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  1. Any Shows in Texas?!

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if Regina plans to do any shows in Texas, or if she even ever comes down here, because I live down here in the Lone Star State and would obviously really like to see her live. Anyone???!!!
  2. Thank you!! I knew it sounded familiar. I've only listened to it a couple of times.
  3. Awesome!! You all are probably going to be like WTF?? but what's the name of that song she was performing when the video first started???
  4. Prettier then a bird

    Yeah, really! It's better than hiccups, anyway...
  5. Regina on Good Morning America

    Man...I missed it too. But I saw the video on YouTube of her performing "Fidelity", and she looked so pretty!!!
  6. Prettier then a bird

    Huh. When I first figured out the whole glottal stop thing I thought of hiccups. To a tune.
  7. folding chair video

    That was really nice!!!! I *thoroughly* enjoyed that!! Good job!!!
  8. I mean, about better late than never.
  9. Staright up. I totally agree!!
  10. Diamond Commercial

    Ack!! Me and my sister thought it was Regina too. Guess not, though.
  11. Hi, I'm new here... I feel a little left out by all this, since the first Regina song I've ever heard was "Fidelity," when I saw the music video on VH1...but I when I saw it I was entranced, and when it finished I repeated the name over and over to myself so I could remember it: "Regina Spektor, Fidelity. Regina Spektor, Fidelity..." and I immediately looked up her Wikipedia article and read all about her, and I went to her website and listened to all those samples of "11:11" and "Songs," and downloaded a bunch of her unreleased songs...and I wanted "Begin to Hope" for months and months, and after forever I got it for Christmas!! I was so happy.