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    Originally posted by JosephCa64:

    Firstly, lets just state the obvious, Appt is the Stixer of the month(if not the year). We should all pitch in and get him/her a pair of socks, or something. Smiler

    Secondly--the sound on these is awesome! I hope my neighbor digs Regina, cuz me walls is shaking!

    Also, isn't it amazing that on Good Morning America, or Letterman, you can kind of see Regina's nervousness, but here in front of what? 100 thousand people? She seems completely relaxed.

    thats regina for you, thats made me laugh too, i wondered how can she not show nerves infront of that huge glastonbury crowd,

    im loving glastonbury Big Grin, im watching florence and the machine as i write Big Grin

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    Originally posted by Dominic:

    Originally posted by makingstuffup:

    Originally posted by Dominic:

    Originally posted by Reginaoverdose:

    Originally posted by jesse:

    the bonus track version of riot gear is great!!

    I WANNA HEAR IT! I keep listening to the live one... and I'm only getting the special edition TOMORROW Smiler (physical copy) and that doesn't have it Frowner Which sux that the only way you can get all songs is through itunes. Anyone wanna share? Wink

    if you post your non personal email address in the brumstix email directory thread i'll have it send to you in no time.

    Would you be so kind as to send it to me as well? I really want to hear the sword and the pen, too.

    It sucks that people have to buy so many different versions just to get what they need.

    sure just post your non personal email address in this thread

    can i jump on the band wagon and ask for riot gear, i posted my address in the email thread, im desperate to hear it, thanks Big Grin