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  1. "Human of the Year" LYRICS!

    I'll definately host this and any other songs for you that you'd like to share. crumb.by.crumb@gmail.com ...let me know. <3Jenna
  2. quote: Originally posted by Steve B: And next time she may use less vulgar words to express her musical individualism to her fans. Wowwwwwww. If Regina saying that she'll do whatever the fuck she wants to offends you like that, how do you put up with things like "someone next door is fucking to one of my songs"? And I'm sure that's not the worst of it, my mind is just going blank right now.
  3. Regina Covering Hallelujah.

    Wow. I love the Rufus covers of Hallelujah and Chelsea Hotel, and these Regina ones are faaaaaaaabulous. Thank you!
  4. Philly show

    I had a fabulous time at my first Regina show last night Grammarrack, you're right - the talking in the back was a bit irritating. I guess that's what you've got to expect from a venue with the only seating being a bar. I've been at the TLA a number of times, and that always seems to be the case. There were also these two girls - they couldn't have been much older than 16 - flat-out trashed that pushed their way in front of me and the people around me and danced really sloppily and screamed in the middle of songs and were just...drunk. And eventually they danced over to the side of the stage and TLA security took care of them, and all of us standing near them clapped. Ah well, it seems there's some people like them at every show. Aside from that, the show was just amazing. There were a bunch of songs that I - being a recent fan - didn't know, some of which (like Ezra Pound and Bobbing For Apples) were old songs and some of which (such as Better and Human of the Year) I'm hoping to see on Begin To Hope Regina was charismatic and wonderful and spirited (and downright gorgeous and I was captivated with every second of the show. As with most live shows, there were parts of songs that I've never been a big fan of until I saw them done. Last night's noteables: the "c'mon daddy"'s in Carbon Monoxide and the clapping in Prisoners (which was just TOO cute). I wish I'd stayed after the show to meet her - I had my vinyl of Soviet Kitsch with me for her to sign, but the guard outside the door said she wouldn't be signing anything after the show so I put it back in my car. And, she used my favorite poem in a song I didn't know; the 6th, Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori. If anyone has a recording of that song or Human of the Year (or any other, for that matter) they'd like to offer up, I'd be ever so grateful and I'd host the files for other downloads. Finally, I was thrilled she ended with Consequence of Sounds, because that was probably my favorite song until I heard some others last night. Yeah. So. All in all....an amazing show. I'm still in the afterglow.