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  1. Regina to host show on ABC1 - Australia Regina's playlist
  2. Splendor in the Grass (Australia!)

    Yep, at times I could hear the noise coming from other stages and I was at the front so I guess the punters down the back probably were ropeable lol. punters.....people in the audience (in this case) ropeable.....angry. what about them yanks......12 runs in one inning!!
  3. Splendor in the Grass (Australia!)

    I arrived at Splendour about 12.30 and went straight to the tent where Regina was due to play at 10pm. Got a position at the front barrier a bit to the right. At that stage I couldn't get to the centre so that's where I had to stay. Gomez played before Regina and by that time the tent was packed (I don't know how many thousand). We thought the crowd might thin out for Reg but it just got more intense and pressing. It was just Regina, no one else. Folding Chair On The Radio Blue Lips Time Is All Around Consequence of Sound The Sword and The Pen Better That Time Bobbin For Apples Dance Anthem of the 80s Apres Moi Us Fidelity Samson PLRB (encore) Crowd was great I couldn't believe how into it they were. The "Dance" vid on youtube was shot from behind the stage. I could have videod the whole set but there was a security guy right in front of me the whole time and I didn't want to lose my camera.
  4. Splendor in the Grass (Australia!)

    Just got home from seeing Reg. It's 3am so I'll write about it sometime later. ps she was great as usual despite the jetlag.
  5. Regina is everywhere

    I was watching a trashy movie "Beastly" and at 9.10 Regina sang "On The Radio". This is a cap of the credits.
  6. Signed Stuff

    Just remembered about this. I'm a huge Kate fan.

    Geeze I don't post here very often but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to wish George a really happy birthday. Us oldies have to stick together lol.
  8. MoMA Benefit 3/9/11

    quote: Originally posted by legerdemain: wooooooooooo, ALL THE ROWBOATS! I love that song! (heck, I love them all) and she found it on the internet, LOL! omfg Regina uses the net to find her own songs ahahah She sure does. At the Bowery Ballroom show in January 2009 she told us that this is the site she goes to to check out the lyrics to the songs she has partially forgotten. http://reginaspektor-net.blogs...dates?max-results=99 It is srg's site.
  9. pictures and videos of interest...

    quote: Originally posted by lennonist: The consequences will never be the same... The official video:! Lady Gaga - Born This Way Gaga and friend
  10. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Peter Pan, you dah man! Not sure about that but I still check out the Stix every day!!
  11. What are you watching right now?

    The Song Remains The Same........AGAIN!!! I know it's a poor substitute, George, but it's all I got lol.
  12. Announcement about DVD :)

    Haven't got either the dvd or the litho but then what can I really expect living at the bottom of the planet!!
  13. Congratulations Jodi and Kurt.
  14. ingrid michaelson

    Two weeks ago I saw lucky enough to get to a couple of Lilith gigs. At the Hartford CT show Ingrid replaced Selena Gomez and did an awesome set. Her last song was a cover of Britany's Toxic. This pic was taken at the end of toxic.