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  1. Regina Song Opinion Poll

    November 24th, 1986 - 8 Months or so ago, when a friend sent me two of her songs. Still need to track down her older albums, currently only have Begin to hope and a few randomly picked songs I got from friends. - The Tea Party, Crooked Fingers, Mozart, Fallout boy, The Wreckers, Tatu, um.. Stop that list before it gets too big. - Male/Straight/Abstinent. - Florida-born. Moved 21 times all within the state, still in Florida. - 10. - Am an aspiring author, I rarely (if ever) take my headphones off, and.. people call me weird for singing in crowds. 5: Après Moi Aquarius Better Edit Fidelity Hotel Song Ode to Divorce On The Radio Raindrops Samson Somedays The Flowers Us 4: 2.99 Cent Blues 20 Years of Snow Begin to Hope Field Below Lady Summer in the City Sadly that's about all the songs I have heard.. seeing that huge list though, shall put me on a quest to track down the other albums.
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    The Tea Party - Oceans Though it wouldn't surprise me if nobody ever heard of them.. Nobody else in the area I live in ever has. I recommend people check them out if they don't mind a slightly older sound (mid 90's). My favorite band. Regina is second on the list.