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  1. similar artists?

    Cat Power is utterly fantastic. She does quite a few solo piano songs, but a lot of her stuff is on guitar. However, her piano stuff is very similar to Regina. If you saw "V For Vendetta", then you will probably recognize "I Found a Reason", which V plays on his jukebox as Evie is leaving. For albums that have more of Cat Power's piano songs, I would recommend "The Covers Album" (which has "I found a reason") or "You Are Free".
  2. Regina Song Opinion Poll

    I'm a sociology major in college, so all of these group consciousness type things really intrigue me. Anyways, my demographics are: Birthday - 3/20/1987 When I became a Regina fan - end of 2005 Other favorite musicians - Tori Amos, Bjork, Ani DiFranco, Sigur Ros, Bright Eyes, Andrew Bird, Cat Power, Beck, Natalie Merchant Gender - Male Sexual Orientation - gay Hometown - Douglas, Wyoming, USA Where I live now - Vermillion, South Dakota, USA Scale of 1 to 10 obsession - 8 Political views - socialist Religious views - a combination of pagan, christian, and hindu 5: 2.99 Cent Blues 20 Years of Snow Baby Jesus Better Braille Buildings Carbon Monoxide Chemo Limo Consequence of Sounds Dance Anthem of the 80s Flyin' Ghost of Corporate Future Ne Me Quitte Pas Ode to Divorce On the Radio Pavlov's Daughter Poor Little Rich Boy Sailor Song Samson Scarecrow & Fungus That Time Uh-Merica Us 4: Ain't No Cover Another Town Apres Moi Back of a Truck Bobbing for Apples BYOS Daniel Cowman Dusseldorf Fidelity Hotel Song Loveology Oedipus Pound of Flesh Prisoners Reading Time With Pickle Reginasaurus Your Honor 3: Aching to Pupate Aquarius Ave Maria Bartender Bon Idee Field Below Folding Chair Lounge Love Affair Music Box Rejazzs Secret Stash Somedays Summer in the City Sunshine The Flowers The Noise Time is All Around 2: A Cannon A Lesson in how Fleeting Preservation Is Baobabs Happy Hooker Lacrimosa Lady Lulliby Mary Ann Patron Saint Wasteside 1: Edit I Want to Sing Long Brown Hair Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men My Man