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  1. Reginas talent is amazing and her new album is fabulous. I like her personality and she seems a warm and good person. I just think the profanity is somewhat unbecoming. No big deal
  2. it has leaked

    Please Respektor Regina and dont download her Music and rip her off. I know people are curious but wait till her album comes out and buy it. That way she can afford a larger TV to watch PBS kids. Her myspace blog entry has asked that you all dont do it.
  3. quote: Originally posted by Shawn: quote: Originally posted by srg: quote: Originally posted by Steve B: And next time she may use less vulgar words to express her musical individualism to her fans. Fuck you and your condescending tone. SRG- I just love how you can sum up a good response to a negative tone in one short phrase. I personally cannot see how people who join a fan forum can be so critical and down right mean in regards to the artist they're a "respectful fan" of. Thanks again SRG..... and thanks again for helping me out at the Irving show! later days, Shawn This a forum not a dictatorship . I love Reginas music and find her the best musical experience I have had for a long time. She is brilliant and poetic and she wants to succeed. She is not a big star yet but its clear she is working on that. I never said I didnt like her 2 new songs. I feel the arrangements do cover up some of the tone of her wonderful voice and her talentd piano playing.The question is will she listen to others who want to give her a more mainstream sound . I prefer the Regina Im am used to but Im open to change. But I am not delusional enough to think that she walks on water. And I reserve the right to criticize any changes she makes. And her occasional vulgarity does not become her and vulgar personal insults in my direction are not becoming to you either.
  4. quote: Originally posted by submergedcalamity: OH I TOLD YOU ... POOR REGINA. =( shes done nothing but be a genius and we're like omgz what has she done blah blah. I feel bad. Regina is an individualist and her music shows it. But she has to sell albums to make a better living .Why do you think she Emails us enmasse ? To buy her album of course. She has every right to make the music she wants and her fans have every right to not buy an album which distorts her musical talent. If her upcoming album does that less people will buy it. Then she can reexamine where she wants to go next musically. And next time she may use less vulgar words to express her musical individualism to her fans.
  5. Literal interpretation is that it is a suicide pact of two lovers who arent doing well in life. Others have equated Carbon Monoxide to sexual haziness and an invitation to make love. The Nazis did drive people around with exhaust fumes piped into trucks but frankly I think this is the least likely anlysis.
  6. .

    My only concern here is if Geogaddi tries to act on his fantasy. What if his bubble is burst by reality? I hope someone who cares about her is scanning this forum.
  7. .

    Lets see Geogaddi never contacts her by writing letters and no mention of a phone call-must be.....telepathy. Perhaps this is his version of a James Joyce novel.
  8. .

    Falling in love with Regina's Music is great. Falling in Love with Regina is another matter. I cant fall in love with someone I dont know. Trying to figure someone out from their songs is a fruitless endeavour. Great musicians and great writers may be sons of bitches to live with. Most are attention seekers who do poorly in one on one relationships. Treat her like a fantasy lest the reality of her will confuse and probably disappoint you. Find a nice person who will be there in spirit and person for you. We all have this fantasy person that will satisfy all our desires- they dont ever fully exist in real life
  9. Happy New Year (Rosh Hashanah)

    Gefilte fish with horsereadish is great especially for those with sinus trouble.
  10. Love is life not death . I can see some would see positive analogies from some of the lines. But the line that none would miss us as we dont have jobs to keep is not a happy one. Love isnt resignation- retreat yes but not resignation. Not a happy song IMO.
  11. Its obvious its a suicide invitation involving two people who are aimless in society(no jobs). Let have sex while getting killed by Carbon monoxide. The song makes me worry a little about Regina's psyche.