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  1. Good News Thread!

    quote: Originally posted by Brady: Hooray for June B-days on the Stix!!! I concur.
  2. photos of ourselves !

    quote: Originally posted by SmallTownMoon: lol, small world! I must admit that even though I relate to none of it i read her Dance Magazine every month Yeah. Dancing is not for me, but I love to watch other people dance who know what they're doing. I watch dance videos on Youtube all the time, and I wish it was something I could do...but I kind of threw that away when I quit dance classes when I was 7.
  3. photos of ourselves !

    quote: Originally posted by SmallTownMoon: I don't dance but living with a sister who has done it all her life I've become a big appreciator Whoa, same here!

    Today is silver bullet trailer's birthday, I believe. Happy birthday!
  5. No surprises

  6. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by StalkerChic: I wanted reassurance that my feelings about this weren't completely unreasonable. Of course they're not unreasonable. What your friend's aunt did was both bizarre and completely immature. But I agree, now that it's over, I don't think there's much you can do about it.
  7. Wee Rants

    ...I miss school already.
  8. Regina at The White House!

    quote: Originally posted by Kb93: Videos the sword and the pen. us Audio- us The Sword and Pen Thank you!
  9. Good News Thread!

    Thank you for the advice. Forty minutes of junior year left!
  10. Regina at The White House!

    My computer's speakers broke a few days ago, so I can't watch listen to the performance on my computer. Is there any way someone can Sendspace the audio so I can put it straight on my iPod? Please?
  11. Regina at The White House!

    I agree, Ink Stains would be perfect. Ballad of a Politician would be a little inappropriate, I think.
  12. quote: Originally posted by Kb93: Ha ha, YES. quote: I like this one a lot.
  13. Good News Thread!

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: Yo're a junior, right? Yes, I am. I can't wait for senior year.
  14. Regina at The White House!

    That's awesome!
  15. Good News Thread!

    Ha, my last post in this thread was so dorky! My good news: I have to go to school tomorrow and Friday, but both days I only have to be there for 40 minutes. Today I already took the only exam I was not allowed to be exempt from (our teacher says it will prepare us for college), so I have no more studying to do!
  16. Oh, Marcello!

    quote: Originally posted by Spiraling Humanist: and how old is this? I couldn't find a record of what concert this was played at..mysterious. 2003-02-15 New York, NY | C-Note
  17. ****Topic Finder****

    I remember that post, Alicia. It's strange you can't find it because I just searched "school is out" and found the thread where someone first announced that School Is Out, Cinderella, and Chicken Song were on Youtube and drama ensued. If Mod didn't delete that thread, I don't see why he/she would delete your thread/post.
  18. Two Sisters

    quote: Originally posted by SmallTownMoon: Alright, alright, I know you're going to say that this is an old ballad and that it shouldn't be in lyrics section, but I think Regina's (and Levon Vincent's, I suppose) interpretation of the story should be discussed. Ha, I doubt anyone would have said that. Anyway, the name of Regina/Levon Vincent's version is Two Sisters, not Twa.
  19. Good News Thread!

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: Prom was cool. I'm completely exhausted... I won the karaoke contest at the after-party with improvised renditions of "You're Beautiful" and "Fergalicious" dedicated to my public speaking teacher and librarian, respectively. Ha ha, that sounds AMAZING. Really quick, I would just like to register my love for Facebook. Even if I don't do much on it, I LOVE the fact that I can reconnect with people I haven't seen in years.
  20. Favorite Movie Quotes

    I'm watching Mean Girls right now. From Mean Girls: Kevin Gnapoor: What are marijuana tablets?
  21. so apparently being original makes you a freak?

    Dude! You and I are the same age! I didn't know that.
  22. so apparently being original makes you a freak?

    I know what you mean, and I'm certain I'm not the only other person here who's dealt with that kind of thing. I'm sure you've heard this kind of thing before, but if your friends can't accept your interests, they aren't really your friends. But I'm sure it's not as simple as that. What I've done is avoid discussing the music I like with my friends. It's really hard when I'm excited about a new album coming out or a concert I'm going to, but it's doable. And personally, I think that's horrible advice, but I don't know what else to tell you. I'm not going to tell you to kick your friends to the curb. What I will suggest is that you don't press the subject with those friends of yours whom you're not so close to, but if it starts to bother you enough, definitely talk to your closer friends about how it bothers you that they don't give your interests a chance. Besides, 1) Regina is not even the "weirdest" thing out there, and 2) I think it's fantastic that you're into classic literature. I would not be insulted at all if my friends thought it was weird that I like literature. What are they reading, Twilight? Meanwhile, you're educating yourself. Be proud. I have no idea if this is going to help you at all. I hope something does because I feel like I've been rambling.
  23. regina lyric chain game!

    "But we suck on our cigarettes as if one day they will save us, as if one day they'll return the favor, as if one day they will crave us." - Soho
  24. Our Regina art.

    quote: Originally posted by lovely little melodies: I drew this with only a mechanical in like, 20 minuets... so I know it's not the best. Just thought I'd share :]. oh and thank you reginaoverdose for the help! Twenty minutes?! That is so good.