinerator scene when they were all holding hands (and I have never cried that hard watching any movie)...I am SO glad it did not end that way. I was beginning to picture the screen fading to black or something. Anyway, I just loved "the claw."
  8. In the City? Play a piano...

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: That's what "piano buddies" are for. quote: Sing for Hope has a plastic tarp to pull over each piano and a "piano buddy," a volunteer assigned to keep an eye on the weather and beat that cloudburst, just like the grounds crews at Yankee Stadium. Ah. Cool beans. I realize that was pessimistic of me. Hi, George.
  9. In the City? Play a piano...

    Oh, man, that is so cool! That is something I would love to see. I have to agree with a couple of the comments, though: "Um, what if it rains?" "While I love this idea, I fear that they will have a big problem with vandalism, especially at nighttime."
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by a jelly or a jam: Heavy Storm - First Aid Kit I just discovered them recently! Thanks to the "New music we should all hear" thread. I've also started listening to St. Vincent again. Last summer I had a huge obsession with her which faded over the past year, but I've been getting back into her music.
  11. Six Thoughts...

    quote: Originally posted by SmallTownMoon: 2. I have to sit through three dance recitals this weekend. 4. I miss school Wow, you and I coincide. Although the three recitals I had to go to were last week.
  12. quote: Originally posted by good > perfect: well see, i think that the problem most people have with omtwf is not actually the production. Actually, my problem with the song is the production. To be honest, I think the song sounds a little ridiculous now. Even if I'd heard the Far version before the old version, I don't think I would like it. The more hopeful arrangement makes more sense with the lyrics, but it just sounds strange to me.
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by Dynamo_girl: I don' you know where I could find a video of that? Right here. It was a really good routine.
  14. Six Thoughts...

    quote: Originally posted by Jamie R.: 2. Also, gave my number to a creepy guy (11 years my senior) because I didn't know how to say no politely. Dear Jesus, let him forget it! Whoa! I would be worried too.
  15. quote: Originally posted by Kb93: What is the big difference in OMTWF? I know the far version is faster and sounds more upbeat. That is the difference. Before Far came out, Regina performed the song slower and with only the piano. It was a lot more somber. a video of an old performance.
  16. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by Dynamo_girl: Paris is Burning-St Vincent I was so excited because Travis Wall choreographed a dance to this song on So You Think You Can Dance last night! Do you watch that show?
  17. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: I keep letting my anger take over and snapping on people. The story of my life. Well, my life recently, anyway. I know what the regret from acting that way feels like, so I'm sorry. I never would have thought that I would miss school this early in the summer. Usually I'm ready for school to start again when it's about two weeks away. But I am seriously ready to get this year started.
  18. Hey There People

    I loved 500 Days of Summer! The scene with Hero was awesome. I was psyched that it showcased the song so well, and I was hoping people would discover Regina through the movie. Apparently they did! Welcome to Brumstix. Since you've been a lurker, you probably know this is a nice place.
  19. I Love Russians!

    Ha, I love reading old posts.

    Happy birthday, Bryony!
  21. Brümstix respekt: Rules, Guidlines, and advisories

    Yeah. I'm sure someone added it to the thread "Good questions for Regina."
  22. Good News Thread!

    quote: Originally posted by mrimarokr: I'm officially 17 Sweet! I'm going to be 17 on Friday. I had no idea until recently there are plenty of Stixers who are around our age.

    quote: Originally posted by mrimarokr: It's my birthday today Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday, Jared! quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: The day's off to a rotten start but hopefully it'll pick up. Aw, I hope it does pick up!
  25. photos of ourselves !

    quote: Originally posted by SmallTownMoon: almostspotless, you got kicked out of dance classes? must be an interesting story there... I kind of want to hear it.